Serpentis elements still fighting planetside in Vale

Gutter Press, reporting from Vale V, where the astonishing news is that Serpentis elements remain active and fighting on the ground, against the “Provisional District Government”, the Triglavian collaboration regime now administering large portions of the system.

Mayhem !

The situation on the ground on Vale V remains largely chaotic, with the collaborative regime having set up some basic infrastructure for “bioadaptation” of the remaining citizens. The Triglavian occupying forces are largely indifferent, seemingly choosing to stay within the perimeters of heavily fortified compounds, rather than interacting with the citizens.

Chaos !

This chaos allowed this reporter from Gutter Press to make contact with one Serpentis element, a trooper giving his name as “Bo”, who had this to say:
“Yeah, Bo has been here, and Bo is still here, and Bo is going to kick these triangles a new corner. Doc says Bo has a body that’s 95% combat drugs and Bo shouldn’t be alive. Doc doesn’t know what Cro tells Bo though. Bo listens to Cro, sees what Cro sees. Triangles come through, distract Bo with spectral giraffes and demon whores at night. Cro sees through that bush league psych ops. Bo’s gotta go, but you tell Triangles Bo’s coming for 'em. Tell 'em Cro.”
The trooper had a companion animal, a large corvid bird, a species native to Vale V and known for their intelligence and mimicry abilities, which added the statement: “Ca-caw!”

Trash City !

Scavenger birds and rodents have been causing problems in some cities on Vale V, having ballooned in population during the chaos. Some citizens claim the scavengers have been consuming corpses of citizens killed during the fighting, while others say that the large amounts of uncollected garbage are the cause.
The Provisional District Government claims that regular rubbish collection and street cleansing will resume shortly, and that “vermin shall be extirpated”.

Unemployment !

The economic situation remains grim, with the vast majority of citizens unemployed, with only a small social security payment from the Provisional District Government as their income. Despite this, some businesses have already started to rebuild, with bars, exotic dance clubs, cybermodification hospitals, and billiards clubs already back in business.
One exotic dancer/billiard player, “Ellie Eightball”, gave this account: “So like, everyone thought the Triangles were going to turn everyone into mutants, but they totally didn’t, and like, well, you can’t go sunbathing at the beach now, you know, but you gotta do something, you know, so why not exotic dance and billiards ?”

The weather forecast for the coming week is “Cloudy with a chance of mutagenic rain”, so citizens are advised to wrap up when venturing outside.

Gutter Press. Now-time news.


Maybe having tiny amounts of blood in your drugstream makes you immune to the Triglavian mutation process ?


Oh woww, you found Ellie?! Like, totally say hi to her from me!

Also, trash! Icky! That’s like, sooo gross. You never see trash in Gallentea’s beautiful Ome- uuh, core cities! That’s why our word for ‘trash’ comes from Caldanapaaniese.

Ah, the Gutter Press. Operating a new “Triglavian” branch are we? The humor is appreciated, Pochven as a whole is in dire need of it. Give my regards to Bo next time you see him.


Oh so that was where Hammer squad went off to… I did wonder why there was a squad missing during the Vale mission

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