[Ship Design] Precursor Drifter Shipline and Modules

(Nico Boru) #61

I like this idea a lot.

Make it cap hungry. Can only fire DD when you have, say, 75% cap and it uses 75% of that to fire it. And I support the BS only being able to fit the DD.

(Zander Exvirus) #62

@Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci what do you think?

(Dom Arkaral) #63

how did I not see this,

I approve of this

and this even more :smiley:

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #64

@zander_exvirus I’m not so sure about an incursion-style obtainment, but it’s got some fun ideas~

I’m actually in the process of putting together a large-scale expansion proposal including these ships, which includes all of the extant precursor races as well as the Directorate - that’ll be coming sometime in the not-too-distant future~

Also, in preparation for that, I’m adjusting the bonuses of the Drifter ships:

Precursor Ship Skill bonuses per skill level:
50% bonus to Warp Lance and Microwarpdrive overload bonuses
7.5% reduction to Heat Damage taken by modules

Role Bonuses:
150% bonus to damaged module repair amount per second
Can fit (size) Warp Lance and (size) Hyperwarp Diffuser


Precursor Ship Skill bonuses per skill level:
50% bonus to Warp Lance and Microwarpdrive overload bonuses
50% bonus to damaged module repair amount per second

Role Bonuses:
Can fit (size) Warp Lance and (size) Hyperwarp Diffuser
Can repair heat damage to modules that have taken 100% damage

Removing the heat damage reduction completely (with that role moving to Sleeper ships), instead granting them a strong bonus to the repair speed of burned out modules and allowing them to initiate nanite repairs on burned-out modules. However, repaired modules will still have to be manually onlined following repair in-space, making this type of repair undesirable during combat and encouraging careful heat management.

Look forward to the full expansion proposal as it evolves~

(Zander Exvirus) #65

cool beans

(Alessa Khan) #66

now that you mention 3rd empire Jove in that proposal. will you include all the known Jove ships in it? seeing that they were planned to be one of the main factions in the game they have a much larger amount of ships than the Drifters or the Triglavs.

i think it was 2 frigates (Spectre and Wraith), 1 industrial (Visitant), 1 cruiser (Phantom) and the Eidolon battleship that is their most iconic vessel.

also, have you considered the Talocan ships too? allthought im not sure on how much models were avaliable for them but i think they had frigate, destroyer, cruiser and battleship models. derelicts of course but at this point they should have some way to be repaired, explored and replicated.

taking in account they were the creators of the Anoikis. it wouldnt surprise me if they somehow had some kind of bonus to Microjumpdrives, Microjump Field Generators and their ships had some kind of special jumpdrive themselves. perhaps they would make for the first jump capable non T2, non cloak, non capital ships. heck, i would even dare to say that they may have had non beacon reliant jumpdrives.

(Cpt WhiteEye) #67

+4. I was expecting this instead of the Triglavians.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #68

It may seem a bit much, but I’m putting together frigate, cruiser, and battleships (complete with bonuses and some new features & modules) for the Sleepers, Takmahl, Talocan, Yan-Jung, Directorate, and Drifters in this - I might want to include other Directorate ships in another way as well, but the starting base is the baseline for each~

As for Talocan ships, you can bet on them having some interesting mechanics attached to them :slight_smile:

(Alessa Khan) #69

ohhhhh that makes me moist! :open_mouth:


That sure is a lot of wasted effort making something CCP will not be putting into the game.

Suggestion: next time make a post based on things in the game, so that at least they have a remote chance of going somewhere.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #71

Even if it amounts to nothing, I have fun coming up with and writing out these sorts of things - I wouldn’t call it wasted effort if I’ve enjoyed it, plus it serves as practice for stuff I’d like to eventually do professionally :slight_smile:

On the other hand though, CCP has taken action on suggestions before - who’s to say posts like these couldn’t provide them with a little inspiration, somewhere down the line~?


Exactly my point, starting from something in the game and asking for CCP to tweak it some are the types of suggestions that are most likely to get follow through from CCP.

Of my own merits:

  1. Helped get mods added to freighters (basically it was just me and one other guy wanting mods on frieghters and every bittervet playing the game not wanting freighters with mods, fortunately CCP gave us mods and being a freighter pilot is now far more interesting and versatile game playing option than it was before).

  2. I fought alone to get more target locks added to exhumers and barges and guess what, the bittervet crowd was out in full force again fighting the change but CCP came through and miners now enjoy a more pleasant mining experience.

  3. I helped with one other thing that was eventually added to the game but i cannot remember what it was at the moment but if i do remember i’ll update the post.

The point here again is to ask for change to existing mechanics rather than asking for an ‘exhaustive’ lineup of ships to be added to the game and then prescribing exactly what those ships characteristics should be, it ties up CCPs hands and makes it extremely unlikely that they will come through with the change you seek since you leave them no wiggle room to change the ships for balancing issues or issues related to where CCP wants to take EVE.

A better way to present this would have been to present that you felt that a drifter line of ships should be added to the game and supply a loose idea of what you wanted and why. This approach on getting something that doesnt exist in the game to actually reach the discussion table in Iceland is far more likely to succeed.

It goes without saying that if you have fun with this type of exercise, then enjoy yourself but again if you are seeking real change i suggest a change of tactic to get things done in-game.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #73

I like your examples, and those changes have certainly brought something more to EVE~ As for my own justification, CCP’ers have said here and there that they’d like to bring in Drifter ships eventually - and with the new Precursor designation, they’re certainly looking at them for the future :slight_smile:

Also, another edit to the post: I’ve watered down the turret variants, changing the ammo from tech I + II + Storyline to tech I and II, where tech II ammo may be used by tech II turrets as well as with the Storyline turrets (Lux Kontos, etc.), which now act as high-skill-req psuedo-faction tech II guns.

