[SERVICE] GHSOL - a simple, flat rate. any distance JF courier service moving your cargo anywhere for the last 10 years

Thanks GHSOL! Thank you for helping a returning vet get all of his stuff out from low sec after being away from the game for 4 or 5 years. Great price and will be a return customer!

excellent service. prompt and affordable. have used these guys a couple times to get stuff moved around.

Highsec Buyback moved 100b+ ISK out of Solitude this week. All couriers completed within 24 hours. Awesome work folks!

top notch delivery fast and relliable

This is a great time for any experienced JF pilot to join GHSOL and get incredible bonuses above and beyond all of our existing customers’ reward!

We have a very short queue at the moment, get those orders in!

GHSOL is the best hauling service out there. My last two low-sec hauls was delivered within 12 hrs.

Half the price of other haulers and astoundingly fast. GHSOL is the best! I don’t even know how you do it.

First time trying GHSOL and more efficient than other and offer really great service. I am really happy with this.

First time customer. Amazing service. Strongly recommend using this service

Great service. Been useing for a while and have no complaints. Fast delivery everytime

first time useing them, they made my coming back to eve and grabbing my asset safty stuff easyier to deal with, the delivery time was spot on

Perfect services !!

Simply fantastic. Service, speed, everything you need.

300mil 1 hour rush GHSOL , 700mil pushx 3 day rush , enough said :slight_smile:

beaconBoy and his crew Saved my day 10/10 will use them again soon for haulling needs

I needed a load of mining and industrial equipment shipped out to Solitude and couldn’t use my own regular freighter because the region is completely surrounded by low and nullsec pipes. I looked around for a JF service and went with GHSOL mainly because of the flat fee. The nearest competitor charged different amounts depending on your destination and mine was going to cost around 400 mill, so beaconboy got the contract instead. Arrived very quickly as well.

I hope you find a way to deal with the new lance dreadnought change. They look set to be a massive pain in the ass for JF pilots.

Best service around and vote in CSM Please. Also bring back Evac for bargain hunters lol

GHSOL is by far the best service for all general lowsec JF needs. Not only are their staff very attentive to the customer, they also are extremely diligent at completing their backlog and demonstrate a high degree of professionalism for meeting deadlines.

When PushX failed to satisfy my concerns of delayed delivery, GHSOL came in and was able to move a significant portion of my contracts that were within their collateral policy within 18 hours of issuing where PushX, despite several days in the queue, had yet to complete one of my 20+ jobs.

Again, for anyone living in lowsec, GHSOL is the service to use for all general needs. At 300m for 7b collateral, you get a guaranteed 3 day max queue with 24 hour delivery anywhere in lowsec; this is a mere formality as GHSOL has demonstrated repeatedly that they will get the work done even faster.

There simply is no excuse not to use them.

These guys are the real deal. Highly recommend. Quick dependable, and reasonably priced.