Short survey for new pilots from the CSM

Please help the CSM gather some info on your experience as a new player with this survey.

Thanks for your help.

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Nothing here states that you are from the CSM.

Is this slide from EVE Toronto acceptable?

Where is your tag… :slight_smile:

I’m officially ‘sworn in’. CSM 14 is active and we are working on things.

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Impostor! You have no CSM tag! Get him he’s a spai!

Bumping this to get a few more new players to help with the survey.

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How long have you been playing EVE?
Less than a year (Just reached my first year)
Did you play MMORPGs before starting EVE?
Did you do the tutorial and starter missions?
What did you like or dislike about the tutorial/starter missions?
The ai lady scared me.
What, if anything, was most confusing when you started?
How to fit a ship
Did you join a player corporation?
Why did you or did you not join a player corporation?
Can not trust people in this game enough to join and stay with their corporation.
What was the most fun part of your first week playing?
Bootleg Tobacco
What was the most frustrating part of your first week playing?
Losing my cargo of Tobacco
Would you tell a friend to try out EVE Online?

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