Sell Alliance Tornament Hulls on the Nexus Store

at this point you are just being obtuse.

a ferrari is over powered compared to a “easily” obtainable ford escort.
an UTU far out preforms an Iskur.

i “could” build a titan in game & farm the officer mods… however having them available on the next would negate the need for this.
i could contact, haggle and purchase an AT ship from an agreeable seller for a competitive price… or, with this proposal, i could say frack your achievement and buy one immediately and roffle stop everyone one i role out against…

free SP is available to everyone who logs in/takes part in the associated event. are you now advocating for SP to be sold in the NEX??

your argument here is that the 1 of a kind car can be mass produced? then in this moment is is no longer 1 of a kind. (insert AT hulls here)

I favor no one.
I dont own one.
I can not afford one.

this is what your entire argument boils down to.
we want what they have so give it to us (for real money)

just a quick side note you keep referring to STO (and other paid asset games).
War thunder
Star citizen

all of these games have Paid assets from direct purchase ships (star citizen, STO)
to suped up variants (WOTanks/Warships, War thunder)
Loot box rewards (with paid keys) god Armour sets (lucky items)

they are also all safe you can not permanently lose the asset you purchase, NOTE entering the wilderness in RS opens you up to losing these items if you are PKd

the only place that you are guaranteed not to lose these paid assets in EVE is in station…
in space you can be ganked, die to rats or die to a legal target. if real money is directly involved then there is real loss on monetary value. you you buy PLEX for this purchase, but its is PLEX purchased with the intent purpose of purchasing a PAID hull.

if the loss is not your fault should CCP reimburse…
was the loss to a suicide gank? should CCP reimburse?
did you die to a Smart bombing BS in transit? should you be reimbursed?
die to rats? should you be reimbursed?
get killed under heavy TIDI? should you be reimbursed.

this is real money after all, its not space pixels at this point

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No, unnecessary ship creep has caused tons of problems in the game and experienced players have learned to avoid it.

You were thinking of Merry Go Round games where all they have is “rides”.

Your last argument is exactly why the AT on the plex store is not a problem. STO may have an overpowered 200 USD in keys lockbox ship, but eve can easily have a 50-100 USD AT ship that can be bought, better than pirate, but killable with skill. And when it dies, its gone, and you need to buy another one.

Reimbursement in EVE is only done usually if the server itself has issue, if you lose plex in space it is not reimbursed, same will apply with the AT ship.

I would say supercarriers and titans do more to be ‘unbalanced’ in the sub capital genre than AT ships, even if AT ships are now releasable in the NES store. An AT cruiser can still be killed likely by a solo pirate ship if it can hit it, this is not an overpowered ship type by any means.

I would like to make a suggestion regarding Alliance Tournament ships. I fully understand why most of you have no desire to see them sold on the Nexus Store, and after reading your argument I’ve come to agree with you, which is why this post is going to suggest something different.

Since there are lore discrepancies regarding some of the AT hulls’ availability, and making them all available would just cause more discrepancies, I propose that all current AT hulls be renamed to “Tournament-Issue” ships, like the Federate, State, Imperial, and Tribal-Issue battleships are named. They would also get a buff to their stats, reflecting their origins as souped-up versions of the original classes that were made with the finest technology available and preventing them from becoming devalued by the next part of my suggestion.

After the rename and buff, CCP could gradually release new ships under the old names and with weaker stats than the original, Tournament-Issue ships. These vessels would either be T2 pirate vessels (Whiptail, Fiend, Rabisu), storyline ships (Cambion, Mimir, Etana), or expansions to a faction’s roster (pirate and Triglavian ships).

I appreciate any feedback you could give me about this idea, even if you’re only telling me why it’s a bad one. Please though, be civil about it! :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree, any ship that emerges from the tournament should be called tournament issue, or prototype etc. I would even support a slightly nerfed variant for the NES release, but I do not believe in a severe nerf, perhaps a 10-20% reduction in stats at the most. But your idea is sound, the rewards are released and retain their value, you pay for the collectors value, and if your really looking for an edge the 10-20% better stats. And if you simply want to fly a high end ship, and pirate is not cutting it, you buy the new ‘Prototype Pirate’ ship class (if you really are antsy about the AT ship type), from the NES.

