Sell Alliance Tornament Hulls on the Nexus Store

And you know what.
It does not need to be AT hulls at all, just give those skins additional attributes.
There is nothing special about AT ships if mass produced, compared to things like a “Golden [Any Given Ship Name]”
If OP did not state AT hulls in the first place, nothing is going to be different, right? I don’t see any benefit of selling AT ships instead of skin with attributes, other than the negative effect of pissing AT players off.

Terrible idea, devalues others efforts for personal greed and zero game improvement.



This idea is more than stupid…
Sabus, if you want to go play Vega Conflict then go play it, take your ideas and shove it and uninstall.

Most of the playerbase here, especially those with skin in the game(the older players) and those that came here to get away from Golden ammo and the like in other games do not want your garbage.

You are trying to advocate for garbage Cash shop abilities for garbage players…


Apart from isk, there’s nothing to prevent you from flying AT ships.
If your argument is that they cost too much isk, then the same could be said for faction titans. Why doesn’t ccp make faction titans available for a few hundred plex? That way, the players who never would be able to normally fly them could fly them. Same with SP, many players will never reach the SP cap. ccp should just sell injectors for like 1 plex each that way everyone can enjoy and ccp will make “profit”

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Prize for winning should be an ingame medal as is already given, with one for participating and another for 1st 2nd 3rd etc. An athlete can sell his medal, but the medal itself is not worth all that much, it is primarily a collectors item which gives it its value. An AT ship is a ship, should megathrons be restricted only for tourney winners? If you disagree then that is unfair, because a megathron should only be flown by AT winners.

I disagree, they are ships of the line with abit of an edge. A Ferrari is not overpowered vs a normal sports car, just better, but the price is much more.

You can build a titan ingame, rat officer modules ingame, but you cannot do the same with AT ships, hence the argument does not work.

CCP provides sp out of thin air, what about the free sp weekends or event rewards?

One that car was made, its just rare. And two, the argument that I use is the same in that circumstance. The car can easily be rebuild, so why not have a factory build them if there is demand, instead of only allowing the very wealthy to get them? Sure it won’t be 20 thousand dollars, but it shouldn’t be 10 million either.

Its not silly, you just favor those who have them over those who do not. I can understand that, but we who do not have them have issue with this.

I don’t disregard the opinions of older players, but I do have issue when someone whose been playing for 13 years and has all the toys throws a fit when newer players propose a fair way of insuring more people have them. Your right that the older players are more and more getting replaced, but if they can stay in the game as well, along the newer players, it would be best.

Micro-transactions help the game, it allows for those with money but no time to basically buy time ingame, and get to where they want quicker. It helps them, and it helps the developers.

Skins I would say are a terrible idea. The ships should be hull, if it were to be a skin that turns a t1 ship into an AT ship at any time now THAT would be overpowered. They have to be expensive to counter their effectiveness.

Game is improved by having more ships available to fly, developers get more money to better their company. It is a win win for all.

I will not uninstall thank you very much, more and more players like me are moving into eve, so you will have to learn to deal with us. I thought all of these players who don’t want what you call garbage have unsubscribed and uninstalled because of blackout or any other of their many complaints.

Microtransactions do not hurt the game, they keep many games alive when they would have otherwise died.

The first point is true to a point. Yes I can buy an AT ship for maybe 50B or so for the cheapest option. The issue is inherent scarcity. If 300 people want a single AT hull, and there are only 50 of them, then we run into a problem. Not all of those people can then fly the ship, and that is a problem.

Faction titans drop, and the price fairly reflects their rarity and power. The key is they can spawn into the game, AT ships cannot. And the injectors are already reasonably priced, reflecting price and gametime. The same should be with AT ships, the price reflects the hulls power. T1, t2, faction, pirate all have different prices and spawn rates, tie the plex price of an AT ship to its power, and its fairly balanced. You can also release the BPC on officer drops but that won’t give ccp any money unlike the plex store idea.

Mistyped 200, might want to fix that.

How exactly? Whoever pays the most gets it, the same is with literally everything else in eve. If there was only a single piece of tritanium left in eve, you can be sure the price will go up pretty drastically.

