Should ALPHA pilots have access to the Defender Launcher?

The most useful thing an alpha pilot could do in a massive sov battle is to provide protection against enemy stealth bombers.

This would also be a buff to the dragoon, since the ALPHA pilots could bring considerable T1 neut pressure in the brawl (post bombing run).

The defender launcher is one of few mods that alphas don’t have access to that I believe they should.

You’ve made a solid case for why alphas SHOULD NOT have access to Defender launchers.


Explain that?

It’s not like T1 dessies have the EHP of a Pontifex or a Confessor. lol

Not allowed tho but imagine a Rorqual with 10 Alphas in virtual mashines just with defender missiles.
Same reason why Alphas cant and never shoud be able to use a cloak.

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Most rorqs die to kikis tbh.

Alphas should be able to make meaningful contributions in battle - to a limited extent. Inhibiting the use of bombs is extreme for Alphas, especially in relation to those who violate the One-Alpha rule and botters.

That is true.

I wish they could get a handle on the alpha exploiters.

Like the above poster said with the 10 alphas around a rorqual: Should be dead obvious that the rorq pilot is exploiting and should have his account suspended immediately.

GM’s are too slow to ban/punish the obvious though.

I’d argue though the rorq pilot would gain more isk/h using alpha ventures than trying to cover his rorq with 10 defenders.

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True these days…but bombers Bar gets one too every now and then. :slight_smile:

Not so mich isk/h imagine 10 400dps cyclones in Alphas as f1 drones.
I mean i dont see such things but i saw some peopl using Alphas as scouts or station char.

Like for example using one to scout incomming and one Alpha to use your stations weapons on the moon.
So more Safety for litterly no isk. And hard to see because who the hell looks at a docked Char.

So by giving them any more usefull semi afk the can do like defenders or cloak woud be 100% expolited hard.

I’ll happily trade away the ability of alpha to use structure weapons for defender lauchers.

btw can they actually use structure weapons? that’s retarded lol

an absolutely no cloak. I’ve never endorsed that. every null system would have an afk cloaker providing free intel

If alpha could be multiboxed. maybe. I don’t think that any fleet will waste actual person to put in so low versatility role. It’s not worth for veterans and not good option for bringing new players to fight experience.

If it would work people would do it by that time.

There’s no real competitive advantage lost in permitting Alphas to use structure weapons. They can’t spam that. Structure weapons aren’t tied to skills either. Even if CCP took up my suggestion that Omega players be allowed to multibox exactly one Alpha (total, regardless of how many Omega accounts they have), it wouldn’t be a big deal)

Switch Defenders back to what they were for when they were useful.

Also, stealth Alpha Multiboxer thread

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They are useful vs bombs.

Dessie wings often cover machs from bomb runs.

They are useful as they are now, not before.

And this response is ridiculous.

The problem is GM’s not banning obvious alpha exploiters. Even a relatively new player can recognize when someone is botting/exploiting.

It doesn’t sound like an interesting job for the alpha and more a crappy job for the alt…

the thing i miss most wen I’m alpha is thermodynamics 5
it su#k for pvp
and i start to try to develop perpetual motion machines and loose a lot of time :frowning:

No, go away.

Destroyers have guns, some have drones, some can neut (dragoons).

There is more they can do then just sit there and pop defender vs bombs.