[SERVICE] GHSOL - a simple, flat rate, low-sec JF courier service moving your cargo for the last 6 years

Amazing service would recommend in some niche cases of cargo less than 330km3 there are sometimes better options

Hey, so ive had these guys do a LOT of my contracts. And I do mean a lot.

GHSOL became more than just a business. They became my partner and helped us grow from a small operation to one that was pulling in billions of isk a week. Highly recommend.

Come be part of the GHSOL family and you won’t be disappointed.

Smaller sized packages may find better rates with other providers, and the answer to this is get more stuff to haul. Not use another provider.

Got 40 contracts done in less than 24hrs. Outstanding work would recommend them to anyone looking to have a lot of cargo moved fast.

Good, fast, cheap and friendly guys. +1 rep
Use these guys if you want your stuff fast and cheap. :slight_smile:

Beaconboy and everyone at GHSOL is amazing and they provide the superior JF service! read these reviews and use GHSOL today!

(not paid to do this just love beaconboy and his amazing corporation)

Its was my first time and i had a bunch of questions and Beaconboy answered them all.

They delivered my 5 loads under 20hours (didnt expect that!) for only 210m each :slight_smile:

I will use this service again!

Bruh, I wish i knew these guys existed!!! Ive been using black frog like a putz!!!

Fast, efficient and inexpensive. 10/10 would use again.

Great service

An update after over a year of using the service. Overall still great for certain uses but not in all cases. For context, GHSOL has got maybe 1/3rd of my JF cargoes this year compared to 90% a year ago.

  1. Very fast/reliable when beaconboy is around. When he is out (once every other month feels like?), you are stuck - other haulers tend not to stick in his corp, so you have to wait. Makes sense to check before making contracts.

  2. Simple pricing structure.

  3. Pricing for base tier is great for longhaul (eg: Misaba/Irmalin/Podion to Jita). It is not terribly competitive for shorter haul. I find it better to just make public contracts for those - esp if not a great hurry.

  4. If you have bulk loads, will usually be better off negotiating bilaterally with haulers.

  5. The lack of flexibility (e.g., loads have to be full to make sense - half boats are not economical, only NPC etc) can be an issue sometimes.

Overall, a respectable 3.5 stars out of 5.