Shareable Bookmarks: Alliance Bookmarks and More!

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I submitted a bug report for my shared-folder problems about 6 hours ago, but although it was acknowledged (EBR-186324) it hasn’t appeared in my Support Tickets yet. Is transferring bug reports to tickets a manual process, or has it got lost ?

Give the “Location” selection in the dropdown menu a yellow exclamation mark just like the “Repackage” selection. Might help with the flow of clicking and minimal impact.

No just remoove this “location”. This is my forum anniversary and the gift i want is this one :

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I’d rather see bookmarks a single menu, with identical entries from different sources collapsed into one entry.

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I don’t understand how this works, or it’s badly bugged.

First off I have a few alts who didn’t have any bookmark in the old system, now all of them can’t create any personal bookmark, the only selection available is create a corporation bookmark.

… and they can do it there! It shouldn’t be possible that random corp members can pollute the corporation bookmarks as they please.

I also checked, the corp forlder is under shared folders, not under the shared folder with admin privileges. So I took the “Folder information” menu voice for the corp bookmark folder.
It says that admin and manage acces are managed by the ACL “Location administrators” while Use and View access is from all the corp. Fair enough.
I then go check in the access list who is member of the “Location administrators”:
In the list there’s only the corp CEO as admin, nobody else. WTF?
Now, as a one player corp with many toons I’m pretty sure nobody messed up any settings because I avoided to even look into it up to now.

I’m probably too stupid to understand.

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