Ship maintenance bay for black ops

I wanted to pass along an idea I’ve had for a while now. Now there is going to finally be a faction black ops I couldn’t think of a better time.

A small ship maintenance bay for the Marshal and/or blockade runners. This would be similar to the Nestor and give the ability of black op gangs to refit while deep behind enemy lines with out having to go through the trouble of anchoring a mobile depot which is a bit impractical.

You realise the Marshal is a limited ship right? You can only get so many of them before they stop showing up at all and it is exactly supposed to work as a “jack-of-all-trades” ship, like the Marshal’s smaller brothers, the Pacifier and Enforcer.

Costs are going through the roof because of the fact there will be few of them, for now only people that got both Fanfest and EvE Vegas tickets will get it this Winter, later on it will be part of Project Discovery.

Now if CCP decides to eventually make a LP store for CONCORD and add the BPCs there, then we would see a price drop eventually because the ships compared to their own category are average at best, I suppose it would kinda feel like buying an SoE ship. But I doubt the ship maintenance bay will happen. The CONCORD ships don’t even have drone bays.

This is wrong, it’s a special ship, not a limited ship. The difference is that special ships they can release again or create reliable in game ways to get them.

I love the idea of having that bonus applied to other ships because it’s very useful, but not enough to make me buy a Nestor. Is there a specific reason why you’d like to see these on Black Ops ships? Maybe add them to drone-bonused or ewar bonused T1 battleships, sort of like attack battlecruisers? Either way, I’d have a lot of use for these in my usual sleeper killers

like how it will be a reward in project discovery

because of how blop deployments work. personally i dont think the need this at all blops are already a really well balanced class. but if it were to be added i would rather see it on the BR

Give blops a special high slot “siege-like” module, when activated, it will block dscan in a certain radius.

And give all battleships a flat 500 m3 fleet hanger.

If you simply give blops a small maintenance bay l highly doubt they have enough cargo space to make it in use. Unlike ratting Nestor gangs in high end wh witch don’t need any form of cap charges or ammo, blops are mainly used for PvP.

… your entire fleet can cloak and the last thing you want in a blops is to be stuck in place

I assume that module is useful when you have multiple blops and about to put down some mobile depo.

then put down a D-scan inhib

but dat cost cargo space too right =)

Make the Nestor a BLOPS as it should be, then you will have the cloaky refit battleship.

that’s why god gave you BRs

no the nestor is too strong to have a jump drive

Actually, I find the idea to give BRs a small ship maintenance bay (maybe with a small-ish fleet hangar too) interesting. Then bringing a hauler would be basically mandatory for every BLOPS fleet right?

not even close considering a large number of blops fleets stage out of a POS or structure. only ones that would need a hauler are the long range roams that already need them for fuel

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