Selling Myself 34.8 Mil SP

Here I am selling myself to the highest bidder, able to fly Heavy Dictors, Dictors, EWAR, RECON, Covert, HACS, Caldari T3, and much much more. Not bad behind a launcher or turret take your pick with the supports to take a punch or two too.

BONUS REMAP Available. Currently spec’d for perception/willpower for finishing off gunnery specialisations as well as some spaceship command specialisations although YOU as the new owner may wish to switch or suck out the SP, hell up to you.


I’m in an NPC Corp, in a High Sec Trade Hub, No kill rights, And nothing but the shirt on my back ready to go.

I know what I’m worth mainly thanks to a well known site but in any case bid away and I’ll take what I’ve set myself to take. Good luck bidders and have fun out there fly safe o7.

27 billion


Scagl1etti I accept your 30 Bil bid am ready to initiate transfer to an account of your chosing (once ISK & in game mail giving account name to transfer to has been received of course)

ISK and info sent via in-game mail.

ISK & Info Received many thanks. Transfer has started subject to CCP’s waiting period. CCP this character has now sold and transfer commenced please lock this thread as per mail received…

You have chosen to transfer the character Crazie Ivan to the account named XXXXXXXXXX.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Thanks you. Character successfully transferred.

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