Ship/Cargo-Scan results also piped to scanned player

That was quick, I didn’t even have time to log off. What I said at the beginning:

For now, this is what I want.

I suppose I missed that. Okay. Why do you need result? You know what you have in your cargo lol. Cargo scanner shows the player scanning you everything you have in all holds, I think it even shows insides of a courier contract package.

The only explanation for why would you want this is that you are lazy to zoom in and watch your ship closely to spot you are being scanned by your own eyes and you want this info being for free on a silver platter.

Yes; because right now I only know of a few of the bots (picking on scan-bots at the moment, to keep the serving size small).

I could actually care less if a player scans the boat – I want to test repeatable routes, and hope to identify to my own satisfaction and so separate the players from the bots. Nothing to do with ‘lazy’ and everything to do with reducing the size of the ‘guess.’

edit add: You see the problem, 1) you don’t know if the scan was successful, only that there was an attempt, 2) you do not know if it was a ship-scan or a cargo-scan. Without all the info, you have nothing, and if I have a problem I want to take up with CCP in need the info, not a vague list of guesses. A ‘ping’ does not cut it.

How will this help you identify whether the player is bot or not? I haven’t heard of scan bots. Not saying it is not possible of course and that activity really kinda begs for it to be botted, but I haven’t even thought of it.

I don’t think you tried the other methods to see if they are bots or not. But the problem here is that even if this part of the gank is really botted, the player behind this is definitely at his keyboard (as he is going to ready the gank fleet with that info - unless again we assume the whole gank isn’t automated) anyway so there is no proof.

But yeah I think I think of a way to get kinda solid proof that scanning pilot is botting. Yet I didn’t think of any way how would a popup window with my cargo helped that. So I guess it is “get better in EVE” as always.

I agree, I can always get better. I am happy with how I am doing now, but like many others, tired of seeing friends leave out of disappointment and disgust. Eve is a great game but it needs work, and right now lends itself more every year to those willing to purchase and use 3rd party automation.

The pop-up window, or a static-window, no difference; it would give the repetition and timing of the “player” in question. I cannot think of a better way right now then a mechanism which will work through repeated testing. Bots like repetition, people get bored.

That’s about it.

Again you can see the scanning being done against you. If it is cargo scanner. Nobody is “afk” at gate with ship fit scanner and surely nobody has a bot capable of flying around whole region, warping to belts and anomalies and fit scanning ships over and over until he gets whole fit and then sending it into chat channel.

So, if you want to see whether he scans you again when he already scanned you, then you need to learn how to find out you are being scanned which is visible and thus possible without game telling you automatically. But I wouldn’t call that a definite proof although it would be definitely good to know and use with other proofs you can get. And the bot might be smart coded enough to not scan you again anyway if you jump gate out and in again - so inconclusive.

There, here is an example of how to identify a bots. Hope it gives you some ideas.

How do you know they are a bot?

Also if it bothers you, gank them :smiley:

What about a module, Scan Sniffer, this module hacks and reports on any scan attempt on the ship.

SO now you have to use a module slot to get the same information that your opponent needs to use a module slot to get.

Good morning;

I didn’t think of that, suspect there’s a built-in bias in my mind against any more modules in this game. Not to say it is not a reasonable idea. To be honest, I don’t feel the cargo-scanner was ever a good idea from any point of view but of automation’s, but ship-scanning does have real uses. So from where I am standing now, giving everyone a built-in head’s-up tool is the way to go. Word spreads fast in Eve via Local and forum, and the effects of such information being available should go a long ways towards and identifying and suppressing that problem. And as Vokan pointed out, as you already know what was in your ship, and now the scanner knows, the alert itself is not even an arguable issue unless by one making a living off it.

Most players feel strongly about balance within a game, and games I’ve followed spent/spend a lot of time wrestling with it. Sooner or later CCP has to address the player field, which is terribly uneven now, with a minority in wholesale cheating, another minority refusing to do so, while the majority appears to me to come and go every couple of years like a tide with most never really even suspecting the problem. CCP made the problem and CCP can fix the problem if they choose.

You carebears completely ignore the fact that the cargo scanning is visible.

OP is a troll and likely a botter who wants free intel so his bot can dock automatically while he is not controlling his PC. That is all this is about.

This Right here- I have multiple toons and accounts, I do the NPEs and run around like a dumbass with my noob chars and nothing ever happens. But when I’m on my main(s) … well good to know I’m not the only one who has fallen asleep and woke up in station. tl;dr it’s my fault pretty much always when my ship goes boom, I can accept that.

