Ship's Navigation Data Item

This post has nothing to do with where the ship has been or is going.

within EVE the Navigation Menu is for setting destination, avoiding certain systems could be useful in the form of Ships Navigation Data
telling you the pilot name and the settings they had, this could become valuable data to salvage.

if this isn’t applicable as an item for EVE Online
it might be something to consider for Vanguard.

I have a hunch about the game direction and the slow revamping of planets.

capsuleers will be in orbit above key locations on a planet and send down war clones, however other ships will be able to enter orbit and the two or more ships will be able to battle it out…causing debris to crash onto the surface.

its something we all use as a background feature within EVE, some players have system restrictions, some don’t it depends on play style.

but if you think about how groups work, larger groups don’t have the problem of “we can’t go there” unless there are sizeable numbers in retaliation.

where are smaller groups could find this data and use it for their own purposes.

This is why you never program in your home address into your car / sat nav.