[SERVICE] Tired of incorrect prices on zkillboard? missing abbyssal price estimation? Introducting zkill.tucanindustries.eu! Price estimator for killmails with mutaplasmid.space integration!

I was annoyed that zkillboard prices were off so I made a small app using jita 30 days median sell prices, including mutaplasmid estimation of abbysal modules.

My server scrapes the evemarketer api for stats for all items on sale in Jita every hour and then calculates a rolling window of 30 days of average sell median prices. The webapp then shows a zkillboard like interface with semi correct prices.

The webapp can be found at: https://zkill.tucanindustries.eu/

For abbyssal modules the system makes an estimation by lookin at median sell prices of single item contracts from mutaplasmid.space

current known bugs:

  • no dark mode
  • no prices for items that are not for sale in Jita

both of these I will fix when I have the time soon™

let me know if you have any ideas!

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