I however am firm on the NES being the entry point for these ships. CCP needs money, and the eve of 2003 that had no chance of buying in game resources with currency is long dead. Millions of USD is needed to keep the servers alive and the developers fed and working, having the craze of these great, unique, shiny, and powerful ships on the NES would be perfect.

Ah! So that’s what you are babbling about. You want the older players out, so that more almost 13 year olds can come in and buy all those nice thingies.

And because only your opinion is important, everything else is just “the wind”.

Sounds more like a “Ima very bad at pvp and need a tournament ship, oh and gib only skillpoints to me because reasons™”.

We already have more than overpowered triglavian stuff in New Eden, we do not need to have triglavian tournament ship online.

yet you missed my point. Paid assets in STO are permanent can not be losses to investment is permanent for that account…

if you paid £££ in real money for PLEX and got yourself a Etna off of the NEX and then un-docked to be ganked by a fleet of tornadoes, would you feel that your investment was legitimately lost? that is £££ up in smoke. thats a days wage IRL to most would you feel cheated?

the answer to these questions is most defiantly YES.

in STO if you die in PVP flying the ship you dont lose it its still in your hanger.

there would need to be severe nerfs to the non AT variants and I still would not want them to be sold in the NEX. added as new hulls in appropriate classes yes. i would want to see full line ups though with CCP filling in the GAPS (for the empire faction hulls at least) having pirate hulls that fill niches not reflected in other pirate factions would be fine with me.

I want to be crystal clear here “again”

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Agreed. Maybe we could talk about it in another thread?

Making them available only through gameplay will not get CCP any money however. The main strength of this proposal is the revenue CCP gains from introducing them on the store.

that makes no sense as many of the AT hulls are based on t1/t2 hull with tweaked bonuses like the gold vexor that can send out 10 drones.

what your wanting for those than is a vexor that is gold with normal vexor bonus and not AT bonuses…that would be done by a skin.

Your first argument is correct, the hulls themselves are just tweaked t2 variants that are better than the original, but at much higher cost. Hence my proposal to make the ships be tied to real money versus ingame acquisition. If you want the best, then CCP gets its due.

No, I want the ships with the bonsuses, of which I will never support a skin as that would be unbalanced. A Guardian-Vexor that costs money and the sole difference is the number of drones and some stats is what I want on the NES, not skins that are not destroyed if the ship is.

I Reffer you to my previous statment on Special edition/At hulls

Round and round we go…

Everyone, you do realize the OP has no new arguments, and is simply regurgitating the same points over and over again. The arguments have been made. CCP has had plenty of time to see this thread. They can do whatever they want with the information.

If you just fight the urge to reply again this thread can go away.

EVE is a game about permanent loss. While I understand your concern, and ccp could add a help tip once you open the ship section at the NES that all sales are final and you can and will lose the ship with the same effect as any other, restricting the ships on this basis is hypocritical. If I PLEX into a titan and lose it, and I complain that I feel cheated, is it my fault or CCP’s?

Every poster made a different argument, and if you read both the arguments and responses, you would see that. Complaining about my position and viewing any point that I make in its defense as the same is a fault that lies entirely with you.

Looking at your post, you mention how World of Warships premium ships have an advantage over others, however its not an outclassing entirely. You mentioned you could support something like that, but not overpowered ships that have to be purchased.

I would say the AT ships are that, premium but not outclassing. If they are outclassing, CCP can nerf the stats so that they are the best, but not so much that it cannot be killed by a small fleet of lower tier hulls of the same type. My argument rests on the income that CCP would make from introducing these ships on the NES, if nerfing them is the correct way, then I’m open to that discussion.

Tempest in game more digital advanced

Tempest mk1 store and store only more analog harder to ecm old visual(upgraded textures) look.

Tempest fleet issue in game dual damage.

Brutor Tempest issue new visuals tanky look still vertical good hp pool damage and store only.

Sebiestor tempest issue new advanced visuals still vertical e war focus store and store only.
Something like that.

Oh but they are out of gate OP.

Selling any ship for real money is going to kill this game faster than anything has previously. If CCP ever adds that, it’s going to be the death of the game.

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