Selling Orochimaru Angel

No killrights
positive wallet
Bunch of Implants

12.8m sp
Im selling it to someone who wants to continue this characters Lore.
The account is not for any other reasons imo

The big reason im selling her is cause im playing Eve Echoes full time and i think its a waste to just leave the character unused.
The isk goes to my still paying eve online players.

Since i pay for transfer i want atleast 20Bil or close to or its not worth it.
Otherwise its just being stored in the darkness of inactive characters.
Anyway, just giving it an option

You sir are insane.

It would cost me 10.3B to Inject and 5.2B to plex a character to have the same SP as yours, The character is worth 5. to 6 B, You would be extremely lucky to get 10 B, but you will never get 20 B.

4b offer

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