Sept 2019 changes to effect all mining drones in Hisec space

September 2019 Changes to Mining Drones, including Ice Harvesting.

All Mining Drones Must Now be Registered before entering space to perform the role set out for them…

Register your mining drones for a set fee of 3 Million Isk for Tech 1 or 5 Million Isk for Tech 2 per drone.
Payment must be sent to Frostpacker
c/o Iceacid Frostpacker CEO of Frostpacker.

The mining drone to be given a unique number that will be added to the pilots notes that can be seen by myself. If any drone is not listed and is found to be without registration in space, one of Frostpacker’s agents will be able to issue an on the spot fine. ( meaning if you are too slow to recall your unregistered drone it will be attacked and destroyed)

This is just a friendly reminder that all mining drones will require registration including ice harvesting drones by 1st Sept 2019

Fly safe.



Chaos Era


Or, you could just buy a mining permit. 10 million isk and all the mining drones you want.


One can only hope you follow through!

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10 million isk and you guarantee that Iceacid won’t be destroying those drones? And just how would that work? (I have my own idea…)

I felt so bad last night when logging out after shutdown, I feel that I did something horrible.

I logged in just now and the first thing I seen is people are depositing isk into my account.


Welcome to Imaginationland!

Where everything is just peachy!

What’s the expected punischment if someone doesn’t? Another bad Frostpacker post?

The day when a single mining corporation beats all the high sec baddies (cough cough That Alliance at their very own game. )

Seriously there are way too many pilots not at their keyboards while mining for this to happen.

Good job! That will teach them :smile:

Omg its like you can see how this situation has occured!

How do you stop it though?

If only there was some sensible rules for people how like to mine to follow…


So I warped to the Ice Belt, send a message to the pilot informing them of the 1st Sept Mining Drone Rego fees. waited with no reply.

I locked the target and was orbiting 11 x cats at 1000m typed in local etc.

What Else could I have done? It was an AFK Pilot or worse a Bot.

I strongly feel that is hurting the real mining corps who like to chat and social and look out for one another. It lowers the true value of ice and something needs to be policed. I felt the pressure to play my part in New Eden and what better time to take action while the Chaos Era is active.


That slippery slope when you still want to think of yourself as a miner, but you find yourself drawn to enforce the CODE… The power of James compels you!


Give in to your feelings

Strike him down and you will be more powerful than you can possibly imagine

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Do you know that I had written on a note pad like a Christmas list, who had been naughty and who had been nice to me?

Last year I only had one person on my list and he got what I felt was a very nice gift. ie (3x months omega)

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That is a nice gift, as long as they weren’t nice just to get a present.

Surely that would automatically void a child off Santa’s list?

I had lost a typhoon to him after attacking him while he was suspect in hisec during that drone event last year.

Ah well then there you go