[Ship Design] Precursor Drifter Shipline and Modules

(Trespasser) #21

These sound pretty good but i don’t like ships that are balanced around over heat.

But if you were going to do that my suggestions would be to give all mods on these ships like 2-3x the HP so they can overheat more and then give these ships a special bonus - when mods are not currently being overheated, they passively repair without the need of paste.

This would make far more interesting gameplay then having to take a cargo full of paste with you.

(Kibitt Kallinikov) #22

The style of your writeup is very professional, but… I decided to see how fast you wanted these things to go and ‘stunningly mobile’ doesn’t do your Charyb justice, he’s going fast enough to go backwards in time. It’s broken to the point where you run down Snaked Garmurs with T2 afterburners + heat.

Dramiel is 460m/s with 950,000kg and agility mod of x3.1. The Charyb has 522m/s with 748,000kg and agility mod of 2.685, which is faster than the pre-nerf Dramiel, as well as more agile.

We’re talking about speeds for the Charyb along the lines of 1976m/s with a T2 afterburner and a 28m sig. It would align insanely fast ~1.88s before fittings, 3.14s with T2 AB active. Let’s move on to the overheat bonus while we’re at it…

+50% overheat bonus to ABs per level means +250%, or 3.5x heat bonus. ABs have 1.5x heat bonus so that’s 5.25x effectiveness. You would go 7600m/s with a T2 afterburner. Forget MWDs you won’t need them outside of gimmicks IMO. Just fit two ABs if you want that speed constantly because you can repair one while heating the other thanks to the bonuses that make mods repair super fast and heat slowly.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #23

Hah @Kibitt_Kallinikov , that’s a very fair criticism - the speed of the frigate may need a bit of a tune-down, you bring up some good points. I’ll look into some of those numbers as well :slight_smile:

And @Trespasser, the reduction to heat damage taken by modules already helps with their function a lot - it ends up being slightly less of a reduction than a max skilled Strategic Cruiser with the subsystem that further reduces heat damage - take a look at how that performs with heated modules. Further increasing ease-of-heat would end up becoming too much imo - and as for paste, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with successful micromanagement of heat and repairs, making that passive would make heat management too easy

(Jinx Revelation) #24

This is a great idea. Full support from me.

(Kibitt Kallinikov) #25

Yeah, it’s all complicated and I’m not sure the order of the calculation for your heat bonus. I assumed the route of 1.5 x 3.5 = 5.25 which is very different from 1 + (0.5 * 3.5) = 2.75 which would get around 4291m/s with a T2 AB. Granted, that is still extremely fast considering a Succubus with a-type AB, heated, with 2 OD’s and a Nano only goes 3992m/s, and inties only go around 4km/s with MWD before fittings.

My advice is that these ships should really thrive on their overheat bonus, outlasting them long enough should mean they aren’t able to disengage easily, so if you keep the OH bonuses strong I would make sure that their base velocity in particular is slightly lower than average. Also consider making the AB overheat bonus weaker than the MWD one - closing crazy distances quickly could become their MO, while slipperiness can stick to Sansha ships.

Great work and I look forwards to chewing over the weapon stats if I have the time :slight_smile:

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #26

Hm, thinking about it, it could potentially work really well to only have the overheat bonus apply to the weapons and MWDs, excluding ABs altogether - that’d really solidly relegate them to a different niche than sansha ships, and match well with the whole idea of them making heavy secondary use of their warp drives.

edit: yeah, I think I’ll do exactly that, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

(TehCloud) #27

Great Ideas so far. Hope CCP offers you a job position soon :smiley:

(Amak Boma) #28

idea is fantastic but in pulsar type wormholes will cause huge mess i.e fleet of those will easily shred even t3 cruisers and outshoot anything else.even single “player” drifter BS will be capable of taking out few t1/t2 ships or even t3. in my opinion its bit overpowered

(Erin Endo) #29

Great work!

(Michael Austren) #30

I support this!

(Onslaughtor) #31

Good stuff Uriel. I agree with them being too fast on their base speed, and being pure mwd mad overheat bonus being their thing.

Drifter ships might also be a good space to play around with hybrid prop mods. Mwds that act as normal but once scrammed slow down to a weak AB speeds but still give you a significant bloom and take the same amount of cap.

Anyway good stuff.

(DeadDuck) #32

Yes please.

(Muffin Puncher) #33

this is actually better than an official blog post, both in design and in layouting of the post, which probably should’ve given away that it’s not official.

(Slayer Liberator) #34

No a probably 1b+ BS taking out a few t1/t2 ships is fine

(Villiam Kaardanen) #35

i endorse this product or service even if its omega clone exclusive.

(Venara Achasse) #36

The ships look and sound super cool already! It’s going to be a few years before I can ever get into one, but I’m looking forward to it!

(Dalek Sarat) #37

Excellent work, i want this!

(Lord Xiskogen) #38

Your numbers is insane. And instead of feeling proud of making all this, you should be ashamed because you don’t know ■■■■ about balance, which says a lot about you.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #39

What about them is insane? Gimme some numbers or calculations to work with here~

The entire idea this is moving towards is making the ships able to close large distances very well, but not remain slippery - it’s highly inadvisable to keep a MWD overheated for very long, and the turrets themselves are designed around that bonus, making them less-than-ideal when not overloaded :slight_smile:

(Jurius Doctor) #40

I 99% support this. My only concern is that the Hyperwarp Diffuser would have to act like a siege array in the sense that while active, the ship using it cannot receive fleet assistance and cannot initiate warp. Meaning, you get extra buff, but you also risk losing your ship. I would also limit fitting of it to the Battleship.