Shareable Bookmarks: Alliance Bookmarks and More!

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I submitted a bug report for my shared-folder problems about 6 hours ago, but although it was acknowledged (EBR-186324) it hasn’t appeared in my Support Tickets yet. Is transferring bug reports to tickets a manual process, or has it got lost ?

Give the “Location” selection in the dropdown menu a yellow exclamation mark just like the “Repackage” selection. Might help with the flow of clicking and minimal impact.

No just remoove this “location”. This is my forum anniversary and the gift i want is this one :

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I’d rather see bookmarks a single menu, with identical entries from different sources collapsed into one entry.

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I don’t understand how this works, or it’s badly bugged.

First off I have a few alts who didn’t have any bookmark in the old system, now all of them can’t create any personal bookmark, the only selection available is create a corporation bookmark.

… and they can do it there! It shouldn’t be possible that random corp members can pollute the corporation bookmarks as they please.

I also checked, the corp forlder is under shared folders, not under the shared folder with admin privileges. So I took the “Folder information” menu voice for the corp bookmark folder.
It says that admin and manage acces are managed by the ACL “Location administrators” while Use and View access is from all the corp. Fair enough.
I then go check in the access list who is member of the “Location administrators”:
In the list there’s only the corp CEO as admin, nobody else. WTF?
Now, as a one player corp with many toons I’m pretty sure nobody messed up any settings because I avoided to even look into it up to now.

I’m probably too stupid to understand.

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If you suspect a bug, report it.

@CCP_Dopamine and @CCP_Lebowski

I have filed a Bug Report EBR-187944, which may or may not pertain, to the new bookmarking system.

I have discrepancies between the “My Locations” section on the old map and the “Systems I’ve Visited” section. Also, I have descriptions on those “questionable” bookmarks that apply to bookmarks made in different regions.

In a nutshell, I have bookmarks displayed under “My Locations” (on the old map) showing for systems the “Systems I’ve Visited” section tells me I’ve never been to, and I have bookmarks showing in Derelik, with descriptions for locations I bookmarked in Solitude.

I have documented this only for lowsec locations, so I don’t at the moment know if it occurs in other areas.

To sum up my difficulty, I know longer know, with any certainty, whether or not I have been to a system (that I may have only visited once), as my bookmarks, and the “Systems I’ve Visited” section on the old map no longer match 100 percent of the time…not to mention the “description” issue, which makes me wonder about the accuracy of the whole map/system.

Happy New Year, too. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know, I’m hoping it’s just my problem, too, cause this could be bad.

Returning player here

So how do I get my most important bookmarks back on the base context menu. being that in combat seconds count, and navigating sub menus is annoying and time consuming.

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I put all the important bookmarks for our wormhole into a separate folder & dbl click the folder.

You will then have a permanently open list to click on in a small panel - it’s faster than the context menu ever was.

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can somebody remind me what the shortcut was to get the screen you see below? @CCP_Lebowski mentioned it once, I think it was on reddit, as a workaround to not have to use the menu. I have forgotten how to get the menu on screen. Thanks in advance.


The answer is “L”.

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Thank you very much!

Actually, the answer is whatever the shortcut for Open Local Locations you want to be, which you may find in the ESC screen > Shortcuts > Window and is ‘L’ by default, but you may want to change to something else such as ‘Alt-L’, because the default one doesn’t work when the frontmost window accepts keyboard input.

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