Shooting player’s spaceships in EvE is not toxic behavior

But that is what EvE was and is.

Then why all the whining and crying about how “there is no counter play to ganking”. “It is over powered!” “The big gankers and griefers can’t be countered and scare away the new bros.”

You can’t have this both ways Lucas. Either EvE is cake, and then there is no problem with ganking, or ganking is a horrible unstoppable juggernaut from which there is no hope or salvation.

The game as it stands very entertaining. EvE is my favorite MMO. The one I quit, then always come back to. I love it because it is always non consensual PVP all the time. If you ever got a chance to chip away at that, then you would ruin the game. There are a host of other MMO’s where all one does is grind away at PvE. EvE will not survive if you make it one of them.


No it’s not.

Because that’s what they do. It’s not hard to avoid ganks but new players inevitably don’t know how yet, so before they get a chance to decide if they like the game some pillock comes along and kills them then drags them into a chat to berate them.

Completely false.

But then you’ve demonstrated that you ride the special bus to school so what you like and what the market CCP needs to attract likes are two totally different things. Hell, you think hauling is entertaining.

Noone is suggesting EVE become PvE only. Some of us are talking about removing or limiting one single form of PvP in on single area of space. I think that it’s completely feasible to have a game that caters to players who prefer PvE and to player who enjoy PvP, and the new EVE server in China where there is no ganking will likely prove that out.

I’m pretty awful at EVE, so your statement, if valid, means I’m even worse at the bloody game than I thought!

Of course, you can play EVE at my quite lowly level and still have a good time; but in order to become good at it, you will need to be able to absorb a fair amount of information and apply it in a practical way.

My excuse is that I will not steal time from things that matter a great deal to me to spend on things which do not.

(No, and I’m not entirely convinced by that, either…)

It does actually.

Also yennnoe Fortnite and EVE are two different genres of gaming right?

I swear, you boomers are so cute :smiley:

So ganking isn’t a problem then according to you, cause EVE isn’t dangerous.

Got it :smiley:

You realize when you say this, you basically defeat your other point right? ROFL.

Mm no bruv. Its a thing now cause other players, like you are doing, cried to daddy CCP and got war decs nerfed.

Cause in the past, you’d just dec people and blap. That went away. Then alpha accounts and bingo.

Its very easy to see how ganking in the current form came to be. And just as easily to see it is the player’s fault.

Careful, according to Lucas you can never quit EVE :smiley: I mean he lacks the willpower to do so, so

The Earth keeps getting flatter all the time huh? :smiley:

Yet you refuse to help the nubs by giving them these tactics that help you avoid them. I wonder why :smiley:

Huh. I thought you didn’t fling personal insults? Interesting. Also quoting this so you can’t delete later :smiley: Also oof, that really outdated mode of thinking def shows you’re a boomer. Imagining throwing that kind of bigotry around.

Oh it can be. You just aren’t doing it right :smiley:

That’s how it starts bruv :smiley: It never ends that way :smiley:

Mmm not really. I already know what it will prove. It’s been tried before in the early 2000s.

You really gotta play other MMOs my guy :smiley:

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Remember tho, he doesn’t sling personal insults :smiley:

I genuinely don’t know how it’s possible to be bad at EVE. You pretty much only need knowledge and even then you can just look stuff up as you go. It’s not like you need any twitch reactions or the micro/macro management abilities you need for RTS games or anything.

Like sure, you will always win some battles and lose others but I really don’t know how someone would be consistently bad at it overall like it’s possible to be in most other games.

He’s in another thread with me talking about basements, Sun Tzu and dreidels. It’s a wild ride.

This tells me, more than anything, you got no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to PvP or combat :smiley:

You should have led with this and shown everyone how not credible you are :smiley:

So you then decided to throw a personal insult and abelist slur?

Interesting :smiley:

It’s a question of priorities. Yes, all the information is available, in various forms, and I have used about as much of it as I need for what I like to do in the game, at a basic level. I could aim for ‘expert’ status, but I’ve no appetite for that.

Perhaps I’m lazy? Probably a bit of that; but I do spend a fair amount of time out-of-game absorbed in things which really are important to me, and so, when I fire up the EVE launcher, I’m not looking for a particularly deep experience.

I’m bad at EVE because I won’t devote to it the time required to ‘git gud’. Also, I don’t do ‘numbers’.

On-topic: I shoot spaceships in a very non-toxic way. And if I do invite folks to chat in Local or privately, my conversation is always free from obscenity and ridicule.

Which, however, rarely pacifies the target…

Sure, yeah it just sounds like you don’t have the inclination for the time investment, which is understandable. If you did put the time in I’m sure you’d excel in no time in whatever path you chose, becuase pretty much everyone does.

It doesn’t actually require obscenity or ridicule to wind people up, for example the “calm down” stuff is designed specifically to incite anger, but as long as your intention is not to wind up the player then it’s fair game. That’s the way I see it, in game we are characters vs characters and it should not be about the player. At the end of the day the goal should be for everyone to be entertained, win or lose.

Yes, it really is.

And I have a fat cat that needs to loose weight, but he always thinks it is lunch time. I tell him no, its not lunch time yet, and then ignore his whines. It is a pain in the but, but he likes to kill mice, and has got a fuzzy tummy, so its worth it.

Why do you want to drastically change the nature of EvE and chase off a large number of current players to chase potential new players who may or may not play the game? Wouldn’t education and teaching them be better than softening the game and slowly removing its appeal?

Well for you it is, but you have these fluid and dynamic definitiosn of words in your head. For the people outside of your inner monologue it is true.

But you are suggesting that we remove a form of PVP that has been in the game for over a decade, that gives High Sec space a sense of excitement and adventure, and many people, gankers and non gankers alike enjoy, for the sake of people who you yourself admit just don’t know the score yet.

Educating the new bros is the answer, not nerfing a large part of the game.

You want to destroy the only thing that keeps high sec from being a mindless high sec, and does not really benefit new bros, who just need some education.

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Well you know, Lucas taught me that words have fluid definitions, and it is just us dumb hick Americans that still believe that words have meanings. :slight_smile:

Good flying Gix, and good luck here man. you have more patience than I do.

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It’s not a drastic change, it’s not the nature of EVE and it wouldn’t chase off many players. There’s actually only a small - but incredibly vocal - group of players that actually think ganking is the be-all and end-all of EVE.

Remove or limit, sure.

I disagree.

Not true.

So your plan is to make it so new bros know about ganking so they avoid being ganked, so ganking is still functionally removed from the game, but without moving it. And somehow you’re going to force this learning on players who already leave the game because it’s dull. Seems like a futile endeavour but by all means, educate away.

It actually isn’t ganking we’re defending bruv.

Once you change it from an open PvP world where you consent to PvP as soon as you undock, its no longer EVE.

You’re saying as if once you know how to counter a gank, you’ll do it 100% of the time. That simply isn’t true LOL.

You just said EVE is easy and its easy to Google stuff to learn :smiley:

Now its too hard to learn?

Which is it :smiley:

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There it is. I was waiting for the one quote where I could finally write you off as a trash human. Found it. My son actually has a bus that picks him up and takes him to school. So your version is that he is what? Exactly? Go ahead, say it. Don’t edit your post, don’t delete it. Say exactly what you mean. I want to hear it. What, exactly, does that imply to you?


He knows, so he’s been avoiding me and trying to back pedal :smiley:

Now he’s attempting to be the “calm and rational” poster again.

Its always when he gets backed into a corner by his own ROFLcopter that he lashes out with some truly awful stuff. But he’s done it before on different alts.

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:sob: :sob: :sob:

The fact that you sit around hoping to stumble across a sentence you can use to disregard anything I say while you happily nod along to people lobbing insults every other comment kinda suggests you’re not much better.

Lots of kids go to school on a bus.

Say what? I’ve said exactly what I meant to say, nothing more, nothing less. It’s strange that you support griefers that deliberately try to upset people and you think that’s totally fine and entirely the fault of the person that’s upset, but now you feel I’ve crossed some line that makes you upset and suddenly there’s a double standard. As gankers would say, your feelings aren’t my responsibility. That’s how it works, right?

And just so you know, if you had just pointed out that you were offended and asked for an apology, you’d have got it. Instead you’re trying to weaponise this quasi-offensive offhand remark as some justification for continuing the same dismissive position you already held.

Mmm I’m pretty sure it is the nature of your insult bruv. At the most we call you daft, a boomer and bad at EVE. All true really.

My guy, you’re a literal griefer :smiley:

Sure bro :smiley: We’re still waiting on the ship fit, the guide, the data, etc. I’m pretty sure we’d still be waiting on the apology as well.

Its ok. As Wes said, you revealed yourself again as an absolute trash panda on this alt too :smiley:

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