Solo living in a C1

I like the solo game play in eve but hate HS. I have tried living with a corp in NS but i get bored after a while and end up going off to do my own thing.

I am at the stage now where i am thinking about solo living in a C1. How hard will this be? Realistically, how much drama am i going to attract?

I am currently parked up in a C1 with a NS static which is empty, debating whether i should bring an athanor in and make myself at home.


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First off, acquiring and feeding fuel to an upwell structure solo is going to be a painful job unless you have isk to burn or orca ice mining alts. To get started I’d suggest a small stick (starbase / tower / old pos), and see how that goes for you.
Second, a C1 may not be very rewarding.
Third, be very prepared to defend your structure.
This article may interest you: Wormhole Survey: Data & Results » Ashy in Space


I didn’t know the old pos’s could still be used? Are they cheaper to fuel?


They are in use, and I don’t see any attemp from PA/ccp to remove them.

Depend on what you want to do in your C1.
A small standard POS(tower) needs 10 fuell blocks per hour.
A Astrahus or similar, consumes 8 blocks per hour per activ service modul.
Minimum one must be activ.

A POS has more HP, a good chance to shoot a small gang depending to your fitting.

And the main benefit is, depending to the stuff inside the FF nobody will attac it.
Every activ Upwell promiss minimum the core-drop.
Easy money.

It’s frustrating to see people who don’t know much about wormholes dispense advice about living in wormholes. I’ve spent years solo living in wormholes, let me give you some better info.

  1. Fueling a citadel is an easy task. A clonebay requires only 180 blocks a day. One DST can haul in 2 months of fuel costing ~300 mill. Even a small POS requires 240 blocks a day but has a significantly worse quality of life.

  2. Neither a citadel nor a POS is likely to attract much attention unless you neglect to fuel it. In terms of defense, the tedium of taking down your structure for little reward is your first defense against bigger groups. Both citadels and POSes can be fit with effective ewar, but an Astrahus is generally more defensible unless you are planning to get a large faction POS. Additionally the reinforcement mechanics are much better for citadels since you get 2 timers and can at least control the time of day the timer will come out.

  3. C1s are annoying to roll and C1 sites are terrible, you should look at C3s instead. There are a variety of inexpensive setups for running C3 sites which net 200-250mill an hour. There are plenty of empty C3s with LS or NS statics (whatever you prefer). Depending on how much free time you have for eve you could also consider a C2-C3/HS. The advantage this wormhole gives you is the ability to roll your C3 static for more content.

  4. You should definitely pursue this project if you enjoy solo gameplay in eve. Exploration, gas huffing, site running, and small scale pvp provide a lot of options for activities living solo in a wormhole.


Wormholes are always a great idea, and I wish you all the best!

As there are now much more random wormhole wandering around than in the past even a C1 should have enough of them over an average week.

However the question is really, if a C1 is worth the efforts to setup a POS or citadel. Maybe a mobile depot is a good starter for you for refitting in case you just wanna run combat sites and hacking or archeological anomalies. You can easily run all the stuff in a C1 solo in an Assault Frigate, T3 Destroyer, or Faction Cruiser if you have proper skills.

Thanks for all the replies, this has given me a nice variety of opinion and advice. Much appreciated!

The idea behind a C1 is I thought I could run all sites, anoms, belts etc in about 3 ships total. I thought having a POS and only 3 ships in system is limiting my potential losses.

Why do C2’s seem more desirable than C3’s?

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A C2 with HS+C3 statics means you have access to an endless supply of C3 sites, while if you live in a C3 with HS static you’ll quickly run out of home sites, and you’re not guaranteed to have safe wanderings C3 connections.


start by living in a POS to see if you like it there, when thinking of setting a structure you need to lock the system down and keep it that way the whole time or as much as humanly possible this is when you need help. Fueling meh if you have money 2 / 3 trips in a occator will keep you fueled for a while but locking down a system alone is hard. you could always try it though. Me and a few friends split off from the alliance we were in and went to do our own thing=Living in WH’s. its gonna be rough but its doable just might turn into a job though so be prepared. P.S Im currently selling a C2 with a structure already there that has a HS and a C3 static. if interested pm me ingame.

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1 astra or a pos (without XL ship hangar!) in c1-c2 won’t attract attention… c1 with null static will have almost 0 visitors but logistics will be awkward

I’d look for something with c3 static (hs static- more neut traffic but super easy logistics) and get couple more like-minded people. I know you want solo but solo means if you take an eve-break or go on holidays, your stuff is very likely to be gone. With someone logging in periodically at least the structure will be fueled/ manned and some solo random won’t shoot down your stuff.

I’ve been that solo random on occasion :smiley:

For C1 and NS static:
Living in c1 means you cannot make isk by ratting sleepers, trying to Plantery Industry instead.
A NS static means its hard to find a quick way to HS (about twice a week before ccp increase wandering connection).

For POS and citadel:
Citadel consumes less fuel and is able to fit many service modules but more expensive and drop more loot.
POS consumes serveral times fuel but stronger (more stronger EWAR and auto-shoot) ,cheaper and no loot (move your stuff before the shield offline).
It’s difficult to summarize their difference in a few words, but if you just want to find a place where you can enjoy living without any disturbance (and dont need citadel’s service modules), as I think, POS is the best choice.

I used to live in a C3 with NS static for three months. Do PI, scan signature, wait for the refresh of signature, stare at my ship in a daze and get out of the NS static to have some fun (scan ded complex and finish it). That’s a wonderful memory for me.


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