Ship you hate most in Eve

Vedmak for me, because it is way overpowered, can fit 2 neuts, fast, can tank great and apply way over-f-ing-powered dps, way too cheap, the reason why all use it apparently, easy way to roam around in null-sec as well nearly risk-free like you own the place.

Your choices?


I love/hate the Worm


All Guristas ships in fact. They are still incredibly overpowered and very obviously cater to lazy, low effort play styles. They’re just too good.

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All the Trig ships. Massive DPS, energy warfare, remote reps, ewar utility, massive tank, speed and agility, even drones. These ships have virtually no drawbacks.


I am inclined to agree here, I mean, I am not against them per-se, but they are just way too cheap. A Vedmak should cost like 2 Bill per unit, not what, 190m isk?

Why do you hate the good ships? They are good options to train into, if you nerf them, people will lose interest in the ships, and in playing.

Hate the worst ships that are so bad nobody flies them. Or those that look bad.

I dont like Burst and Imicus for looks. I dont like EDENCOM ships for the niche weapon system, that is only good in very specific situations that happen very rarely.


Helloo forum :smiley:

Fifie travels light.

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Because people stopped playing or joining EVE when we didn’t have Master-of-all-Ships. That is a stupid argument. Trig ships should not be able to do everything as good as they are able to. If trig ships disappear, no one will stop playing. Trig ships should be either as useless as Edencom ships, or Edencom ships as useful as Trig ships.


As of today: all mining ships :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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The Gnosis. It is one of the most versatile ships in the game. And cheap too. Across my alts I have about 15 of them…fitted out for different functions. I have 8 of them just in this alt. There’s my high EHP fast align one…100K EHP and an align time of 2.7 seconds. Ideal for transporting small but expensive items quickly. Or there’s my high DPS one…850 DPS. Or my cloaked one…excellent for using cloak/MWD and annoying gate campers. Or mixes of these functions. A bargain for around 60m ISK.

Praxis is good too. With Mega Laser II you can get one to 1200 DPS with Conflagration ammo, and have an EHP over 100K. And at 200m ISK or so…half the cost of most battleships. In fact my Praxis with 8 Mega Lasers actually has 300 DPS or so more than my Apocalypse with Mega Lasers.

People tend to look down on SoCT ships as ‘noob ships’…but I think that is a mistake. Properly fitted they can be formidable.

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I have a hate boner for those, too. Not only are they too strong, too versatile and too cheap. Not to mention that they take away boatloads of industry potential because they require no resource input and substitute thousands of destroyed BC, BC and Destroyers per month.

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I just want to snap off all those spikes so badly, then it would look semi decent.

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It wouldn’t be so bad if one could impale podded capsuleers on them.


EDENCOM ships… I mean the Thunderchild looks like a Klingon Warbird… but their weapon system suck sooo bad that I can’t pretend to be a pixel Klingon… they should have made their weapon systems photon torpedoes or something :slight_smile: not palpatine imitation aoe lightning.

As such… it just sits in my hangar. Pretty thing to spin and look at, especially with the AT skin, but that’s about it.

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You shouldnt make ship useless. This is game about spaceships, and ships should be GOOD.

I thought its common knowledge that you have to drag the quality up, not down in any MMO. We have to get even more tiers of items, as more valuable and rare they get. Rolling abyssals is one thing, but there are more things that could be potentially rolled, together with sets that could give additional bonuses, EDENCOM or CONCORD sets etc.

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Then make Edencom ships as useful as Trig ships. Problem solved. And a new problem created: ridiculous power creep. Ships in EVE should not be so good in a multitude of different aspects. That has only caused massive balancing issues in the past.


Its not a problem when things get valued right. I mean when its price and cost is on par with what they are capable of. And people can aspire to something.

For example trig ships are unavailable to alpha, even damavik which is not so good as it should.

The Garmur. Very squishy.

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Marauders, point blank. They deny so many good fights from solo/smallscale roamers because they are just too good at everything. Too much tank, too much damage, too much application, too much mobility.

All ships are good in their own right.

Except Drekavac! Buck Drekavac! Cap stable unkillable ball of r-reping 10 drekavacs? BLEH!