(Cpt WhiteEye) #74

Frindly bump from someone who wants to see a lot of new ships.

(Cameron Lytle) #75

I support this for a actual ship line, BECAUSE CCP KNOWS They are ganna add this

(Mina Sebiestar) #76


The rest is cabbage.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #77

I mean the Drifters certainly aren’t the Directorate, they’re very different from each other in function - I’m working on the Wraith, Phantom, and Eidolon in another vein though, stay tuned for that~ :slight_smile:

(Sepheir Sepheron) #78

No enough kitey nonsense please

(elitatwo) #79

Uriel did it again :slight_smile:

Sounds very interesting but expensive. Though, I would play the hell out of it on SiSi and fiddle around with them. +100

(Sovauthority Sov-Rus) #80

Wow after seeing the OP here I immediately deleted my post “Let’s expand the Precursors” as I am amazed at the design and thorough thought in this post. My suggestion was to add Ancient Ships and I also layed out ideas for it, but I’m nowhere near as pro at formatting or balancing ideas as how the OP did it. I fully support this. Nevertheless, I’ll still paste my original thread before I ran into this thread:

"Abyssal Expansion added the Precursor Tab in the Market. We took the Triglavian’s technology!
We have reversed-engineered Drifter Technology into Entosis Technology.
We have explored countless WormHole’s since 2009 discoveries of Ancient Sleepers.
We have entire [COSMOS] sites dedicated to researching Precursor Artifacts and Ruins. We have their Skill Books!
We have even found Talocan Ships and Designs in Wormhole Space… but we haven’t reverse-engineered their technology? [http://www.tigerears.org/images/dtc_deserted_talocan_cruiser.jpg ]

I propose we expand the Precursor Tab and add new Frigate, Cruiser, and Battlecruiser class Vessels of the Sleepers, Talocan, Yan Jung, and Takmahl races.

I understand this is not an easy feat to accomplish, especially with balancing issues, but this would add so much to our variety of ship arsenals and continue to evolve our PVP and PVE experiences. Based on the Description’s of the Ancient’s Skill Books, I have slight propositions of what the attributes of these ships can be. They don’t have to be overpowered. Just something to switch it up once in a while when doing battles.

I will attempt at creating the role bonuses and abilities of the ships, but without a doubt many of you will figure out much better ship roles and bonuses, so feel free to list them in a reply if you like the idea of having these ships.

The Talocan were masters of Spatial manipulation and Hypereuclidean Mathematics.

  • Talocan ships:
    Requirements: Caldari Frigate 5, Precursor Frigate 5, & Talocan Technology 3.
    Bonuses: 5% bonus to Turret Tracking (Mathematics)
    7.5% bonus to Optimal and Falloff Range.
    Role Bonus: 100% Decreased Signature Radius (Spatial Manipulation causes targeting haywire). 25% Reduced Micro Jump Drive Fatigue.

The Sleepers were masters of virtual reality, neural interfacing and cryotechnology.

  • Sleeper ships:
    Requirements: Minmitar Frigate 5, Precursor Frigate 5, & Sleeper Technology 3.
    Bonuses: 5% bonus to missile velocity. (VR)
    7.5% bonus to Implant Secondary Effects. (Neural Interfacing)
    Role Bonus: 100% Increase in Drone Velocity -or- Damage -or- Health -or-Range

The Yan Jung nation possessed advanced gravitronic technology and force field theories.

  • Yan Jung ships:
    Requirements: Gallente Frigate 5, Precursor Frigate 5, & Yan Jung Technology 3.
    Bonuses: 5% bonus to Shield Capacity (Force Field Theories)
    7.5% bonus to Shield Booster
    Role Bonus: 100% decrease in mass attained by modules -or- resistance to ECM -or- PI boost (whatever Gravitronic means).

The Takmahl nation excelled in cybernetics and bio-engineering.

  • Takmahl ships:
    Requirements: Amarr Frigate 5, Precursor Frigate 5, & Takmahl Technology 3.
    Bonuses: 5% bonus to armor recovery (biological nanites repairing)
    7.5% bonus to booster enhancement.
    Role Bonus: 100% increase in Implant Secondary Effects…

I know I really did a bad job for the Bonuses and Roles of the Ships. The reason I added the Empires as a requirement for use was based on where their ruins can be found. Otherwise the skill requirements can be polished greatly too considering the Technology skills are for manufacturing. But I’m sure as a community we can make this work as non-overpowered, fair ships, with designs I can’t even begin to imagine (except for Sleepers and Talocan, their designs I can imagine lol, but would still be super awesome).

What do you guys think? Should we bring the Derelict Ships found in WH Space back home, reverse-engineer it, modernize it, and use their ancient abilities for our Capsuleer gain!? Feedback appreciated."

I would LOVE to see a set of Ancient and Drifter Tech Trees and Ship Lines. It would be fun to just even fly them around at the very least, and have them participate in PVE and PVP at the most! I really really hope CCP chooses at least one, if not all sets of Ancients and Drifters to add to our arsenals.

Edit: Turns out I don’t have permission to delete my forum post. I apologize. I did not mean to spam or anything. Just really want community support for new ships.
However, though I understand it is for balance purposes, since the Drifter Battleship “Argo” doesn’t use a propulsion system currently understood by Capsuleer Technology, and it’s small and very agile, I would personally suggest bumping the Ship Warp Speed to 2.5 Au/S for more realism purposes. It could be a Battlecruiser - Battleship Hybrid.