Several yachts or the way how to kill live in WH!

I want to raise a problem with overbalanced ship and mechanics which a killing live in WH.
From some time some huge alliances and players started to use new type of WH live ruining. Players bring in target WH system 10-15 Yahts some bombers and long range ships with cloak. So every time when people who live in this system try to explore static/WH, whis gang in several minuts close the hole.
In this case no way to catch such yahts and even if some way one yaht will be killed, it will not solve the situation.
Want to get information from CCP, what do they think about such nobalanced ship and such way of game play.

I understand that in WH no to much players but with such cheat way will be even less.
Players who tried to organise content and some PVP in such situation can do nothing.

If yahts will be ok so next logical step to change WH status from minus to +1. And lets crabs in WH just crab some money and put them under virtual pillow.


I’m just trying to understand what you’re saying and what’s going on (I know jack ■■■■ about wormholes).

  • Are you saying that players have found a way to roll holes that have no counter play options?
  • I’m not trying to be insulting here, but we frequently get people claiming that there are no counter play options to things that do indeed have counter play options. Moreover, explaining all the strats that don’t work will help build your case that a change needs to be made. So, with that in mind, what strats have you used, and why have they not worked?
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As You understood we live in WH. Lets see situation. So we have mainly static hole with mass ~3m. In our home live 10-15 Yachts with instant warp(bouble do not stop them). To target lock them mainly not posseble as they warp to hole in cloak and warp out less then 2 sec. Jump in hole and out with 100mn ±120 000 000(as they do not use higgs). that mean ±10 yahts will close hole max in 4-5 min.
If we try to scan static hole or move and do somthing in static so we have time max 2-4 min. after that hole mass will be on collapse.

In this case not possible to operate and resist. We tried to put drones near hole but one bomb and all drones killed. With ceptors and heigh scanlock not possible to catch. if we kill one yaht it is easy to bring it back as we cant monitor hole 24/7.
It is ok when t3 close hole and it is posseble to catch it. And also spends for such hole closing mean minimum risk to spend some sp for skills, but yahts with cove cloak and insta jump cost ±60m only no to much skills.

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I’m indeed not a fan of Yachts and the fact that they are a bubble-immune, covert cloaky AND cheap ship used for WH rolling without the ability to catch them.

Dont You see main problem? Structure timers the second question; but right now we are speaking about problem when one player(a lot of pilots have several windows in WH) kill live in system. Try to make logistic trip and You cant come back. In the end we all have limited pilots in wh.

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Support. huge problem with Yahts. WH not only fo crabs. Dont raise RMT!!!

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Yes, I suppose this is an issue killing WH activity - when people can do something with no risk. Trying to disrupt something in WH should come with an appropriate risk.

Yachts which cannot be caught by ANY means - are quite unfair. Perhaps if they were shuttle-sized that would be less annoying.

Also citadels which are extremely difficult to siege and destroy (invulnerability for many hours, but then self-repair automatically if no damage within 15 min - how’s that fair??)


Spend money in gama not fo RMT=)

explain some things i don’t understand please .
yacht is over 200 million in jita , you see them for 60 million ?
under 2 second warp needs faction i-stab 4 x 50 million isk , or implants .
powergrid using 2 T2 and 1 T1 ACR still requires implants .
yacht with 100mn active is 60 million kg. in my fitting screen .
looking on z-kill many such yachts are killed daily .
i sympathize with your problem , you are being denied income by non-combat ships … but they are not as cheap , or impossible to catch , as you describe .


For WH crabs who just crab isc, 500m for ship and 5b for such fleet in nothing. Yes 60 one way. so 10*2 ways 1.2m two times and hole near collapse.

надо просто запретить загрузку двух других окон аккаунта при логофнутой в космосе яхты )))


Delate 100ab from Yahts. Leave only 10ab))


Just roll them out, or pew pew when they do interrupt your activities.


Maybe You know the way how to roll them out)))))))))
Dont think that we do not to try it) They do not need to close hole just several time jump in out and thats all. We cant do anething, no mass.

typical nullsucker behavior, you’re not a wormholler, shame on you.

to ccp: if some mechanics aren’t being used by some people and when these people start to whine and yell instead of using it (like any regular goonswarm, tapi panfam etc. member :wink: ) , these mechanics shouldn’t be nerfed. it means only that it’s great and must stay in same conditions.

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Maybe you should be more careful who you piss off in eve, and you wont get a group autistic enough to seed you with 15 yachts and watch you 24/7? Just a thought!


If a group has more toons in your hole than you do, is it really your hole?


It is necessary to deprive them of the ability to collapse holes, reduce the mass to a frigate and let them jump to their hearts ’ content

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Of course you support, you live together in the same hole. In fact everyone posting in support on this thread lives with you.


This was my point at first. :smiley:

I’ve moved out from Tagon RX before even observing this yacht thing even once.

Thing is - EVE wormholes, and tbh nullsec too - have always been very much about being “autistic enough to seed you with 15 characters and watch you for hours on end”. And that itself is fine.
For better or worse, EVE mechanics reward… “persistence” (or autism, if you will :smiley: ) to a very large extent.

But, the thing is that with any other ships - there would be a decent chance to actually fight - which is what CCP encourages.
Also, with yachts - doesn’t take 15 characters. 5 would suffice, only they’ll roll the hole to a crit in 15, but 5 minutes…