Shield Nullifier

Ah, my bad then !

Take a game that is fairly balanced, unbalance the game for no good reason and armor becomes OP. Now, damage from all sources must be increased to overcome the armor buff and shield ships go POOF the instant a fight starts since they are not balanced to the new ultra high DPS going around so CCP DEVs spend more time buffing shields so that they can withstand the new ultra DPS environment.

Now, lets review: armor, shields and DPS all buffed so essentially nothing actually changed, EXCEPT, this entire process of rebalancing is one the hardest things for DEVs to accomplish so 5-7 years of DEV time is wasted resulting in EVEs development being stagnant for 5-7 years.

Not only is this the single worst idea i have seen proposed in my 5+ years of playing EVE it is the single worst idea proposed for any video game i have ever seen or heard of in my entire lifetime and ive been playing video games since Pong was the only option.

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Thanks, that’s the best and most constructive comment I had on this topic !

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Maybe reduce the 25% down to a 17.5%? 25% seems pretty high, especially on marauders or hacs. Also, maybe have it buff cap recharge since the shield is basically gone. And also cannot be fit alongside both the reactive and the DCU, so either you get higher resists using both at the cost of an extra slot, or use the shield nullifier and receive 10% more tank from armour plates at the cost of less overall resistance.

The buff on cap recharge would be logical, since shields would cost even less. But I think it’ll be better if it’s a small bonus, like 5% on cap recharge time.

Concerning the DCU, yup, both cannot be fitted at the same time. About the RAH, is still don’t know if I consider it like a DCU and prevent it’s use.

You basically want a trimark rig combined with an EANM / DCU?

Urm, even if it eliminates the shield. This seems to be broken.

Can you do the actual math for some ships? Like the abbadon, Megathron and some navy versions (base HP is higher) because quite frankly, I think it’s either totally broken (OP) or doesn’t do much to begin with and could end up in being worse than the options (fit an EANM / Trimarks and get out with less calibration for the price of one free slot?

Keep in mind that shields are at least 10k EHP too and more if you face anything but EM.

Given that dcu’s give a huge ehp buff, there should be quite a large sweet spot where we can buff shield or armour ehp at the expense of shield and structure.

There may be edge cases like dual plated navy augurors and t3 cruisers that allow for larger ehp than now. That’s something to explore whether it’s ok or not.

Or maybe we just ditch the whole thing before someone gets funny ideas.

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Sounds like making this unit t1 exclusive might relieve balancing headaches, since that, if we consider it a huge buff, wouldn’t make those meta record setting fits your mentioning

Another option is that it does not completely eliminate structure resists. Merely it would add more weight into armour (or shield) at a smaller expense to structure.

I’m persisting with this because the damage control is an obligatory mod for almost any pvp fit. It would be great to have an alternative.

The DCU is mandatory not only in PVP, sadly. A low slot module that give a good boost to EVERY resist if EVERY layer of defense on a ship, is passive (no cap use) and cost almost nothing to fit is great for PVE, or even for Industrialist for the eHP boost.

You’ve been living under a rock since Pong. This is a bad and unbalanced idea but there have been thousands of worse ones :wink:

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Well, I’d like to ask for your help to improve that module, to make it less OP ^^

your not going to get any, the base concept is broken…

you are hardly ever going to find a ship in eve that benefits from duel tanking meaning that your proposed penalty of removing the shield tank is not at all a penalty. so since there is no penalty it can not give any substantial boost without being OP

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Got a good laugh at this post. :grinning:

Remember though that the comment says: “The single worst idea that I have seen”, and not, “The single worst idea that YOU have seen” and we have lived different lives. :wink:

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how have you not heard of EA?

Since i want this horrible idea to die and since you want the DCU to die, lets work together and both get what we want.

We zap the DCU out of existence.

Now we accomplish something that, at least in your opinion, is important for the game. It might lead to rebalancing work for DEVs but in the end a REAL benefit is had (the DCU is gone forever).

If CCP puts some form of his idea into the game all that rebalancing will just establish a new status quo were everything has been buffed, another garbage module entires the game, probably forever, the old garbage module (DCU) is still in the game and so after years of rebalancing we end up with TWO garbage modules in EVE with no actual problems solved.

p.s. For the record though, while i have at times had a DCU on fits for a short time, it really never stays in such fits for long before i realize that the DCU is a waste of a low slot. Know though that i respect your opinion that it is mandatory for whatever you use it for and do not doubt that you are correct in your opinion, i have added this addendum only to clarify my stance on the DCU.

Haha fair one. I have been out semantic’d :blush:

I’d be interested in the removal of the dcu or where such an idea may lead. Ccp already tried to reduce the power of the dcu when they buffed every ships structures resists to 33% (even ships that never fit a dcu. Wtf ccp?) but it didn’t go far enough.

they have already become far less of a mandatory item. I find that I now use them only about 60% of the time on solo shield ships and I never use them on shield ships if logi is involved