Should CCP remove gas harvesting for alpha clones?

Looking at the gas prices , it appears they have dropped considerably .

Could this mainly be because of alpha clones ?!

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Why does everyone want to blame alphas for everything?

They do everything just about worse than an Omega, if you think there are thousands of alphas flying around vacuuming up all the gas, go get some evidence of it.


It’s just an assumption , not blaming alphas , hence why i asked a question .
Now, as for evidence , well … if you know where i can pull data for that , i’d be happy to analyze it.
One thing i know for sure , the gas market is ■■■■■■ .
This is unrelated to gas, but in the past CCP removed lvl 4 missions from alphas and also t2 medium drones… and for a good reason .
Could it be that now should also remove gas cloud harvesting ? But i suppose CCP does have the evidence , if it is the case or not … and who knows , maybe they’ll see the thread and decide to look it up.

Whats the problem with cheap gas?


What’s the problem with scordite ?

No one mines scordite .

Try and guess why …

Do you have an answer to the question or are you just deflecting?

Nothing wrong with mining scordite, but its not even a gas.

Well , then if you like mining worthless stuff … like scordite for example and who knows maybe soon worthless gas … then i can’t be the one to stand in front of your happiness.

That was an:

So no answer then ok.

If its so useless then it doesnt matter if the price is lower for those of us that use it then, is it?

Wont effect you, so why the crying?


I gave you an answer , now if you can’t make logical deductions , then ■■■■ off !

If price is not a problem for you , it does not mean it isn’t for others.

Prices rise and fall due to supply and demand. With the recent changes in industry it is possible the demand for gas has went down because of this. A change in the galactic war (World War Bee II) also has impact on supply and demand. Alphas have been around for a long time now so I doubt they suddenly went all into gas mining.


Ok well Im not the one so unable to deal with market forces and basic capitalism that I ask the devs to literally change the game to help me fix my mistakes lol.

Im also not the one who doesnt know the difference between an analogy and a direct comparison lol.


Actually demand should go up . Iirc the newly introduced components require gas .

Yes you are , Karen.

The fact you have decided not to even reply to the actual relevent part of the reply shows me you just have no clue what you are talking about.

Please beg for more market regulation, see how much support you get.


Where the heck do you get these ideas in your head ? Market regulations , crying about gas price , asking for something … i mean there’s no news that on these forums some are more or less paranoid , but it looks like you are in some kind of a contest for that .

It’s just speculation as to if alpha clones had or not had an impact on the major fluctuation in the gas market right now , and if so, should CCP take action against it as they did with limiting level 4 mission access or usage of t2 medium drones in the past.

Not sure if you’re trolling or not right now.

Yeah “not crying”

Tell it to someone else, whingey.

Dude , I don’t even have stockpiles , mine it or use it .

Now it is clear that you are trolling , so have a place on the Karen block list where you belong.

Thats good, because then I dont have to pay any attention to your sad tears.

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I agree with the thread title.

Only basic Career options in Eve should be available for Alpha Clones.


Gas is cheap because more people mine it in general as it is now a mandatory part of ship production. Problem here is that ship production that requires most gas has come to an almost complete halt because CCP – in best CCP tradition – forgot to pre-seed (like they said in the announcement of the changes to allow building up stockpiles to prebuild the new components to smoothen the transition) the additional Myko sites and only made them available at the day the entire changes happened. Since then barely anyone is building capitals anymore in quantities that would suck up enough gas because it is simply not possible due to missing components or just prohibitively expensive to do as pre-change capitals are still plentifully available, which keeps prices down. Thus, we have an oversupply that drives down prices, and all thanks to CCP’s incompetence yet again.