Ships we want remodeled/revamped

Atron is perfect
You dont need symmetry in space.

The magnate is also perfect…


No, I love it, this is half the reason I bought one last week, lol. Camo is life. I wouldn’t mind a white camo like the Panther though. The Caldari Navy and Federation Navy are perfect, too, and in line with their T1s color.
The Amarr Navy skins, yeah, they are ugly, the white-gold of the T1s look much better. They could try a glorious white-gold camo pattern (because it’s Amarr and they can)

We seriously need an update to all those ships that were modelled in 2003. Updating shaders is ok, but we need redesigns of some SPACESHIPS. The mesh! The texture! A lot of stuff changed since then, and they hurt the eye now, when you see them.

Basically Imicus, Catalyst, some gallente and minmatar ships. Those that look too chaotic and they dont even have proper attention put in designing them. They were designed too quick obviously, when selfcriticism or quality control is defeated by deadlines. Old concept arts were not actually a great thing to work with also.

Pilots need to, want to fly sexy ships!

probe looks like its made in 1903 not 2003, and the burst literally looks like a defunct early space race thing.

also the gallente industrials all look the same except they keep getting longer and longer

Worse, like a piece that broke off the defunct early space race thing, and it was a piece of toilet.

It used to be worse: Iteron Mk I, Iteron Mk II, Iteron Mk III, Iteron Mk IV, Iteron Mk V.

They seem modular. All of them have the same type of truck cabin, three variants of propulsion parts (one for the T1 ships, one for blockade runners and one for deep space transport) and lots of different combinations of parts in between. And the Iteron with it’s extreme length has a second propulsion part.

Yes, they look similar, but I would think that’s intentional.

the gallente are just not creative enough to have more awesome ship designs…

and we need more rust and tape on minmatar ships.

It looks funny tho. Like a big nose.

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You will never unsee.

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The Armageddon is the only old battleship that is yet to receive a new model.

can’t unseen this thing now

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interesting… I never knew. the strange thing is that the two industrial ships for amarr looks nothing alike.

Can we change the Victorieux Luxury Yacht? It looks hideous like part of a motorbike sawn in half that has half-bred with a potato…

It doesn’t exactly scream “luxury” to me.

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