Server Loads in FWST-8 Vs V-3YG7

In the battle of V-3YG7 in 2017, the servers went into full Time Dialation and issues started cropping up. Goons decide to have fighters chase subcaps instead of securing the objective. Co2 wins V-3 Fortizar timer. : r/Eve ( Some people reported issues with cap chains, and some people had their weapons firing long after their targets go destroyed, In 2020, the battle of FWST-8 had more pilots on grid and seemed to go well enough. It was (at that ppoint) the biggest battle in eve. Two Guinness World Records Titles Broken! | EVE Online A Costly Imperium Victory at FWST-8 | The Ancient Gaming Noob ( Servers went into TiDI, but there wasn’t anything like modules randomly off lining or continuing to cycle without a target. What happened in 3 years to allow the servers to take a larger load?

If anyone can find anything more recent. I didn’t see anything recent regarding this lately.

Helpful chart depicting server stats over the history of EVE to 2021.

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