Shooting Pirate Cans

I scanned some hackable containers in null sec and when it was empty I tried to attack them with my drones (instead of slowboating with an afterburner and failing the hack twice). However, the game warned me there could be consequences. Why? This is not in empire space, the law shouldn’t apply. I was afraid of a null sec NPC coming to blow up my ship, so I just left the cans behind since running around a site in a system where bubbles are a thing is way too stressful.

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Not 100% sure but my guess is the warning pops up regardless of where you try performing that action and also probably because I assume it means you lose sec status if you do and also get a criminal flag (which means if you enter hisec while it lasts you get CONCORDOKKEN immediately).

iirc criminal flags don’t display in null sec , you’d not know you have one until (see post above) …

You don’t just not get displayed a suspect / criminal tag in null/wh/abyss, you don’t get suspect/criminal there to begin with.

You can pod someone in null, wait your weapons timer and jump into highsec to anchor on a concord ship at a stargate while your PVP timer is still active. In WH space, you can pod a player at a highsec WH, jump that WH, warp to concord and be parading with them even while your weapons timer is still active, and in the Abyss you don’t even get a weapons timer when you shoot at someone else, so everything’s fine to begin with

The relic can has 1M ehp so you’ll be afk droneboating it for long enough the dessie gang can find you even in null, and demine the null relic just like it does in high.


I’m not worried about CONCORD, but I’m worreid it is trying to warn me about some different NPC that will spawn if I try to do it.

Eh… forget my idea then. Thanks for letting me know. But if you’ve shot at a can… did pirates spawn or something?

I’ve taken shots at cans in low and null sec and at worst all I did was get a suspect timer on me. I think this was mainly due to the fact that in lowsec and nullsec (more the later) criminal actions don’t really register unless your security status drops or you’re flagged (yellow, orange, red) depending on the actions you took and where you took them. Is this a can someone else placed? Or is it something like a “ghost site”? If it’s a PvE element then you might trigger rat spawn, and if it’s PvP you might trigger the wrath of the owner (or campers waiting for someone to take the bait). I think the warning is universal because it doesn’t belong to you.

Yeah I was totally afraid of something like this happening to me. I know ghost sites do it even if you stay too long they also come for you, but I was worried about something like this for aggression. but if nothing happens, this would be a great idea… if not for the fact that hackable cans have more HP than a control tower

That’s not a fact.
Criminal actions register the same. The difference, is what is actually considered criminal.

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