[SERVICE] NERDS - New Eden Retail Delivery Service

NERDS (New Eden Retail Delivery Service) is an ingame delivery service, where you can order items at Jita Sell price, and have them shipped to your doorstep. You do not need to have an alt in a trading hub or fly there yourself, nor manage courier contracts yourself. It’s like one of those online book stores that send a package to your house.

To place an order join our Discord and ask for one of our members to help you! An agent will buy the items and bring them to you. We use private channels to keep the details of your order confidential.

We focus on convenience. Our goal is to help lazy people get stuff to where they need it, like new drones and crystals for miners, new ammo for mission runners, and fittable ships for faction warfare players. We do not try to compete with the pricing of services like Redfrog and PushX who focus on hauling items from A to B.

The price of an item consists of its Jita Sell price, a delivery fee and a service fee. The delivery fee is based on PushX pricing. The service fee is a percentage that gets smaller as the value of your order increases, and caps at 1% above 1 billion ISK. You will see all details before confirming the order.

Quick delivery is important so that you can do whatever you want instead of having to wait for us. One day delivery for everything would be nice, but will not be achievable early on, as delivery time guarantees can quickly burn one out. Instead we start with a 3 days delivery. We may be faster than promised.

Everyone can order, and everyone can haul. Join our Discord and let us know that you’re interested in becoming an agent. You can combine this with any other activity like public couriers to further increase your profits. Read more below in “How do payments work?”.

For now we only service NPC stations in high security space mainland. Highsec islands will be excluded initially. As we validate the business model and recruit agents, we’ll evaluate expansion into islands, low, and null security space.

When Can I Start Ordering/Hauling?

Right now. Join our Discord and let us know that you want to purchase something or want to work as an agent.

How Do Payments Work?

Customers have to deposit ISK upfront to place orders. Please be very careful when doing this, as there may be imposters trying to act as our corporation and deceive you to give them ISK. We cannot return that ISK for you. Here’s the corporation that you should transfer ISK to. You can test this with a 1 ISK transfer.


New Eden Retail Delivery Service (Ticker: NSRVC, CEO: Top Nerd). Our ticker is not NERDS! Please don’t use that!

It may take 60 minutes before our system updates your balance. This requires trust on your side. Read more about this in “Why should I trust you?”

With the deposited ISK you can now place an order. We accept orders even before the ISK arrives, but will only start purchasing the items once it’s there.

An agent will then purchase the items, ship them over to you and submit a contract. This contract is verified via the EVE API, and funds will be transferred accordingly.

If a customer rejects the items of an order, we will reach out to settle the problem. We reserve the right though to charge for the return cost and difference between sell and buy price.

If an agent loses the items, the customer will not be charged.

Why Should I Trust You?

In EVE you shouldn’t trust anyone.

However we found that this service will work best if we ask you to trust us with the deposited ISK. With Highsec Buyback we’ve built more than 2 years of reputation and received hundreds of positive reviews. It’s now up to you to decide if that reputation gives you enough trust that we’ll handle your deposited ISK properly. Rest assured, we have much more to lose than what you deposit in our wallets.

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Q: How much do you charge?
A: We charge the items’ Jita sell price (via janice appraisal) plus the delivery fee which is PushX rates (from Jita) plus a service fee (1% for 1b isk and above, 2% above 500m, 3% above 250m, 5% above 100m, and 10% for less than 100m).

Q: Is there a minimum ISK value per order?
A: There is no minimum, but the delivery fee starts at 4.5m for 1 jump. So orders below 10m probably don’t make sense.

Q: Can you haul my stuff?
A: No, if you want to have some haul items that you already own, then please use PushX or Redfrog. If you want to get rid of assets, then please consider Highsec Buyback.

Q: How is this different from courier contracts?
A: In order to use courier contracts, you need to purchase the items at location A (i.e. Jita) first, have a character at location A, and then create a courier to get the items shipped. With our service, you don’t need to be at location A in order to get items at Jita prices shipped to wherever you are.

Q: How do you pay for the items?
A: Leveraging HSBB’s reputation, we ask folks to first deposit isk, which they can then use to order items. The orders are then available to agents. The agent then buy the items, haul them, and create a 0 isk contract to the customer. Once the contract is accepted, the balance gets added to the agent’s wallet. Rinse and repeat.

Q: What if there are no haulers who want to ship my order?
A: If no one picks up your order in time, you will be notified and your ISK will be refunded. You can choose to place a new order.

Q: Is there a maximum volume?
A: Yes, there’s a maximum of 1,000,000 m3 that freighters in EvE can ship. Based on the volume of your request there will be different price classes. Items that fit into an interceptor are cheaper to haul than those who require a DST or those that require a freighter.

Q: How do you make sure no one steals isk/items?
A: Customers have to trust the service, and deposit the ISK before they can order something. Only a select group of managers has access to the wallets. When a customer places an order, the ISK is in the bank and can be paid out to couriers at any time. Agents then buy the items with their own ISK, and bring it to the customer. Via an API check the website can see that the items were successfully delivered, and funds can be transferred back to the agent.

FAQ For Agents

Q: Is there a minimum amount of orders I need to process in a given time?
A: No, you can do as many or little as you want.

Q: Is there a requirement on which ships I can fly?
A: No, since our prices are based on PushX quotas, you can always default to creating a courier to them.

Q: How much do I make as an agent?
A: Currently we offer the PushX rates. Longer distance and larger volumes means more ISK. We’re still testing if agents rather haul themselves or use courier services.

Just completed my first order contract! Easy peasy. Ordered a bunch of PI components to cook at my factory. Nice job guys, looking forward to working with you in this new adventure!

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Nice and Fast Delivery Now i can focus on doing what i want to instead of flying around buying the ships, mods and ammo i need to keep going
10/10 would recommend!

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Great service, the price is very reasonable and everything was very fast, the steps were easy to follow even as a first timer and the questions I had were quickly answered.

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We’re participating in the giveaway of BoneYard Tavern! Check it out to win some free shipping :slight_smile:

All I have to say is this is like Amazon for EVE! No need to gather the kids, load up the minivan and head to the wholesale club to stock up! Yeah it’s fun to do a shopping trip some of the time, but I really found it enjoyable doing it from the comfort of my home station. Didn’t even have to fire up the Pod.

Give this a try, it’s actually fun! Worth the extra isk, yeah you could save isk doing it yourself. But the time saved was well worth it.

Cheers o/


We’re doing a special giveaway! For the next 14 days, you can use the code CRIMSON for free shipping*.

*For one order. Max 50m ISK in shipping fee.

We’re open for business if you need to do some last-minute christmas shopping!

Join our Discord and use /order.

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