And you ignore the fact that when traveling you are on a gate for mere moments (if lucky) and you have no way of knowing 1) if you were even the target among multiple possibilities, 2) if the attempt was successful, and 3) who it was for sure as by then you are already through the gate already looking for the next scanner. All you know when it’s said and done is nothing.

The ‘free-intel’ angle did not occur to me, but if scan-botters dock because of it, then while it’s not as decent as getting rid of them entirely, then it is still a good start. As for being a troll; I did know before I began the post that for every one decent exchange, there would be 10-20 crap ones. So a dedicated campaign to decide I’m a troll could have some basis, even though a totally collateral one and far from the intention.

With respect to the loot-bot link you patched in; that was actually what finally pushed me over the edge when I came across it a little while back. I had not even known of the loot-bots until a week or two ago, but yeah, it was the ‘straw’. I did send a reply in-game either last night or this morning, don’t recall, to your forum toon’s mailbox, not feeling some of it was appropriate in forum.

If you really believe I am a botter, then report me – not hiding in a city amidst hundreds if quad-4 addresses, but out in the boonies in Alaska. doubt there’s anyone within a mile of me in this game, so should take CCP but mere moments to audit connections from the area and give you your answer.

Nobody trusts anybody in Eve, and they shouldn’t – nearly the first thing I learned. If you are happy paying a subscription to be bought and sold, there’s nothing for it. If you aren’t, then you should be looking for new CCP sponsored tools to aid you in your own game, and this section of the forum is one of the few venues.

Good luck.

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Oh my god this hurts my eyes. I told you several times that cargo scanning is visible and you refuse to learn it ingame and claiming complete bullcrap about how it is not possible. Learn EVE please before you start suggesting anything. Or at the very least learn the mechanics/aspect of the game you are suggesting against/for.

So again.


IT IS ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL AND IT SHOWS ALL ITEMS IN ALL CARGOHOLDS. (or nothing if the ship is immune to scanning)


Get fking better.


No, now I think you are a troll or worse – didn’t before.

You keep running with specific narratives which I’ve already said are not the point. Without a dedicated window with time, name and location to copy/paste from, there is no way to gather enough intel quickly enough while traveling, to accuse a player/corp of botting. Yes ship/cargo scanning is visible, don’t recall anybody saying it wasn’t. Lets say you even catch the soft ding of a scan – which one was it? Not interested in ship scans after all. …Or maybe it was both? Still no way to tell. You show too much interest and somebody shuts their bots up, so it all has to be amassed on the fly.

As for scanning always being as easily visible as the scanner; that used to be nearly always the case. But with these cool new obnoxious warp sounds and sometimes glaringly bright backgrounds in many locations, and don’t forget the bugged object flashing, it all isn’t so quickly obvious any more. Information one used to have is being drowned out in background noise and clutter.

If you are honest then you know this thing, if you are not, then not hard to guess where you are coming from.

That is absolutely false on so many levels that I am now almost certain that you are running a hauler bot(s) and you just want this feature for your bots to dock up when scanned automatically because it is impossible to automate this information as it needs an actual human eye to recognize.

0/10 I am done here.

Outstanding, feel the same way.

If you get bored one day, check out some of the automation in the 300-odd entries in the first link I sent, and tell me how many needed a human eye. Though as you haven’t acknowledged it yet, the first conclusion one is forced to draw, is that it is because you are already thoroughly familiar with the bot ‘utilities’ in question.

Meanwhile I will continue to mission, mine, and p.i. until sub finally runs out in early Nov then be on my way and leave you to it.

Ah so you’re quitting. Yea, then all your ideas are invalid :smiley:

You should have said that from the outset and saved us all time LOL.

Although the char name should have tipped me off…


If a pilot is AFK, that’s their choice. That choice includes missing things that go on around them. Things like being scanned. When you’re scanned, there’s a visible line between the ship scanning and the target. It’s there for you to see, if you’re looking.
If you choose not to look, so be it.
What we don’t need is additional mechanics or pop-ups or code to make up for those who choose to ignore what’s going on right in front of them.


The is already an audio queue that alerts you that someone is scanning. And a visual indication that tells you the target of the scan.

This just requires you not to be tabbed out. Or to learn how to haul to prevent ever having a worthwhile scan.

But… that requires paying attention

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