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Okay so an IRL friend just quit Eve (he want let me have his stuff). He is actually the one that got me playing. He said he quit because his in game income was cut out by a CCP change. His in game income (about 9 bil per month) was making broadcast nodes. I don’t know of anything CCP did to affect broadcast nodes. Was there such a change?


First … broadcast nodes are related to PI. Setting up PI

I had a really hard time finding anything hinting at a change in that regard, but maybe I’m searching wrong.
I don’t do PI at all.

Second …

He quit, because he can’t make nine billion ISK per month anymore?
Just … wow! I feel zero sympathy for this guy.


no loss there.

Yeah, players don’t generally make this much off PI not because it’s not possible, but because PI is so time consuming most players don’t find it to be worth pursuing past a certain point… or at all because it is so damn boring. The ISK is there, but it depletes your soul doing it. I used to actively managed 36 planets of a variety of setups, so I would know. So really, either:

  1. Your friend was lying to you about his financial success (players sustainably making well in excess of account-PLEXing income usually don’t just quit the game)… unless that 9bn was revenue BEFORE plexing, in which case his margins could be slim or even negative after plexing his accounts.
  2. Your friend did in fact have several planets he was micromanaging every day and was making very little ISK/manhour for his efforts, so when the PI market fluctuated for whatever reason his ISK/manhour plummeted to “■■■■ this” levels and instead of accepting reduced income or finding a new way of simultaneously generating revenue AND having fun, he did in fact decide to abandon the game, which is quite sad considering that he supposedly had all this seed money from his prior efforts.


  1. The price of advanced pi materials has dropped.

@MB_ThePhotographer put on your tri-focals old man

Didn’t seem to cut it. :wink: I ran 48, only took 15 min a day with 2 runs to Jita a mo.

Yeah I feel you. I used to actively manage 36. Still have the skills in case I go back to it. The only way you minimize it down to 15 mins of slave labor a day is if you have a metric ■■■■-ton of silos/launchpads and few processors, though. It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled in PI and actively engaged the market so I don’t even know if that level of yield can sustain plexing an account. Let me see… So that’s 7.5 hours every 30 days, and you need to net about 1,500 million ISK worth of PLEX (rounding up), so you need to net a profit of 50m a day (200m per manhour, excluding freight)… hell no. Not only are the margins too volatile from what Adam4EVE shows (in many cases), but there are so many funner, more profitable, casual-friendly ways of netting that revenue than doing PI. OP’s friend was too busy slave laboring instead of actually playing the game, Even though PI is usually more profitable, it many ways it’s worse than mining because it’s more soul-depleting. There aren’t as many “I quit EVE because of PI” posts, though :crazy_face:

Mining… ZZZzzzz :grimacing:

I liked PI because “once” I had it down, it wasn’t all that hard to do after that. The thrill was getting all my low end alts to survive the supply runs! Only lost 1 in the wh! :sunglasses: Lost 2, 1.5 bil loads in the pipe. Ton’s of fun seeing who’s paying attn while I’m not. :beers: :upside_down_face:

There are many “interesting” ways to make passive income in the game. :smirk:

Best I made a mo in a C2 wh was 3.5 bil. I don’t know how the OP’s friend made more?

id rather mine than attempt PI again… thus I did extract all my PI skills and put them to better use in my combat skills… Of course I was flying under INIT when I was attempting PI

I’m lucky enough to have old acct’s that I don’t need to pull skill out. But I don’t blame you. When I did mine, (zzZZzz :nauseated_face: :rofl:) I mined active, not botting/semi afk and you do make a lot more isk.

he is the scrum of the earth
no one will miss him
oohhhh my income …

PI materials aren’t in demand as much since quantum cores made owning a structure a bit more risky. That is most likely where your friend lost their profits from.

I have to disagree with this - I do PI in J-space, and an hour or so every other day gets me well over 1 billion isk a month. This is with 3 toons - my main WH character, and alts of my HS and Null characters.


This is outrageous. You have to grasp the beauty and aesthetics of it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Building broadcast nodes for profit requires an indy supply chain that players are engaging in…which requires players.

No offense, but that is a PATHETIC level of income, especially in j-space. 1 Billion per month with 1 hour of effort every other day is on the order of less-than-70m per manhour of effort. That is embarrassingly low. You could net more doing low-end PVE in HS, etc, except that there you would at least be playing the game and not risk losing your ship or paying taxes to another player.

With all due respect, that level of income is only impressive to players who don’t know better.

I smell ■■■■■■■■.

The basic numbers suggest that to make pure profit (build from P0->P4) Broadcast nodes to equal 9 bil a month would take ~115 planets…or about 20 omega accounts worth lol.

If he’s trading for the product, well the market ■■■■■■■ changes.

Watching the insides of my eyelids? :wink: I did PI, that’s bad enough, but at least it didn’t take up too much time.

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