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I really don’t care - I’m not here to grind isk. That billion is enough to keep me in small ships for my null-sec stuff, which is all I want. I sometimes go days before I restart my PI cycles if I’ve plenty (a pathetic ‘plenty’ admittedly in your terms) of isk saved up for what I want to do. For me Eve is for fun, not for chasing all the isk I can get.


No idea, but if he’s a RL friend just ask him. He’ll tell you if he wants to.

I suspect there’s other reasons though.

You’re doing it right.


As long as YOU are enjoying it, that’s all that matters :slightly_smiling_face: . And I do want to apologize @Dravick_Afterthought I wasn’t suggesting you were pathetic, I was referring to the riches usually associated with j-space, but I really should have just chosen my words better and not been so insensitive :grimacing:

For most players, though (not you), PI is a means to an end (to make ISK or get inputs for indy) and is not a “fun activity” in itself, and they’ll find that they can actually play the game enjoyably while making more ISK than that. They might consider 15 manhours a month to be a second job netting a sweatshop salary. From that perspective, at least grinding = playing the game while making a lot more ISK than PI nets you. Usually players quit when grinding mining doesn’t work out for them (maybe they got suicide ganked) but this is the first thread I’ve read where someone quit because grinding PI didn’t work out for them.


Shut the ■■■■ up. Damn. If he finds enjoyment in that, that’s all that matters. Just cause you find it boring or nonsense doesn’t mean he does, especially if it allows him to do what he wants.

For some reason I thought Archer was your boss in-game. Are you allowed to talk to him like that?

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I don’t work for him.

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And you posted this here so we can make fun of him for being only capable of producing one single item and incapable of finding a new one to produce?

Because I can’t think of any other appropriate reaction to this post :joy:

Player A: “I would never post an ‘I’m quitting’ thread on the Eve forums.”

. . . said player’s friend posts one for him behind his back.

I upset Geo and he left USIA. It’s the only reason he told me to “shut the ■■■■ up”. If I were anybody else posting that he would not have responded in that fashion.

I thought Archer was cool :frowning:

There’s more to the whole story. I didn’t start the fight but I did finish it. I’m pretty sure you would be agree with me if you knew what happened. Won’t get into it here, though.

I was referring to what you said to Dravick.

Sorry that wasnt clear.


Im just wondering what 100 stages below “Pathetic” is called so I can quantify my monthly income lol


No one quits just takes breaks.

If he was making 9b from PI (not going to say he wasn’t, but bwahahaha) then his brain probably melted or he went into shock from the mindless process.

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I was insensitive in my word choice :pensive:. I rephrased my second response to @Dravick_Afterthought to include an apology and also clarify my points and that they are not about him specifically; I hope it is considered to be less abrasive at least. I’m not going to whitewash history so I’m keeping my first post as-is and take ownership for being an asshole.

To answer your question, the lowest tier of income I’ve found is this: Can Harvest Trick® . (Yes, I know your question was a sarcastic swipe at me, I deserve a noogie for being a douche, but can I have some fun with this?) The idea was so cancerous to newbros that not only was it locked but it was delisted (ie. unsearchable). At the time OP had been posting numerous “guides” in NCQA (each one ending in a ® because he said it was cool) promoting ignorance, stupidity, and unfun/unprofitable ways of playing the game and all the threads were locked and de-listed (I think I bookmarked a few like this one).


Ok you are cool again.

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"100 stages below pathetic” …hmm…I really like that phrase, I may put it in my bio…

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Speaking of 100 stages below “Pathetic”, I would like to formally invite @Ramona_McCandless and @Xuxe_Xu to join the :love_hotel: Harem4Archer Groupie:pregnant_woman: to help me with my CSM16 campaign :crazy_face: