Shooting player’s spaceships in EvE is not toxic behavior

You pretty much nailed it with that post, and Destiny with the previous one. Is there some way to permanently bookmark these…as all that will happen is they’ll slip off the page after 500 lines of spam and we’ll be right back to square one and struggling to find those excellent posts that spare us having to re-hash things all over again in some endless Groundhog Day of posting.

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What’s funny is he thinks he wins when he does that.

In reality, we’re his only reason for existing :smiley:

Click the … symbol at the bottom of post to place a Forum bookmark. Or create an EVE Forum Posts folder in your browser and bookmark there. Searching for it later can be a pain.

Now I understand the misunderstanding between us Lucas.
You aren’t talking about EvE when you make these crazy statements.
What game are you talking about?

Gra jest najlepszą opcją. Są różne, jeśli ci się to nie podoba.

Lol poor little guy, you know your statements are directly contradicted by the interview with CCP that Destiny Corrupted posted. You are not fooling or confusing anyone who is actually reading this thread with your fud. As for your weak ad hom, well its just weak man.

I am embarrassed for you again Lucas.
Really if there is direct evidence of a thing, just saying

is not a strong counter argument without at least some counter evidence to back it up.

It is embarrassing.


Yet another moment when i honestly can’t tell if he really believes it or if he’s like ~some master-level propagandist with nefarious 5-D chess, mostly carebearish purposes~.



Of course I believe facts.

The full quote from that sentence though makes it clear:

Starting solar systems will be protected by police, but the majority of the systems will be open for combat between players.

Even then, when I first played in 2004 I was ganked in my starter system. PVP wasn’t prevented anywhere, but I guess by “open pvp” you are referring to systems that didn’t have a CONCORD response?

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I’m just referring to what they said. When they say “the majority of the systems will be open for combat between players” it’s difficult to understand how people take that as “combat PvP will be available everywhere as a core principle”.

Whatever way you swing it though it was never a core principle to have veterans farming new players purely for amusement of watching them flip out, with zero profit potential. The game was inspired by elite, and the combat is based off of combat that helped you achieve goals within that context, not griefing for fun.

It’s only been in the last decade that’s come about and it’s generally only people who started within that timeframe making the claim that profitless ganking is core to EVE.

Yeah that’s fair enough. Highsec certainly has strict rules around what is legal and what the consequences for engaging in pvp illegally are. So it isn’t “open for pvp”.

PVP is possible, but not open in the same way that nullsec or wormholes are; and they are the majority of systems.

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Personal attacks and name calling. This post should be flagged.

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Feel free.

Except that people have been free to shoot each other in High Sec since the beginning of the game. Only shooting newbs in newbie zones have been considered a banable offense. The quotes make it clear that EvE is a PvP based game.

But you can keep trying to put your spin on things.

Oh look. More personal insults :smiley:

Right? And CONCORD does protect high sec. The gankers always die :smiley:

ROFL. You keep trying this tactic eh? The devs were UO players bruv. It means luring someone to a graveyard with the promise of helping him bash some skeles and then murdering him and taking his stuff :smiley:

Double oof. Someone is very emotional :smiley:

Wut. Heh. Do you even read what you post or?

Erm. My guy. The devs played UO :smiley:

Also, EVE promoted itself as fully allowing scams or do you not remember the IPO scams of the past? Sometimes I doubt you even played back then ROFL.

Yennoe, you realize most of the ganking done today is for profit? With some lulz thrown in?

I mean, Aiko cleared over a bil in an hour’s time. That pays for a lot of lulz ganking when you’re just buying catas.

I seen Cliff clear crazy numbers in only a few hours time too.

Hawk makes money hand over fist, esp when he gets purple mods.

  • The economy is no longer (if it ever was) “player-driven”.

  • IGNPC clearly stated that HS was to be protected by the Police. The “majority” that they’re referring to is LS and Null.

Nice try though.

Translated its a grossly bigoted slur typically thrown at the lesser abled. Which has somehow passed inspection by the moderators because I couldn’t flag it as breaking forum rules despite it being blatant bigotry.

Not quoting anyone specific, but judging my post from this toon is funny. Like that is really an indicator of game experience. I’m from the 2006 cohort, (pre warp to 0, boy that brought rage tears) But if you want to be judgy, 'cause I’m using a young alt, that’s a, - you- problem. I am certainly not saying “you have have only been in denial since what 2012? sit down your elders are talking.”

But sure made a lot noise on the forums.

“The Special Bus” or, in the United States, “The Short Bus” refers to the smaller busses that people with disabilities often board. The implication being that anyone seen riding such a bus must also have a disability.

I know you’re not a native English speaker, but I still can not tell if you know the meaning and are questioning the use of that meaning or if you are unfamiliar with the term and wanted to know what it meant and where it came from. My apologies if it turns out my post is an unhelpful waste of time for you to read.

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