Setting up permanent home in a C1 as a small gang/corp, feasible?

a bit of context on the matter:

last year i tried making a living in C1 holes as a solo player in small ships. i enjoyed getting a high profit despite the obvious risks that showed up (things like BCs chasing me around, recons waiting me at the mobile depot, etc…). i couldnt fight but this didnt stop me from trying and keeping permanent residence in the holes i occupied.

for the next dive in C1 habitation i’ve been thinking on something different. instead of living solo i was thinking on a small nomadic gang or a small corp with permanent habitation in the system (using medium structures to support the required services).

would that be feasible? or its beyond what a low class system could provide for players?

to be honest you are better off day tripping. same profit considering C1s only have K-space statics but none of the risk or fuel costs.

living in a C2 with a good c4 static is good for a small group however and i recommend getting a fort and a few capitals. you do that and you are hard as balls to evict unless you really piss someone off. while you can just go all in joining up with a wh corp and learning the ropes may be a better first step

P.S. if you want the “nomadic” feel a C4 only has J-space statics i used to love living in them as you really felt like you were “deep” in wh space and you still don’t have the risk of enemy caps like you do in 5-6 again making it really hard to get harassed if you have your own FAX and a dread or two with supporting fleet ofc.

Joining a proper womhole corp would be much better for ratting IMO. That got me started.

psst we’re recruiting

climbing into high class holes isnt part of the vision. staying in the C1 and then move to another as a small party or set up permanent residence in the system as a corp are the two options atm.

what i wanted to know is if setting up that amount of infrastructure would be feasible for a low class wormhole. i’ve never anchored a POS or Upwell so im not sure how heavy is the logistic work to keep that thing alive with the smallest structures.

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this is what i mean though. C1s only have K-space statics meaning going and running sites inside another hole is less reliable than being based in K-space and day tripping and has the added fuel costs. a C2 will have a K-space and a WH static making it much easier to go into another hole and run sites. If you are planning to just run sites in your own hole you will find that after the first few days and you have cleared all the sites out they don’t spawn all that often and you will have nothing to run.

yeah just use a DST

good point. guess i have to figure a corp schedule to ensure there’s a proper length of time between site running and site completion. running combat signatures isnt the only thing i want to do. mining and PvP are other things to tackle, specially seeing that a static to K-Space would bring a regular influx of daytrippers :stuck_out_tongue:

as for the DST for logistical work, would a brick tanked industrial serve as a proper alternative? plan is to not use anything heavy anyways, so the biggest stuff to transport would be the initial POS or Upwell structure. and well, the fuel restocking.

you get maybe 1-3 a day if you are lucky

WH is the worst space to mine in. its no better than HS but with 10000x more risk as you can be tackled before without ever seeing someone on D. if you want more day trippers for PvP again you are better off with a C2 as it will have a WH and can have a HS static increasing traffic. There really is no added risk to a C2 only benefits. other than you wont have to deal with bhaals.

use a DST they are far safer than an industrial and carry much more

C2 sites require bigger vessels to run, otherwise you get one shot by the batleship spawns, that’s the main thing that keeps it out of the list for me.

if possible i would like to have a C13 since it fulfills the small ship focus i want but those are rare and limited in number, C1s are much more common and dont pose much problem to find and access.

if there’s space for running C2s in small craft then i would consider it, but until then residing in a C1 poses more or less a proper profit for the risk regarding the ships im planning to use.

you can do them in T2 cruisers or T1 battle cruisers C2s are very, very easy to run. Hell we had one guy who ran them in an AB Moa.

you cant put down structures or POS in these so its a bit of a nightmare

Go for it, im currently living in a c1 and the profits are nice

damn right, i want to return to C1s permanently. just wanted to hear from more experienced players if the endeavor was possible with more people on board not just me.

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I feel a good number for a c1 is around 6-10 pilots.

It is a baby wormhole, if you get more you may want to move up.
But you should feel it out.

And of course, my corp is recruiting so you may be able to skip the costs of setting up a citadel, but thats up to you.

I lived in a C1 for 6 months. I did it specifically because of the systems advantages. I had a reaction chain, converting moongoo into the advanced components. I had 1 large minny deathstar (home), and 3 large caldari dickstars (reaction chain).

Having your reaction system protected by the mass restrictions as well as a HS static is really the only exception where C1 is at the top of the list in terms of pros and cons. The hole size is perfect for DSTs too.

Definitely feasible to do this. Just brush up on wormhole mechanics (eg; knowing when new inbound WH’s spawn, how to roll your static, etc) and mining in WH’s is as profitable as anywhere else, and can be done safely in a C1 for hours on end. Plus you get gas, PI, relic and data sites, and so on.

Personally, I’d suggest lowsec static as the content in LS (relics, data and combat anoms) far exceeds hisec.

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My Alliance is doing exactly this, so it is feasible and fun.

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It’s certainly feasable and can be a lot of fun depending what static(s) you choose. I’d honestly suggest shooting for a C2 or 4 instead of a C1. The mass limit may make it ‘feel’ safe, but ultimately its major effect is giving you a static that’s a PITA to roll. C2-4 hole statics can be rolled with battleships.

What’s slightly more feasable is joining an existing WH corp. Thanks to the coming of Citadels, many of the trust issues that came with living out of a POS have been made redundant, so WH corps are more willing to take the punt on potential new recruits.

I’d suggest lowsec static as the content in LS (relics, data and combat anoms) far exceeds hisec.

How does a low Sec static affect the number of spawns? I had thought all WH’s had the same true Sec and spawn rates…

I suggest you settle in a c2 c1/hisec. you can roll the static c1 all day for your explo needs (takes 2 passes with a higgs gnosis) and the hisec exit makes logistics easy peasy.

just pop the cheapers structure you can find - a raitaru e.g. - throw some annoying fit on it so that random 1 man corps don’t bash it solo and try and make the costs up as fast as you can. 5-600m should be easy peasy if you find a hole with good planets to do some PI and run exploration sites constantly.

Incidentally - Paranoia Overload is recruiting and we have just that setup so let me know :slight_smile:

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