Ship design - general design

Spaceship design is a delicate matter as you have to consider several factors such as race semiotics, ergonomics, dreadfulness and above all LOGICAL DESIGN.

by far the most beautiful ships can be the Amarr empire ships, they make sense in a engineering perspective (some of em at least), they are true to the lore the race plays, and they look elegant, but come on having spikes (sansha) all over the ship or HUGE head like frames like the Dominix … it looks like a shoe! …it just doesn’t make sense, makes me feel the gallente designers want it the american way (big, expensive, bulky and ugly) or how about the Hyperion REALLY? engines HAD TO BE IN THE MIDDLE?

Engines mounted on pods well off the axis amidships on gimbles would logically give the best performance for actually steering the ship… And the battery on the front with a minimized forward profile makes a lot of sense.

Dominix gives near maximum internal volume for a given quantity of hull plating.

Sansha ships make sense if they need an axis of “x” for a component and are relying almost totally on shields.

The model which actually bugs me at the battleship level the hyperion and derivatives. The split hulls would add several kinds of annoying complexity in almost every way.

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I mean, it’s a fictional video game mate, set in a fictional universe at a fictional timeline using largely fictional science.

I for one appreciate the very varied ship designs in EVE, it’s not just some cookie cutter ship copied and pasted everywhere.


Could be done for intimidation purposes. I mean, I don’t think this samurai armor needs wingy bits and a mustache.

Tell me which one looks more realistic and beautiful. Of course it is Domi!


Gallante blobs are nothing like american cars were WHEN THEY CARED

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Personally, I like Trig cruisers, probably why I have 10 of them. On the whole I’ve never found Amarr ships to be that appealing. Although, I do have a load of Amarr ships as the only weapons my main can use are disruptors, lasers, missiles and drones. What people like and dislike will be different for individuals.

The problem you have is you are trying to limit yourself to the current level of human understanding.

If a cube and sphere work for the Borg, I think almost anything works.

Imicus and catalyst should be redesigned.

Amazing front bumper, that - a brilliant tool for mowing-down small children when it (inevitably) skids onto the pavement and hits a bus-queue outside a school.

Very pretty car though…

Why would you drive such a piece of art on a city street? You Sir are a philistine

And I will be charging those vermin’s parents for the valet job Ill need done after they threw themselves on its mercy.

Not entirely philistine - my RL everyday car is a 20-year-old Mazda MX5 (Miata to the yanks). I’ve had it for 16 years now, and I still sometimes catch myself just gazing at it, admiring its beauty…

Lucky you - out here in the wilds the only things I have for target practice are squirrels and the occasional badger.

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