Sell Alliance Tornament Hulls on the Nexus Store

Well, I’m happy that I have included Skill Extractors when i said the NES was there to sell cosmetics and services.

If they cost only 4b each then definitely

It would likely be closer to 10B in plex but assuming they become wildly popular, what would the problem be? T1 frigates are outclassed by pirate frigates all the time, yet they still are wildly used in lowsec and are popular. And as mentioned, destroyers have so much power against frigates that they can be more than a match for an AT ship.

You are against extractors I see. Don’t you see the benefits for players, and for ccp’s revenues? People can now fly ships that would have taken years to train, and ccp makes a tidy profit out of extractor sales.

Game will move from player-run-economy to P2W-cash-grab-shop-trash.

Less players playing and thus less revenue is now called “benefits”…

There is a very big difference between a AT-ship and a pirate faction ship, hell even a T2 ship. You really don’t get how OP they are. You cannot compare their current kill/loss numbers to what it would be if you just sold them for money. Currently their insane price and very limited availability are keeping them from overshadowing other ships. AT-ships would very quickly become the go-to ship for PVE and soon you have insane PVP-fleets that end up requiring AT-ships to be beaten.

Still dirt cheap. What’s wrong with them being at 300b for cheaper hulls and up to 3-4 trillion for the more expensive ones? No reason they shouldn’t be crazy expensive, they’re quite OP.

I… never said I was again extractors. I said I class extractors as a sold service in the NES, and then repeated my opinion that the NES should only be selling cosmetics, such as ship SKINs and services, such as Omega extension and Skill Extractors.

5000 plex and this AT double bonused ■■■■■■■■ ship can be yours.

Sounds good to me.

Gold ammo, what’s that, does it taste good?

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me having experience, earned though trial and error, killing a noob in a rifter is not power creep…

Then if you kill a newbie in an AT ship, that is not power creep either. I agree with you, however your logic also supports my argument. Most of these ships will be flown by people with heavy wallets. The few that are of both skill and heavy wallet can be hunted down by fleets and killed.

the problem with your assumption here is that that guy with the big wallet will be flying alone, and the fact that it would require a fleet… would imply that there is an uneven balance in the distribution of relative Power.

the problem with the argument is that you, although presented with many valid arguments, are fundamentally unmovable in your assertion that Paid hulls would benefit the game. other games might get around this with instanced/Normalized avatar/hull stats. this will not work like you envision in EVE

small gang warfare will be further messed up
suspect baiting will be massively boosted (giving the suspect an even bigger advantage)
Abysal content & PVP arena will become seriously out of wack
you will see mettas pop up over night for Tourney ships. (this is a given, look at the amount of Plex and where the wealth sits. mass purchase and fitting will not be an issue) further separating the big fish and allowing for a wider field of domination for those entities.

CCP have clearly stated that they will never sell any item in the NEX that would give a direct advantage in game/in space of 1 player over others. no amount of tactical pricing will stop the mass influx of these hulls.

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My foundation for this proposal is my concern over the inability of some of the AT ships for the broad mass of players. There is one ship for example, which is based off a sansha frigate hull that cannot be flown by any other ship other than the AT frigate. Such art assets shouldn’t be restricted towards only 50 ships. If the ships are inherently imbalanced, then perhaps a severe nerf, and release on the NEX store, would be the appropriate response.

Those who own them don’t want anyone else to be able to fly them. I can understand this, however the tournament effectively has been canceled. Nerfing the AT ships until having them on the NEX store and not be game breaking as many claim is a reasonable middle ground for both sides.

Is this thread still going?

A reward for winning a tournament is not mean for a broad mass of players. They absolutely should be restricted to those who won them. Time or anything else is irelevant.

“I’d like a Gold medal replica from the 1956 Olympic games, they should sell them on the IOC official store”
Um, nope.
“But likely every winner from that long ago is probably dead by now”
irrelevant, nope.

Where is the tournament cancelled. They put it on hiatus this year, probably because they decided to do this “world tour”. They have also been in the middle of a major office move. There are plenty of reasons outside of the official one as to why they didnt have it this year. None of this means it is cancelled until they say next year it is cancelled.
It is also irrelevant. As to my example above, should the olympics stop happening, can I then buy a medal?

  • AT ships should not be available to the masses. they are a prize, hard won by a dedicated team of players who faught tooth and nail to make the grade. Trillions was spent on practice setups for each and every potential foe and practiced multiple times in the field of inner alliance combat. these special hulls were not just handed out like candy or event rewards.

