Serious Issue - Goonswarm Botting

I had always had suspicion that ccp was allowing goons to bot, but now its clear (from proof) its true.

So, With multiple alts using binary name Goonswarm is clearly trolling ccp with binary code. I’d like to think ccp is intelligent, but either they are making a clear choice to ignore this, or they are allowing it to happen

011001110111001101100110 BeepBoop

Interestingly This players name translates as “gsf” abrevs for "goon swarm Federation)

Now we know why goonswarm is making 130 trillion isk a month in delve. The suspicion that ccp was allowing it to happen to cause inflation for them to benefit economically seems true.

ps. this is all screenshotted and documented, no hiding the truth. Ban the botters, all of them and not just the one in this corp.

If you believe an issue is related to botting, please create a support ticket so CCP can address it directly. Thank you.

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