Ship Tree Diagram

Can I just get a quick look over of a draft ship tree from someone more experienced with me please? Just need a second pair of eyes to make sure i’ve not missed out a ship type or put a ship type somewhere it shouldn’t be. Will be upscaled to 4k and properly cropped in the future. Thanks in advance.

Is the way to have arrows seemingly pointing from one type to another meant to signify anything?

It’s supposed to be the natural SP progression. For example, you wouldn’t be able to fly Tactical destroyers before interdictors

That seems a bit back-to-front considering skill requirements for tactical destroyers are easier to train than for the two T2 destroyers.

Here, we see a wild Tactical Destroyer.
Notice how an Interdictor skill isnt required?

Yes, but i’m trying to emulate how they are laid out in-game somewhat. That way it’s intuitive for new players and makes the chart much smaller than each line branching out horizontally. The vertical paths are meant to try to represent how a new player would generally naturally move up the ship types.

Those concepts bear too many meanings to make a clear sense of the arrows in the diagram.

eg I see no reason to use a recon before a HAC and no reason to use a HIC before logistics.

Or, black ops requires actually much more SP than marauders.

Your x axis could be the tank of the ships.
Your y axis the firepower / impact of the ship. eg hic, dictors, fax, recon, titans would be max.
Then you place arrows between ship that require the same skills than previous. Eg here marauders and black ops require BS,HIC requires cruisers and dictors.

You’d need to rearrange the order of the ship types in that case. Just because the ship tree is laid out in a particular way doesn’t mean that is the natural progression for each hull size.
Some ships such as Interdictors and Heavy Interdiction Cruisers only make sense training for if you are in Null. Black Ops are also very specialised.

hmm, yes, both of these points are very valuable. When I get a chance I think i’ll sort the x and y axis by dps and tank as suggested. I want to get this to a state where I can use the HTML map tag so that new users will be able to click on them to display a brief overview of each ship type with its purpose and what not. Thanks for the help all.

Some points on the ‘progression’ that don’t make sense for me:

  • Strategic cruiser does not require any logistics skill
  • Recon Cruiser require more skill than HACs, since they also require cloaking
  • Most people will have trained into carriers before a FAX, since FAX requires logistics skill
  • Black Ops requires a lot of jumping/bridging related skills and so is harder to get into than a Marauder
  • DSTs don’t need any skill in freighters

Basically the progression is not as linear as you display it here, I’d say all the T2 ships should rather spiderweb out from their base ship, there’s a choice there and not a fixed order.

There’s also no need to train into Dreads before training into Carriers.

Guys, that’s just how they’re laid out in the ingame ship tree.

Though I spot one “mistake” if that’s what you’re trying to imitate: covops and stealth bombers are in the same group (and require the same skill) ingame.
And DSTs and Blockade Runners have the same relationship. Doesn’t make sense to branch DSTs off of freighters.

I didn’t initially, but they are listed as different ship types in pyfa. I’ll do what I did with the combat/force recon ship bubble and combine them though, so thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Oï ! :slight_smile:

I would say, if this chart is meant for new players, it might be better to arrange it by « logical » progression rather than SP progression. That’s the thing with EVE Online : you can create messed up skill queue by trying to train everything at once without real specialization :laughing:

For example, it’s quite logical (for me at least) to get Command Destroyers before Command Ships. Or as something more people could agree on : an Interdictor before an HIC.

But as @Anderson_Geten said, it’s not really logical to progress from a Recon Cruiser to an Heavy Assault Cruiser.

There is no natural progression for all ship types. There can be natural progression for specific linked ship types but that’s something different.

Creating a chart to somehow show that there IS some sort of natural progression for all ship types is thus mistaken, wrong and bad advice for new players.


I’d put the deep space transport after blockade runner, not freigthers. Freighter feel like a whole other class, are a LOT more expensive than a deep space transport.

I also feel like marauders are a progression from Battleships. Black ops are something else entirely, more specialized in their use. I personnaly went from BS to Marauder and never considered training Black Ops.

For cruisers, I would expect a player to go cruiser - HAC - T3. The other are more valuable for fleet operations then for the pilots alone, and are a more specialized route.

Thanks for all the replies. I’ve restructured the tree a little bit, but still need to re-org the logistics stuff when I get home. I need to add a key, as well as splitting the POS stuff from the misc deployables like cyno jammers and whatnot. Still a lot of small stuff left to do too, but getting there.

@Steve_Ronuken said you don’t need to train into dreads before training into carriers.


This is not true. You don’t have to be able to fly interdictors in order to fly tactical destroyers. Basically, they are specializations.

Maybe do an initial graph with the T1 versions, that actually have hull prerequisites. Then maybe afterwards an eloquent method of displaying how T2’s slot in presents itself. How about just removing the arrows from the T2’s?

I also believe some of those factors can simply be skipped. For example, I want directly from T1 cruisers to Strategic Cruisers, and have yet to fly an HAC ^^"

Where’s Jump freighter?

And why is DST not near Blockade Runner?

–Curious Gadget

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