[Ship Design] Precursor Drifter Shipline and Modules

(Jurius Doctor) #41

Ad hominem attacks don’t belong here. Offer constructive feedback or keep it to yourself. He’s obviously put a lot of work into this, and complaining without offering constructive critique is just bitching.

(Dark Engraver) #42

The drifter propulsion is rather exotic for what we have or know why not just introduce a propulsion module specific for them instead and keep the speed values close to what else we got now from other ships

Wormhole Incursions For Drifter Ships
(Hakiri Saisima) #43

100% support the development of the drifter ship tree

(Kahanis Inkunen) #44

I have only had a cursory glance on the ship stats, but the frigate feels extremly strong in 1v1 fw-like duels. The doomsday feels like an instant “i win” button, capable of alpha-ing a fw active tanked succubus, and removing more than a half of a fw worm’s ehp.
EDIT: Actually, wow, the doomsdays are stupidly OP. A battleship t1 dd does ~230k damage. A bhaaltec bhaalgorn gets 220kehp. A faction dd does 0.5mil damage. Even pre-nerf fleet machs had a hard time reaching that ehp.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #45

Yeah, the base damage stat is quite high, but the idea is to balance it by tracking and otherwise application - I may reduce it even more, but the tracking on each one is equal to that of an totally unbonused/unskilled beam laser of the same size.

Of all things though, I definitely agree the HWD needs to be the most carefully curated - and beyond that, who’s to say how easy it’d be to get the ISV Lattices to fire them? My main idea for those is that they’d drop only occasionally from actual Drifter NPC ships, making the supply based on people taking more of a risk :slight_smile:

(Kahanis Inkunen) #46

The dd still seems super OP to me. For starters, you wont see anyone using the tech 1 dd, sunce the faction one is almost 2x better. A more reasonable number would be to make the faction dd 1.3-1.4x better than base. Additionally, the large dd can lose half of it’s damage, and still alpha a fleet battleship, and those tend to have much more buffer than “elite solo pvp”, active tanked ones.
And dont try to balance the gun around ammo costs, it have never worked in eve.
TL;DR: The dd is a “delete ship” button and needs to be nerfed hard.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #47

It’s not about ammo cost, it’s about supply - if only Drifters (that have a DD, so no Arithmos) dropped the ammo, combined with the consumption item being a hefty 100m3 per charge, it can’t be produced en masse & definitely won’t be everywhere :stuck_out_tongue: And to get to the Storyline DD, you’d need the equivalents of training a very high multiplier spec skill to V - I am gonna mess with numbers more on them in particular, though.

(Kahanis Inkunen) #48

Titans are too expensive, there wont be more than a few.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #49

Big differences between production cost and literal limit of supply :slight_smile:
None of this is balanced by cost, only by availability and effort

(Nophor Shevalske) #50

I support this.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #51

hey @Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci

now i had time to read everything 2 times and i read the sheet you posted as a link with full stats

interessting idea but i think its total out of banance to the rest of the game
ok Drifters are out of the game balance but when you make it available to the player not only NPCs you need to balance it otherwise everyone would use this ships/modules and you waste all the other stuff

i think its a nice beginning but it still needs a lot of work


(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #52

Balancing Drifter ships and tech into player hands was exactly my intent here - what specifically stands out to you as being out-of-balance with EVE, so much that players would begin to only use these ships and modules? I really enjoy hearing others’ perspective on these concepts; knowing the particulars of what people think will and won’t work helps immensely when iterating on them~

And thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:

(JuuR Zibaoo) #53


hmm where to start

i guess the Ship Bonuses are too much … if you have all skills on level 5 (example the overheat bonus) you will take very low damage on overheating but a huge bonus for damage and microwarp drives (was the afterburners included or not … i thought it was … sorry)

you take low overheat damage with the right skills and the ship bonus but you also get a bonus on reparing damage on the modules so theats an extra benefit

its out of banance to multi bonus 1 single thing … ok it happens in other things too but not that high … its lower damage when overheating or faster repair for overheated modules but not both (i guess you will not need the repair bonus toooooo often but anyways)

if you combine skills and the ship bonuses it looks really out of balance

the weapons range is a interessting thing for me too
first i just would call the weapons light, medium and heavy but thats just a personal thing … i dont understand why its not that everywhere (MISSILES!!!) but thats not criticism thats only my thing
for a bit range n the frig you need the storyline weapon anyways (with storline ammo) … anything else is a short range very fast killer … no chance to get him with the bonuses microwarpdrive he has … i guess i could take out many subcap ships with not getting a hit … this ship is only for PVP … i cant imagine any other use

cruiser and battlehips looks better on that thing but i cant see a use for the cruiser outside of a PVP suituation too …
the battlehips has nice range and everything but i think that the Hyperwarp Diffusers is a very huge bonus in PVP but a nice concept … 2 shield layers … yea why not … would need a ne 4 layer view but that should be easy …
i am not sure if it is not a bit too much power on the shields with this Hyperwarp Diffusers … that would need some testing and calculations but it feels interessting

i am not sure what i should use the battleship for but frig and cruiser are a PVP only thing

it sounds very interessting but some of this is too much if you count bonuses and skills a player have … it needs some things here and there … the concept is cool


(Lord Xiskogen) #54

Well for starters having a frigate run 4k with afterburner is sick, and should have been understood by anyone looking at this with first glance. Then if u turn it to being only applied to MWD, then even if u pull down all the numbers it will easily reach 10k m/s. That is also 100% overpowered.

(Slayer Liberator) #55

You mean like the Succubus?

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #56

You mean an a-type deadspace nano Succubus??

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #57

Important to note that the AB bonus has been nixed altogether - and even if it hadn’t, these bonuses only apply when overloading - if you aren’t, the prop mods are just the same as on any other ship using them, and your DPS becomes average at best

(Bluplr Kaze) #58

+1 I support this

(Lukett MyDabb) #59

the doomsday should just recharge the shield with the target break, and have a cooldown before being able to be fired again. it should also have the skill requirements of any siege module since that is exactly what the doomsday functions as.

(Zander Exvirus) #60

I would like this to be a wormhole based thing as well? Maybe raiding drifter hives or something. Maybe make wormhole incursions a thing?