[SERVICE] GHSOL - a simple, flat rate. any distance JF courier service moving your cargo anywhere for the last 10 years

At GHSOL, it’s business as usual. Sure we had to suspend operations for a couple weeks at the end of last year while key GHSOL members set up replacements citadels. But this month we’ve moved just as much cargo as when we reopened back in November and our customers flooded us with work. So it’s been busy, busy, busy!

I encourage you to consider using GHSOL, and pay close attention at the competitor’s rates from asset safety systems. That’s our sweet spot where we charge less than half what they charge! And I bet you’ll be impressed with our delivery times…lancers and pirate insurgencies don’t slow us down.

Come to channel GHSOL in game if you have questions or want to learn more. And as always if you’re an experienced JF pilot who’s actively hauling and wants more work, GHSOL is recruiting…make 10b’s per month as shown by our new reporting tools.

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After years of customer’s requests for null sec deliveries, GHSOL has started a trial to include all NPC stations in null sec as valid places for delivery! And as you’d expect, we’re using our popular flat rate, any distance approach to pricing from low sec to null sec.

So if you have 360k m3 of cargo that need to go to/from a NPC station in null sec, 620M delivers up to 10b of your cargo anywhere except citadels. As we roll out this trial, please use 1 week expire and 2 week delivery to account for our JF pilots moving cyno supplies and bubbles (though as all our customers know, we deliver far far faster than this). I expect these delivery times to decrease soon.

Just to reiterate what’s at the top of this thread, no citadels, no containers and no plastic wraps in the cargo as you make the contract. Though if you do have several dozens (or dare I say 100’s) of JF loads per month, there are options on how to meet your shipping needs with a sister organization that provides tailored services beyond GHSOL’s simple courier service.

It’s worth pointing out that if you don’t have the full 360k m3 that needs to go to/from NPC null sec, might I suggest either seeding markets or grabbing some nicely priced contracts to fill out the cargohold. The additional profits would likely cover our already low rates!

I used the service and it was very efficient & quick A+++

Thank you very much for secure and fast service! Will be using the service again!

I was having a ton of trouble finding a simple solution to having items moved from low sec to jita (41 jumps). after 2 days I finally got ahold of beacon bay and GHSOL and they were happy to walk me through the process in a simple simple way. They completed my order in just a couple hours. I often find everyone over complicates simple things but that was not the case here. Great customer service I recommend to anyone looking to have anything moved!