Should I biomass and start over?

I have an alpha account with no plans for omega in the near future. I cannot make enough isk to afford daily alpha injectors so that is not an option either. Extracting the skills cannot be done on a character under 5.5 mil SP. I am wondering if it is better to pass off my belongings and isk to an alt, biomass, and start over. Here are my skills and everything. All advice will be considered.

I was hoping to be able to do level IV security missions. I have managed a couple but overall, I have failed miserably. I am thinking that it comes down to the skills that I have done which is probably too much of a mish-mash and not properly planned out and specific enough.

From visiting the mission subforums, I would have been better off with caldari ships like the raven, I missed out on stuff like the magic 14 skills that are good to have for all pilots, and specific skills for a specific ship and layout.

You are better off spending your time on RL activities like school & job until you can afford a subscription.


First of all, why biomass? You can always do different things in different locations so another character for that, or this one, works great.

Secondly, what works best depends on how you define best. Many people, being lazy and crap, define best as “forcing me to use the least amount of brain cells possible” so if you ask what is best then generally you get lazy, low performance clown fits and ships that any monkey could use but would never actually perform well.

So first figure out what you actually want to achieve: zero brain effort grinding or actual active combat. So whether or not a Raven is “best” for you, isn’t really known yet.

For your character: yes, if you stick to the 5 mil cap then he’s a bit all over the place and if your goal is to fly a BS well enough for lvl 4 missions then it will not do. Just make sure that’s actually your goal, just like people telling you “best” it might just be they’ve been telling you more silliness on missions as well.

In short: no need to get rid of your char, it’s useful for many things. Make SURE that lvl 4 missions is actually what you want to do, if so then yeah make a new character on the same account and go train that one, WHAT you want to train depends on your personal preferences, not what people tell you is “best”.

Alpha clones can’t, so even biomassing and starting anew still won’t get you what you want

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I fail to see what your problem is and why you would want to biomass.

In any case, running lvl4s to reach enough ISK for Omega is futile …
… and you can’t run them as Alphas anymore anyway.

Instead you should play the game, or re-prioritize your life if it’s too expensive to pay for. Grinding for Omega is a surefire way of quitting the game early, because you’ll not be actually experiencing any of it.

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You have three characters on each account, develop another character within that account.


Wow, I am surprised by some of the responses because I in no way said that I could not afford omega or that I was trying to make isk to pay for omega.

You are definitely not the smartest cookie so congrats on living up to your name. I don’t spend that much time in Eve so it is not worth going omega. Maybe if you spent more time on perfecting your troll, you would have done a better job.

I am re-prioritizing as level III have no difficulty so are boring. I want a character for level IV missions and since it seems that there will be little to no viable advice, I will most likely start over. I have all the time in the world to build the skills since I don’t play much so that is not an issue. If I cannot do them as you state, I will find out and decide on what I want to do from there but playing a few hours a month is not worth $15 a month to me.

@Victor_Alexander thank you for honest advice!

As said, rather than biomass, keep this one as a skilled up alt. Either change purpose to something this one can do (because Alpha’s can’t run lvl 4’s anyway); perhaps exploration or combat sites in smaller ships - and continue on, or start a new one.

If I wanted to skill up a ‘battleship’ character myself, I wouldn’t even bother with most ship skills. I’d max my tank/weapons to T2, get the fitting skills like CPU, Powergrid etc up, and use Praxis/Gnosis/Sunesis as my ships.

It’s sad that you assume people are trolling just because it’s a misunderstanding. Doesn’t actually speak for you, but I’ll assume it’s a misunderstanding and try again instead.

There’s good reasons I assumed you wanted to grind for Omega. Many people want that, it’s rather nearby. Anyhow, you’re right that when you don’t really have much time to play, then paying the money likely isn’t worth it … unless you go to the pub regularly and spend 15 bucks there on every single night. I guess. No idea if you do. Just putting it here for perspective.

You still didn’t really explain the point of biomassing. You’ll just lose your skillpoints and will have to start over. Unless you provide a good reason, no one will suggest you should do so.

Besides all that, let me try again now:

When lvl3s are too boring, then do them my way: In a destroyer, preferrably long range. It’ll demand your wit, your attention and your finesse in regards to fitting it properly without constantly needing to warp out.

Lvl4s aren’t really any more “fun” than lvl3s, because when you do them in battleships it’s pretty much all the same. You’ll just up your tank, that’s all. If you want things to be more challenging, you should be downgrading.

What you CAN do, though, if you want to run lvl4s as Alpha:

Scan down missions from other people. I did that. I’ve ran other peoples’ lvl4s in a fast artillery hurricane, often even faster than the actual “owners” of the mission, for which they often even thanked me. Totally not what I intended, but hey … : D

So, you CAN run lvl4s as Alpha, but you have to scan them down yourself. Usually that’s not taking a long time as long as you’re in a hub system. Back then, when I did it, one of those was dodixie, but no idea about the landscape nowadays. I guess the map (npc kills) might help you out.

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I generally assume it is trolling when people assume that I am not omega because I cannot afford it. I said nothing about not being able to afford it, just that I have no plans for omega in the near future. I do many things and do not want to spend money on something that I spend little time on. Should I happen to enjoy it more, then I will most likely upgrade. If your response was not a troll, then I apologize but it isn’t right to assume that anyone who is alpha cannot afford omega.

As for scanning missions, I am not sure what you mean by that. Do you mean scanning for the DED sites and then going to them or look for level IV security missions that others have accepted?

Just using this as an example
Many people go to a movie which generally costs about $15~20 per showing and it’s about 2 or so hours of entertainment, to an arcade, a tourist attraction, a bar for a few hours, and other things I can’t think of off the top of my head, cost about the same as EVE’s per month sub cost, which even if you only play 1~2 hours per week you have the ability to play as long as you want save for 30 minutes per day for Downtime.
All in all even if you only play for a few hours here and there is a rather cheap form of entertainment.

You need a combat probe launcher and combat probes.

You search for systems with NPCs dieing (map!), cross check with mission agents and start probing for battleships in these systems. Once you got the hang of it, you can run “their” lvl4s and they might not even be angry about it, because you’d be helping them running them faster.

It’d be actually even more interesting than running your own, because there’d be no agent who’d serve them to you on a silver platter! : D

And, hell, even if they get angry about it … and that’s a really big IF …
… it’d just be more potential content for you. : )

Do you happen to have a fit for the fast artillery hurricane you mentioned earlier?

Trying to steal peoples bounties (if you get final blow) with no lp payouts.

It’s a lot of work for very little. And the wrecks belong to the mission owner too.

It’s not done for the money.
It’s done for the fun.

An isk-centric approach to the game isn’t fun at all.

And the wrecks belong to no one. Wrecks are space trash CONCORD doesn’t give a rats ass about. You’re talking about the loot, not the wreck itself. Sorry. I know you know, you might have just worded it badly.


Feel encouraged to figure it out for yourself. That’s part of the fun. The ingame fitting tool should be sufficient and otherwise there’s pyfa.

Well, thats not possible anymore, so problem solved (sadly).
Also, nothing wrong with your skills, so biomassing wont solve anything.

Also, if you wanna run level 4 missions, send me a mail and ill run some missions with you so you can access level 4 missions.
I run missions on an alt from time to time when I dont feel like doing pvp

Make a new char on the same account and train him for lv4 missions like you want. Then train cybernetics V on your old char and use him as a skill farm to keep your account omega for free and have access to level IVs. Problem is you’ll need to invest one month of plex to get your old char to enough SP to extract and pay off the plex.

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