September 2018 Release - Known Issues


(CCP Antiquarian) #41

Hey Zachri,

If you want to take a look at your GPU usage, I recommend using this tool:

We track client performance in a few controlled environments, but that leaves a lot of ground uncovered in possible configurations and player input, especially if you’re experiencing adverse effects, can be really helpful.

(Zachri) #42

Ah, cheers, that does appear to be the exact tool needed.


(Rivr Luzade) #43

So, is this the new standard now? I have to close the launcher completely to trigger the update of the client? Using Refresh does not work.

(Mandy Markham) #44

Close Launcher and reboot it. Total time: FOUR seconds.

(Gyrgon) #45

This does not seem to be fixed at all. Main inventory window still closes on docking / undocking and on login (or maybe logout) as well.

(CCP Habakuk) #46

Hmmm, it seems like this fix might have only worked partially - it seems to work in station, but not in Upwell structures. Please send a bug report with your exact case, so that we can make sure, that it is covered.

(Gyrgon) #47

That may be the case, I haven’t had a chance to test it at a station since the update. And the bug report has already been filed (on a different Character) a few days ago, nothing has changed for me since then, so not sure if a new one would help.

(Edmondo Dantes) #48

Did the upgrade worked fine? From what version number of mac os did you upgrade? I heard some people saying they got really bad problems upgrading from 10.8 to Sierra.

(ashara Tokila) #49

Can’t Login using my steam credentials. After entering my credentials several times and re-installing, The popup from the launcher to enter my login info just goes blank white after pressing the login button.

(Salt Foambreaker) #50

How far we have fallen, we used to have to actually dock to unload, now we are discussing whether you can do it while aligning.

(New Father) #51

Do you even do valuation of pro and cons of the effects when making these changes? To me this looks like you have had multiple issues with the current mechanics that haven’t had easy/cheap fix. So you found the cheapest/easiest way possible and didn’t even look at the effects of this.

I find it a major issue that you can drop your loot from your ship to a citadel while not having access and being tackled. If you draw lines to stations (which i know citadels aren’t) then if you’re in factional warfare and your faction doesn’t own the station you can’t dock (simple) and are not safe on those stations - same goes for citadels just on a smaller level if your corp/alliance doesn’t own it you most likely doesn’t have the effects of it. Therefore it doesn’t make any sense to me that you add a mechanic where you can “use” a citadel, you do not have access to. Furthermore, you on top of that add the “brilliant” feature of making it possible even while tackled.

Now back to the citadel vs station comparison then stations allows you to dock while tackled if you’re not aggressed which is fair and I can’t see any issues to that and i wouldn’t mind that feature being added to citadels if it doesn’t affect tackling ships that can’t dock (ie. ships too large to dock) in the citadel. I personally think that it’s a problem that people invest a ■■■■ loads of time into hunting super/titans and lose their way of “income” by making a feature that doesn’t allow anymore loot drops for these people. This pretty much takes us back to the old theathering mechanics which was a major issue to this way of playing.

I seriously hope that CCP will reconsider these changes, as i am not investing time into a game, where its developers doesn’t even consider pros and cons of the changes they make. There are multiple hot fixes to the issues related to this that won’t make every single hunters lives misserable.

(CCP Lebowski) #52

@Kain_Bastage & @New_Father

Thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated.

To give you some context, we had absolutely considered the pros and cons of this feature, and were aware of this specific concern before Cargo Deposit was released (thanks to anyone who brought this and other concerns up with us, including the CSM).

We understand that this has made saving a ships cargo easier than it had been before (previously it would require other characters or some setup), and broadly we’re not happy with this feature receiving any sort of heavy use for such activities. We’ll be monitoring any reports of this occurring and we’ll react if we see player behavior matching these concerns.

Thanks again

(Kain Bastage) #53

“We’ll be monitoring any reports of this occurring and we’ll react if we see player behavior matching these concerns.”

Please tell me how you expect to receive any reports of this matter occurring? It’s literally impossible for us to know if this has occurred without having a cargo scanner present from the beginning.

Fixing it after its been performed is pointless due to it being extremely difficult to gather any strong evidence of this physically happening from the tackler’s point of view. The only real way we’ll know a tackled individual hasn’t deposited their cargo is by fixing it beforehand.

I can petition every kill done on a citadel from this point on with an empty cargo until this is fixed if you wish as that’s the only way I can be sure it hasn’t happened but if nothing is done soon then I can only agree with @New_Father that I see no reason in investing time in the game if we’re relying on the “We’ll fix it after we’ve seen it’s definitely broken” mentality. Especially after a large volume of players have the same opinion as referenced in this following reddit thread (not made by me):

(Moe Shakiel) #54

why dont you just disable the feature if you are tackled, you cant dock , thether or repair while tackled with enough points , that would people stop from saving their loot while beeing tackled.
People have no way to proof that people drop their cargo into a hostile structure while beeing tackled… why dont u fix that before people lose 100 of Trillion isk because you allowed people to safe store stuff in structures they have no access to

(CCP Lebowski) #55

If you suspect that this has occurred, send us a report and we’ll investigate with our internal logging, where we’ll be able to see clearly what happened

“We’ll fix it after we’ve seen it’s definitely broken” is definitely not the approach we’re taking.

This change has made something that was already possible significantly easier to do. It doesn’t appear to currently be abused, but a relatively small number of players are concerned that it will be in the future. We hear those concerns, but at this time, we’re not fully convinced by them. If actual behavior reveals those concerns to be true, we will reconsider.

(Moe Shakiel) #56

@CCP_Lebowski How did you store Stuff into a structure you had no access to befor that “feature”??

(CCP Lebowski) #57

We weren’t talking about that sorry. we were talking about the specific tackle deposit interactions.

(Moe Shakiel) #58

im fully aware what you are talking about , but how did you store your loot from your tackled JF into a structure you had no access to befor the " feature"
Now the JF just stores his loot into the Structure he has no access to and loses only have or 1/3 or whatever the value of his loot is.

(CCP Lebowski) #59

You weren’t able to do that before this change.

I’m just curious, in this hypothetical why is a jump freighter within tether range of a structure they do not have access to?

(Moe Shakiel) #60

Ok other example, ship XY warps to random structure , gets tackled , drops all his loot into a structure he has no access to.
But even if a JF jumps and gets tackled , why would he be able to drop his loot into the structure while beeing tackled?