  • the Art assets are unique because the hulls are unique. they stand apart from thair piers for a good reason

  • there is no imbalance in their stats, they are made OP for a reason because there were only ever 50 made. seeing one makes you want to chase it now. its an event for the individual, a badge of honor to die to one even more so to kill one!

  • and again i need to reiterate adding “vanilla” variants of these hulls as “Paid only” NEX store purchases is Pay to win by definition. to get the benefits of the hull i need to spend real money beyond my subscription to obtain one. just because they are available in this way to every one dose not make them any less P2W…

  • if you want to see the art assets then i refer you to one of my previous posts. immortalize the Alliance winners to adding diamond NPCs that fly these ships, (tough fights, good rewards, NO AT HULL BPCS)


The analogy does not work. A medal is a piece of metal with the insignia of why it was bestowed, you can copy it, but the medal represents glory. Sure you can buy the metal and forge a medal, no need for it to be at the star, but you will never buy the glory of winning. Compare that to the AT ship, which is like an ultra rate only 50 run sportscar that is designed and made only for that 50 run production line, given only to the Olympic athletes, then never replicated. That is a waste.

If its not cancelled that is good, exclusive variants should be given to the winners, with the general AT ship then released on the NES after the tournament is concluded for the year. Again, your medal analogy does not hold.

The test server is free and practice setups can be tested there. If you spend trillions to test it on the real server, that is your problem and not a valid excuse for only I being able to have the ship.

Could easily give a rare commodity to the winners, or an ingame medal as the previous poster seems to be fond of. Exclusive ships is not fair for the rest of the players who never get to fly them, especially variants of hulls that are not currently in the game like that unique sansha frigate.

It can still be so if its on the NES. If you think its too op, then it can be nerfed until the value for effectiveness ratio is balanced.

I understand that point, but so is skill injectors. I buy plex, and inject straight to five to eek out the maximum efficiency of the ship and equipment. This simply eeks out the ship itself.

Players still cannot fly the ships, which is the main proposal of this thread. However having them give the chance to drop the AT BPC, like an officer spawn, and make it so that they spawn in lowsec to boost lowsec activity and content, that is a good idea.

It is close enough. A medal is the prize for winning. The AT ships are the prize for winning. If it was a team sport everyone on the team gets a medal. For the AT ships go to presumably everyone who participated or worked in the background to help the team.
If an athlete is down on their luck they could sell their medal. It has value because it is unique to their accomplishment. If an AT winner wants to sell their ship they can. It has value because it is unique to their accomplishment.

All of this is moot, because putting any ship BP on the nexus store is putting a nail in the coffin of EVE.


Early on in the AT series Teams would practice on the live server as space could be locked down to ensure privacy, it was not until later torments that CCP implemented private Jove space for people to test practice in.

  • fair dose not come in to the equation. they arr prizes not ships of the line. if you were part of a winning team then great you get one, if you were not, then either get some isk and offer to buy one or find some other nefarious way of obtaining one.

  • can i make the same argument; i dont have a titan, fully fitted with officer mods. its unfair so i want CCP to add fully fitted Titans to the NEX for 1,000,000 PLEX? didn’t think so …

  • skill extractors. these do not add SP to the game. they take previously earned SP and allow its reallocation within a players skill que or to another player. the benefit they provide is convenience, they dont provide this out of thin air.

  • i am able to fly every AT ship. the only thing stopping me is isk… i cant afford one… funnily enough i can drive a car, and there is this totally sweet 1970s bat mobile for sale, unfortunately i dont have the $$$ to make the purchase. Im gonna go to WB and demand that they make and sell copies of this 1 of a kind car… affordably…

do you see how silly this line of argument is? if not then there is no point in continuing with this discussion.

TL;DR - NO NO NO NO Dont do it NO NO NO

The basic concept of his are:

  1. It is good to allow player purchase better stuff directly from CCP with real money, because that will increase the money CCP gets.
  2. Balance is not a issue because player can deal with it by having more people against it. And other games are fine with it.

There is no way to argue on these points because those are the point that if you believe, then you believe. He does not care about the opinion of older player or things like respect to AT player, because they all can leave and new players who likes heavy monetization will replace them, no problem :slight_smile:

In fact more and more game makers are using this kind of a approach as this do generates more money. It is only ourselves to blame when we no longer can pay a fixed subscription free and just play without worrying about other in game micro-transactions, because it’s us who gave our money to those firms :slight_smile: .

You know what, nowadays free to play players are part of the game experience heavy payers get.