**Serenity Fireslayer: Ode to a Failed Scammer**

In Jita I sat, the atmosphere brisk
Creating a contract, with hopes to make ISK
A Rattlesnake was the ship; it was fitted for certain
To put a hurtin’ on level 4 rats, it’d be curtains
Then to what afore my wandering eyes doth appear
But a private message from a fellow capsuleer
This kind-hearted soul was offering me cash
Intrigued, I accepted the conversation in a flash
I glanced at the name of this entrepreneurial player
Her name was a contradiction: Serenity Fireslayer
She pulled up a trade window and we started the deal
I offered a discount, but she wanted a steal
I dragged my ship over, dropped it and waited
Then her offer appeared, and my dreams were deflated
The amount that she entered was woefully low
Ten times less, in fact, she must think that I’m slow
I mentioned the “error”, and she responded “One sec.”
And came back with a new offer of 500 PLEX!!
I knew the game then, but I figured I’d play
I responded with “Sure”, just to see what she’d say
I laughed out loud after what came next
The item in her window certainly wasn’t PLEX
I bellowed and roared; my laughter it thundered
It was a box of Plastic Wrap, renamed (PLEX x 500)
LOLOLOL is all I could type, and I sent the reply
But she was gone in flash, without even a goodbye
I tried to mail her, but she blocked me of course
Wouldn’t expect less from the likes of her sort
Away she went with her tail between her legs,
A fitting end for one of Eve’s dregs

PS: The Rattlesnake is still up for sale. Check it out in game. Only 900,000,000 fully fit! (It’s worth more if you buy it and fit it yourself with what’s on there) :slight_smile:


I don’t know if that was a heartfelt poem with an afterthought sale, or a cleverly designed ad. Either way, I liked it.


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