Ship Movement

Don’t know if this would be popular or not but I would like to see ship movement improved/changed to run a 3 axis thruster system. Where the ship would have thrusters that would move the ship on the X, Y and Z axis to allow up, down, left, right, forward and reverse movement. Really want to see reverse, I mean what game doesn’t have reverse.
Anyway this would allow a ship to ascend and descend, move left or right without forward movement engaged as it is now. So basically strafing in 4 directions or more depending on the combination of thrusts engaged.

Just a thought.

I don’t think this is possible with the current game engine.

Blame the PEG’s (in game)

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@19:45 Bumpers Rejoice! for Bumping has been explained with a great rigamarole and Troll!

Hello lost citizen, the Elite Dangerous forums that you are looking for is over here ->

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His monomania won’t let him go there…

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Nobody else appears to be taking you seriously, so I’m not sure I should be either. So, I guess bullet points

  • you’re using the wrong sub-forum
  • you’re making a suggestion based on complete lack of knowledge
  • your complete lack of knowledge means your suggestion is complete gibberish disguised as words

Am I missing anything? Oh yeah,

  • how about instead of making a suggestion about something you don’t have even the vaguest understanding of, maybe ask questions about how it works instead.

That’s all.

And “why” would being able to “reverse” matter in the least? that purpose does it serve other than just having the model go backwards instead of just rotating to go forward

Since weapons fire in all arcs reverse isn’t really needed.

tengus used to be able to fly backwards and sideways but ccp nerfed them

this is already a thing congratulations \o/

all you are is a ball with a velocity vector the model you see on the screen is a lie

You can fly in all that directions with current system. :ok_hand:

I recall it wasnt long ago when there was a bug that had Orcas warping backwards… that was fun.

damn ccp unnerf our reverse warp ships

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actually between reverse warping and tidi i think we may have the makings for reverse time travel…

if ccp stopped nerfing our sidewarps
and with the right amount of tidi
i think we can travel back in time goddammit ccp what are you hiding from us

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