[SERVICE] GHSOL - a simple, flat rate. any distance JF courier service moving your cargo anywhere for the last 10 years

I had 2 contracts totalling around 600,000m3 of Safety Assets moved from Lowsec to jita in a record breaking 4hours and 13minutes! and I mean within 4hours and 13 minutes of issusing the contract! unbelievable

I feel like I scammed these guys ! WOW WHAT A SERVICE.

I did set the reward slightly higher than recommended to tip the driver in the hopes my contracts might be accepted sooner, but still that’s amazing!.

10/10 :heart_eyes:

My CSM application is in CCP’s hands!

You’ve always wanted GHSOL to move your cargo for free. Well, now you can use your CSM vote to make that possible!

Terms and conditions apply. As always come to channel GHSOL in game to ask questions or get clarification. And remember to VOTE in the first week of Sept!

GHSOL is ceasing operations until CCP makes changes to T2 dread lances. More details below…

Over the last month you’ve seen the slow down in deliveries. The T2 dread lances meant JF pilots had to be very careful about what systems to move your cargo through…and never rush. But this wasn’t enough. Short warps to the gate meant big expenses as GHSOL for the first time utilized a citadel. No not as a pick up or drop off point, but to ensure the JF would get off grid before the T2 dread could fire its lance.

This experiment went well, and we had minimal losses across last month. But as we moved hundred’s of contracts, the path of the JFs became predictable. See, before T2 dreads, any one of a dozen entry points into high sec around Jita could be use. But as this number shrunk due to the T2 dread citadel solution, the JFs become predictable…and a predictable JF is a dead one. To prove the point, GHSOL lost 3 JFs this month, and this shows the JF hauling has become unsustainable.

Why has it taken so long to let you know this? To be frank, it takes time to explore every opportunity with the JF pilots. With half of them stopped hauling last month due to the T2 dread threat alone, this month’s excessive losses caused more JF pilots to make the choice to dock up permanently. If I can’t convince a JF pilot that a citadel makes JF hauling safe, then ceasing operations is the last option.

Let me know if you’re interested in having your name passed along to all the JF pilots to get your cargo moved privately by them. If/when they contact you, you’ll need to negotiate rates with them, and I should add that many aren’t even undocking. So there’s the distinct possibility no one will contact you from this group.

All I can do is thank everyone for your business over all these years and say “Hope to see you sometime in 2024 when GHSOL resumes operations after a CCP nerf of lances or T2 dreads!”

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Just use one of the myriad other hauling services like PushX and Red Frog who are still operating without issues. There’s even a new one operated by Moonfire the multiboxer.

It’s probably a good thing GHSOL stopped operating because a hauling corp who folds at the first sign of trouble is not who you would want to trust with moving your cargo anyway!

Having used GHSOL extensively, this is totally undeserved and obnoxious. They were the most cost-effective hauling provider, and delivered faster than anyone else. Mind delivering my goods at their rates and velocity, smarty pants ?

@beaconBoy_SavesTheDay Please pass my name to your JF pilots squad, I’ve used your services for a long time and would like to continue doing so.

I can absolutely deliver your goods at a better rate than GHSOL provides. Because GHSOL provides nothing at all anymore!

If you were one of GHSOL’s larger customers and you’re finding PushX’s recent price increases make your business model nonviable, drop me a line in game.

As always feel free to come by channel GHSOL in game…heck, even if you weren’t one of our past customers I’m always ready to show you how you have altermatives!

Change is in the wind…

Didn’t you close doors after trying to buy votes for CSM, getting your JFs ganked repeatedly in Highsec and blaming Lancers for making JFs non-viable, despite other haulers carrying on with business as usual?

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With overwhelming support from GHSOL’s biggest customers (thanks for the help with all those citadels!), GHSOL can reopen now. Moving your cargo quickly, safely and consistently going forward did require alot of infrastructure improvements only possible because of these generous folks and organizations.

As you might expect increased expenses and fuel costs does mean higher rates. So I’ll skip to the chase…GHSOL operates the same way as before “360k m3 max cargo size, any distance, anywhere except null sec, no citadel pickup/deliveries, no containers/plastic wraps”! Though the numbers all have increased…including collateral limits I’m glad to say.

So 320M moves up to 5b in cargo in 360k m3 in 7 days anywhere except null sec OR 420M moves up to 8b in cargo in 360k m3 in 48 hours. With some competitors raising their low sec rates to match their old null sec rates OR charging by the cyno jump, you’ll find our flat rate, any distance numbers compare nicely. Especially for the asset safety systems like Irmalin, Misaba, Podion…let’s see if any replies include these examples, eh?

