Several problems seen tonight (updated)

First time ever, a mission wasn’t completable for me. Shipyard Theft (Guristas) the storage containers were not dropped, so couldn’t complete the mission. Also, the Storage Silo at the end was supposed to drop some good loot, but was not targetable (invulnerable).

Also, my wallet and inventory windows were somehow getting their sizes mixed together, as if they were the same window. I’d open inventory, and it would be the size and placement that my wallet used. I’d put it back the way it was supposed to be. Now if I closed it and opened the wallet, it was now the size and placement that the inventory was just set to. Never saw that before tonight.

UPDATE: tried mission again after downtime, same issue. Put in a ticket, they re-started my mission in just a few minutes. Great support!

For the other UI issue, somehow my wallet and inventory became two tabs in the same window. Is that a feature which has always been there? Anyway, not sure if I did that myself somehow, but I did drag the tab away, and now they are two separate windows again.

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