[Service] BR HAULING to LoSec (soon to NULSEC)

LOSEC ONLY FOR NOW (Testing waters)

Hello there, SpaceBus your local scoundrel, smuggler and all-around shady character here.

  • Were you ever sitting in LoSEC wishing you had that 10k extra faction ammo, rig, or blingy-module for your shiny pew-pew ship?

  • Couldn’t wait for “Mr. Corp Delivery Guy” to login after his 2-week absence because he had yet another new girlfriend?

  • Needed to have an exotic dancer prancing around your Losec Upwelling, but the closest one was in Jita?

  • Had to have that Fierce Filament “thinga-magic” right now…but some newbro bought all of them up in Amarr?

  • Just to lazy to jump 7 systems because you are a Space Rich Plex Buying Injector Junkie…and are busy clubbing haulers at the gate?

  • Are you a small Corp that needs occasional supplies while your are waiting on your fancy weekly Jump Freighter to come in?

If any or all of those apply to you, consider hiring me!

I don’t discriminate against pirates, scoundrels, anti-gankers, gankers, haulers, explorers, students, new, old, junkies or otherwise. You keep playing your polictics within your corporation, start those wars, plan for years in your mother’s basements on how to destroy that make-believe Upwell structure, do that mumble-thing with your mates. I don’t judge…I JUST CARE ABOUT ISK!

No risk to you, make an order of no more than those smaller items - 4km3/100mil (higher can be discussed with assurances/collateral) and you’ll have your supplies in your station on contract within 24 hours or less. If not, or if I blow up…not your problem! I reserve the right to deny your request at any time for any reason. If by some miracle this scoundrel gets drowned and overwhelmed due to this awesome advertisement, I’ll let you know as soon as I see your mail and know that I won’t be able to service it.

For Now LOSEC only, NULSEC coming soon (testing the waters)!

  • 20% markup on costs of your supplies (JITA prices) with a minimum of 1.5 mil per jump.

Reminder - This BR only holds 4km3. She isn’t fancy nor has those ugly cargo expanders, instead she does the Jita-PCX run in less than 47 seconds…no shiny blingy hanger queen here…she is fast and gets the job done.

I am also for exclusive hire for a corporation; eve mail for arrangements. Until then, order your crap!

SpaceBus Jr.

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