Yes, so around 100 000 PLEX for the cheapest hulls and subject to price changes whenever the prices of AT ships increases right? The numbers you’re pulling are literally pennies for some people
Why should AT ships be available for everyone? T2 BPO’s are no longer available, should CCP sell those in the NES store too? I can’t get event cerebral accelerators, should CCP sell the unexpired versions of those in the NES store? What about the 3 Large skill injector delimiter, does that belong in the NES store? And all the “limited” edition implants that won’t be introduced anymore, and non-AT ships like the stratios emergency responder, amarr championships ships, the faction miasmoses, zephyr, pirate corvettes, echelon, interbus shuttle and luxury yacht? What about skins like the quafe skins, the AT skins, the interbus skins and all those old ones that were converted?
Should CCP really dump all those into the NES?

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Given that the the Tournament hulls were intended as unique and limited rewards I have to say that releasing them as BPCs for sale via the NES store would suck the meaning of them being unique rewards for a very competitive event dry. No, I have never been in the AT (despite my best efforts to get in to an AT) nor obtained one of these unique ships. Yes, I would love to play around with them. No, I think your idea is ultimately bad as some of the newer AT hulls are very powerful and would result in any future AT rewards to be bland and futile symbols should they become available for purchase not as one time only ships but generic like any other ship - expensive, but anyone with enough ISK or cash could buy them.

Seeing one being flown in game or in the AT, like the Etana for example, would not generate excitement or awe. We would simply wonder how much you spent for the fleet of logi Etana’s.

I think I saw one for 50B once, either way the price does not matter. The limited number does.

Because to limit something in a video game when it can be otherwise available with work or money is unfair to those who can never get it, again due to inherent scarcity, and to ccp, who cannot make money from the art assets that they made.

The T2 BPO is something that I can support releasing on the plex store. Inherent legacy things that cannot be obtained I have issue with. Star Trek online has a good system where you can get legacy items for free, but if you want to get them after the one time event you have to spend some significant resources for a chance at unlocking them. Highsec carriers, t2 bpo, legacy 10/20 titan bpo etc, things that simply give immense wealth and advantage to older players I’m against. They should not be removed from the game, but newer players should have the ability to spend money to get them if they choose.

I can apply that to all of the items you mentioned, including the giveaways, although many of them are not that rare to make a dent if sold on the NES. But if CCP were do add all of that in the NES, and sell it at a balanced price for the value ingame that you get, then I would be in favor of it, for the gain of both the newer player, and for the developer.

The last argument I view as a positive. Yes you won’t get a sense of awe seeing Etana logi, but all of that plex that was spent on getting them would be worth many thousands of euro/dollars, and when that fleet is destroyed the ships are gone, and ccp gets money.

There is nothing wrong with exclusive variants, that is a good compromise, but the generic non tourney variant should be available, its not the ‘special’ tournament ship, its just a generic AT ship.

There is nothing wrong with scarcity. In fact, it is the scarcity of something that makes it even more desired. If no one desired an Etana, they would not be worth what they are worth. Tritanium is cheap because it is so abundant we get it in replacement corvettes.

Scarcity is also a way to make something valuable. Hence why CCP chose to make all AT ships and other limited rewards, well… limited and one-off.

Technically, the generic variant is the Osprey and less generic is the Basilisk. :wink: Just saying.

If I was a developer, and spend maybe 10 thousand dollars designing the art assets for the tourney ships, I would think that the tournament was worth the 10 thousand in investment. And it was, the publicity alone paid for the investment. Now if I could make 300,000 USD on plex AT purchases, why wouldn’t I do so?

Scarcity is fine, forced scarcity isn’t. If we only have 10 cars, price will rise until only the very richest could buy them. If you build more cars and make the price more balanced, more people would buy them, and from the seller, not a collector. Same logic with the AT ships.

Talking about the AT version, but to go along with your thought think about the different ships. Osprey is cheap and ok. Basilisk more expensive and higher skill, but great. AT version is WOW, but expensive in plex. The tourney variant of the AT hull is the same, but even more special because, well its a tourney ship. The first of its kind to be released into the game, and never again. There may be thousands of AT ships, but very few tourney variants.

Uhm the most ones i heard doing that for those reasons…are the type your trying to advocate for…
Like i said, garbage players, and botters. please GTFO

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