[SERVICE] GHSOL - a simple, flat rate. any distance JF courier service moving your cargo anywhere for the last 10 years

Great service, wish I found it sooner. :slightly_smiling_face:

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great service and allot cheaper than redfrog
cuts a lot of hauling out from running lowsec buyback

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Super fast delivery and much cheaper than the competitors. Highly recommend

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Love the GHSOL service its professional, fast and great rates. I have used them in the past and will continue to do so.

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Highly recommended for getting stuff out of asset safety, I can’t thank them enough.

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Good people and good services, will be my main hauling service I use from now on!

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+1 for GHSOL and beaconBoy

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From Lonetrek to Tash-Murkon no better courier service for all your Low Sec needs. Simple flat rates no looking at other websites for rates GHSOL for all your needs!

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My go-to hauling service, can recommend


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They did over 100 contract in a day in a half compared to PushX that did 8 in that time frame. 10/10 Would recommend.

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Cheapest rates in new eden as far as I know and also quite fast. I dare you compare JF prices with other professional hauling organizations. Recommended 10/10 .

Are you ready to make a contract to get your cargo moved by jump freighter? I bet you want your cargo moved RIGHT NOW! To be frank, the clock for delivery starts ticking at this moment…not later when some OTHER courier service finally decides to pull your contract out of their queue and hand it to their hauler. Heck, your contract might be stuck waiting in their queue for days?!

With the average delivery time for contracts here at GHSOL at 4 hours and 40 minutes this month, GHSOL has the fastest delivery time from contract CREATION to delivery. Ask the other courier services what their average wait time for jump freighter loads sitting in their queue is…it’s going to be far more than 5 hours. And with those other courier services your jump freighter cargo wouldn’t even have started moving?!

And if you have alot of low value, high volume cargo like minerals, cap parts, etc stuck in low sec, take advantage of our EVAC special and be pleasantly surprised at how fast we can move 20, 30 or even 50 loads of cargo in hours. Just read the above feedback that points out how other couriers services take all week to deliver what GHSOL does in hours.

Prompt , efficient and easily the best freight service in New Eden, period. :+1:

Спасибо большое, всё оперативно и четко, советую!

great service ran 10 contracts in under a day

GHSOL had across the board improvement in every category during 2021! Read on for highlights, and as always stop by channel GHSOL if you like to see/discuss the data in detail.

Completed contracts increased YoY by 61% and that cargo was delivered 15% faster YoY (with the delivery timer starting at contract CREATION). If you look at just Q4 2021, we’ve cut our delivery times in half showing continuous improvement…just 12 hours on the average!

We increased our max cargo size by 12.5% to 360,000 m3, increased our max collaterals by 33% or more and at the same time with the new 50% off EVAC special our customer’s average reward paid went down by 5%. And this lower amount paid by customers was over the WHOLE year…not some cute little special being run for a week or a holiday like our competitors.

To sum this all up, we’re ready to move MORE of your cargo with HIGHER collateral FASTER than ever before for LESS than you paid us in the past…and as always the reward you pay us is substantially less ISK than you’d pay our competitors! Often by 100M’s of ISK!!

ps - For those of you who like data, 2020 with 1741 contracts and 2021 with 2825 contracts; 2020 with an average delivery time of under 28 hours and 2021 with 24 hours; 2020’s average reward was 197.4M ISK, and 2021’s is 187M ISK. And again, come to channel GHSOL, and I’ll happily drill down into the data to show you all the details!

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Good job man, quick as hell. :slight_smile:

Came back after 4 years away. Still had protected items in asset wraps in low-sec. These guys saved my stuff! Only took them a few hours from when I made my contract. Thanks guys and gals!

had a bundle of wealthy items stocked in a LowSec-station, where I got it out of the safety security.
This guys fly it out of this heavy camped station - and I can use it again!
All in all for a fee of 5% of the value - thats fair and absolutely recommendable.

got my stuff from lowsec in no time, best service around - thx!