Sharpening The Renderer Feedback...Childhood

Beautiful Game…Simply Genius. Missed two small and very important abilities.

  1. Extreme Zoom in ships…: As if you can walk on it…and look at gun placements, walk the flexing wings or stand at the end of the ship (cormorant in mind) and look back at the cockpit , or ahead… etc. In childhood playing with toys all children are laying close to the toy cars or dolls…You can’t zoom in close enough. Surely one should be able too…alongside fixed camera…This could be newby error of perception…being able to look under the ship in dock…or having a number to look at at the same time in bays.

  2. Interior Of ships…In this day and age the bridge is an amazing thing to design with multiple points. Your current system is more of a HUD.(Heads Up Display). The design could and should be updated as I am sure you may have thought of the abilities of two or three players flying one ship at the same time a Star trek like bridge would be excellent for the ships. …

The renderer is going to be great, it would be legendary if the aforementioned items where developed too especially in the light of your direct competitors abilities.

Think childhood and how boys and girls played with their cars or planes or observe how “anoraks” (geeks in their field of passion- Slang) view their admiration, often up close nose to the object…That ability in the game to zoom that close into the ships would be…priceless.
Have a great day and thank you again for such a beautiful game,
Kisogo V11 Birthplace…


You do realise we are inside pods of goo plugged directly into the ship and therefor don’t need a bridge. Even if there were multiple pilots in one ship it would still not need a bridge. Also it would not need a bridge for the crew either as they would never need to go to one.

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The ships should still have bridges and all other manner of crew compliments. Capsuleers are not the only pilots that fly these ships in space. There are quite a few ships in the game that you can observe discernible bridges/cockpits on from the outside.

Whether or not we need to see the insides of these ships is another matter entirely. That goes back to the whole captains quarters/WIS discussion.


I want a couch in my pod then! :smile:

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About the new renderer, I love how sharp those details are going to look! I really enjoy looking at my ships and getting the feeling they’re actually there, flying in space, because of how good and how real they look. This new feature will make this even better!

On your points of feedback:

  1. Extreme zoom in ships:

You can zoom in in two ways (scroll and scroll + alt) and if you combine both we already have the ability to extremely zoom in.

I mean, my ships won’t even fit in my screen anymore and even my pod fills my entire screen at that point! As an example, take a look at a fullscreen image of my Imicus*:

  1. No thanks, we do not need to see the interior of ships.
    It’s useless for our gameplay and I would prefer if such development time is spent improving the graphics of parts of the game we actually use, such as ship exteriors. Or new sharpened renderers. :smiley:

*I didn’t clean it for years, it may be a bit dirty.


Its actually better when its dirty, the dirt is covering a bit its ugliness.


Am I the only one that sits and looks at every detail of a new ship, all the windows/large light orifices and looking to see if there Is the perfect location for a bridge… Example, thorax! So easy to imagine a bridge on that thing of beauty :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Ships in EVE do have bridges. It’s where the non-capsuleer crew do as they’re told to do, by us.


Thank you. Fly Safe…

Really appreciate the feedback. Thank You. Fly Safe…

Lol FlySafe…

Yep My screen just cleaned lol…Thank you Fly safe…

That would be brilliant lol with a deck view of the passing space…Thank you Fly Safe…

Aaah Okay…Will look it up. Thank you very much…Fly Safe…

Oh Yes… Just expanding the imagination zone…lol one day they could allow two capsuleer characters of yours on one ship which would expand the capabilities depending on training and selection of character at the time of action, just a thought…even if they were from different factions. Thank You for the feedback. Fly Safe…

No, go away.

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It is alright your loved too…lol

You’re not.

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That’s why you respond…lmao…

Would be nice to get walking in stations back, with avatar exploration. Interiors of ships included.

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