Be gentle with us in this first week. There’s huge backlogs of cargo from many customers who’ve been hold back cargo from the competitors awaiting this very moment. We’re going to be swamped!

So in our first week, 100+ contracts were completed. The contracts keep flowing in at the usual high rates we saw in spring/summer, and our queue always has work in it. If this continues through the end of the year, we’ll easily be market leaders once again in low sec JF sized hauling. Let’s see if we can both start and end 2023 with this title!

Only because of the citadels being provided by key customers can we do this. And of course, the JF pilot who’ve both returned and are doing the heavy lifting. Many thanks to all!

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No one could have been more surprised that myself at how many contracts have poured in during the first two weeks since resuming operations. Easily 15 contracts per day…pretty much right where we left off this spring/summer when we were the market leaders for moving low sec JF sized cargo.

The customers are back, the JF pilots are back and everything is smoothly getting moved! Make a contract today and join the party!

ps - Sorry about the public queue going back to the usual state of not enough JF contracts in it…that’s a side effect of having a reasonably priced courier service around.

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Fantastic service, all items were delivered from Low sec to Jita extremely fast with no issues, highly recommend !

All I can say is GHSOL coming up its ten year anniversary’s. It risen from the ashes and if your going trust anyone with your hauling needs this is to place to go. Over the years they have delivered 1000’s of my delivery contracts and in there last month of reopening more than 100 of mine contracts have flown into Jita. Q

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Thank you to all our customers! In our first month after resuming operations, over 400 contracts were completed. None of this could be done without our excellent team of JF pilots! These guys were raring to get back to work moving your cargo safely and efficiently compliments of key customers who made these critical citadels available to the GHSOL JF pilots.

All this confirms that GHSOL is right back where where we were when we had to ceased operations this summer. We are the market leaders in JF sized loads to/from low sec. If you’re hearing about GHSOL for the first time, give us a try and find out why you can pay SOOO much less with our flat rates over what the competitors charge per jump.

We’re looking forward to moving your cargo in the New Year as economically and quickly as possible!

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Absolutely stellar service. Efficient and quick.

GHSOL has again had to make the tough decision to cease operations until CCP makes changes to the T2 dread lances. While we had secured citadel access last month in multiple places around Jita (and felt they’d persist given the citadels’ owner) this morning those citadels were destroyed.

Still we had a good run…over 900 contracts completed in just 7 weeks shows the GHSOL business model continues to work. Without a doubt we reclaimed the title of market leader in low sec JF sized market. And clearly our customers and JF pilots agree…let the trolls/pundits say what they will!

Many thanks to those key customers who helped make citadel access possible, and of course to the many JF pilots who returned to move the flood of cargo that arrived in our queue from day one. Alot came together to make this work…dare I say it, I actually did some diplomacy (or key people did it on my behalf).

If anything this latest chapter in GHSOL history has shown just how smoothly we can reopen, bring our team of JF pilots up to speed to haul safely, force competitors to adjust their unreasonable rates and delight customers who returned en masse. Change is a constant, and just as soon as circumstances merit…well, we’ll be back!

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Hey there. You blocked us in-game, blocked us on discord. So created a new alt and typing here to convey the message

Killed your citadels because:

  1. You failed to pay to the correct alliance executor corp
  2. Did not admitted fault
  3. Refused to pay for your mistake

We just collect dues. You decided to pay in citadels as oppose to paying cash to the correct corp

Not quite sure how to respond to the above…but then it’s best not to feed the trolls. So let’s just get to the important news!

GHSOL found yet another set of citadels to use with equivalent citadel operating costs. So GHSOL is ready to move your cargo as of today, and the best news is the rates/terms are the same! Come to channel GHSOL in game if you have any questions.

As always if you know of citadels in low sec near high sec gates in Forge/Citadel regions, your efforts in getting GHSOL access can help us avoid these service disruptions. Thankfully this last one was just two weeks, but with your help the next one could be completely avoided! Please work with Itarino Rotsuda in game if you can help.

cant wait to have your services

Heyo! Thanks for the awesome service GHSOL! I was skeptical at first due to the nature of Eve but they were beyond quick, responsive, and affordable! Even when I messed up my first contract details with them, they still went above and beyond on completing the contracts. Thanks again and fly safe o7