Should I bother coming back to this game?

Been playing since 2006 on an off with my main… Sometimes i play for 2 years or so then quit for 3 or whatever… My main has 40m sp, and i last logged on in 2013. Im mainly a solo player, and do exploration and mining with occasional low sector pirating if i get bored.

Now before i get the give me your items and isk immature comments please note im not looking for childish behavior in my thread… Please be an Adult.

My question is this, should I bother coming back to the game ? I’ve been playing on my alt this char and my main for a week or so now as an Alpha and re-learning the game and what has come out since i was gone… I used to lovee solo’ing wormholes. Class 2 wormholes were really fun to me, and i liked being in charge of my own POS and that aspect of the game. I never had many problems in wormholes myself, i would mine gas, ore, and maybe run a few sites and if the ore\gas ran out i would fly into my static low sector hole and go pvp.

I have come back to a game that feels like they destroyed my fun and destroyed being able to really solo run the game when it comes to structures. I like the idea of having a large deathstar POS in a class 2 where TBH no one would touch it. I come back to these silly citadels with such low Hit points and pitiful weapons yet stupid high costs… Takes 24 hours to even drop one and 7 days to remove ?? really ? And now i hear that they are making them even easier to kill next patch because i guess the lockout between dropping the pitiful shields and going to armor ect was too long or something.

I dunno, i guess what im asking is maybe someone can give me a reason why i should re-sub and play ? I never liked being in other corps and alliances because ive done all that and you usually end of being burned by the ceo or alliance leader.

I used to pvp in Geminate back in i think 2007-2008 when smash alliance was up there, and my ceo whome i thought was a nice guy stole 2B worth of stuff from me, and i was only a year old and in 2007-2008 2b was alot, it took me months of planning to scan moons and farm that money ratting… So i quit the game. I come back and joined another alliance up very north in CZD-J system. It was okay, but the constant screaming and cursing by leaders on vent during fleet battles made me feel meh… The mandatory log in days and so forth also burned me out. I want to play this game on my own time not when some idiot tells me to come on. Im 31 now with real life responsibility. Im not 15 anymore playing world of warcraft raiding and playing the game for 13 hours a day.

Sorry for my rant… I just dont like how they seem to have crushed solo’ing. Am i wrong maybe im missing something and just being a drag i dunno ?

Also on another note… I feel like plex is out of control, all these micro transactions i dunno, when plex came out i remember it being 400-500m or so which was managable. Now they are at 1.6b… I seemed to have missed more then i realize because it seems the whole economy is inflated… Battleships like the typhoon and dommy were like 50-70m now they are double ? Everything is so expensive… orcas are 800m almost they used to be 500m or so…

Why is everything so expensive now ? I look at minerals and the prices are about the same for the most part… ?

Not with that attitude.


It’s unfortunate that you had some bad experiences with your chosen corps/alliances back in the day, not all of them are like that. Perhaps it would be worth trying out a few corps again? Its not like you have anything to lose, assets in a game you don’t even play may as well not exist.

A lot has changed though, and if you can’t adapt to those changes it might be best to look at other games instead.

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Plex costs raised because of buffs to nul sec ratting, people are pulling in 150-20p mil an hour in carriers and the new flood of isk has directly affected plex costs obviously.

Citadels are only weaker next patch while moduels are not running, yes they are bad solo (though technically cheaper becuase of fuel costs)
They are pushing for group content in high sec, and make no mistake that is a thing.

The games of course worth getting into, it easier to avoid the bs with citadels, and I beleive they are a good thing.
I am however unaware of their aplication in solo wormholes though. So unknown.

Basically ccp had a idea for a station that you could dock in, in order to make that work I would not loss all use of it, if itran out of fuel, ran into the issue of them being everywhere indefinitly.

On a side note, I would just play with people you enjoy playing with, as well as said corp.
Used to run with a merc corp that I could not solo undock, had to leave only when my fleet was ready, and i felt i wasnt playing, ended up quiting, realizing I quit purely necause of my corp i came back with a new character and actually enjoyed the game again

Edit: being hardcore may be fun for some, but not me, too much drama.

Only way to lose in Eve is to give up.

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Sounds more like you dislike the way people are in this game, if you hate the way it is or going then you shouldn’t subscribe, it is not worth it to you, staying alpha is fine, they get more access soon, therefore you get to play on your terms with the exception of uber toys which is not that big of a deal if you are only looking for a casual time.

You definitely should not sub. Considering your experiences and your negative, but absolutely realistic perspective and outlook on the game, it is not worth it for you. Since Alphas can now use battleships, battlecruisers and more T2 gear, it is not necessary to subscribe either way if you just want to have some fun every now and then. Paying the subscription would very likely ruin the little bit of enjoyment that you can find sometimes to play EVE and would feel more like an obligation rather than deliberate enjoyment.

As alpha you likely won’t be able to do much on your own in w-space, but potentially you can find a group that lives there in which you can participate and live with. Alternatively, you can just stick to low sec and null sec and run missions or explorations to finance your PVP expenses, or buy a pack of PLEX every now and then. Alpha character PVP is not overly expensive and the 1.5B from selling the PLEX should last you a while.

Ok, ‘Stinkin’Dick Larry’.

I say no. Play as an alpha. Learn to enjoy the game again and then maybe consider subbing.


If you really want it, its not possible solo, so you will have to change your preferences a bit. You would have to join some bigger alliance where structures are defended fiercely.

forget it if you are into solo pvp. This is a lemming noob alliance game, nothing else, nothing less.

These threads are always the same … got burned from crabbing in null / corp obligations, PLEX is too expensive, all my solo toys are gone, what do?

Sadly this will not change while CCP promotes being a pawn in one of the big player groups in nullsec as the ideal of playing EvE.


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Easy money != high quality people


glad i’m not the only one who noticed the irony…

If you’re such a solo player why would you need others to tell you if you should or should not return to EVE?

I would have thought someone who’s single minded and wants to work alone wouldn’t need anyone to tell them anything, the lure of the game play would be more than enough.
but sadly it seems you need to be told yes, or no.

what to do? eh :wink: what to do :thought_balloon:


he was just trying to save money. You would need to upgrade clones, and I am trying to make him save money. If you fly anything larger than a destroyer in low sec these days, you got a horde of noobs following you in anything from Cruisers to who knows what…

Yeah plex was inflated literally over night by about 30% due to CCP changing the plex model and putting plex in the store as an option to buy items. It was at 1b to 1.1b and instantly skyrocketed to 1.5b and now 1.6b. I’ve been saying by the end of 2018 it will be between 2b and 2.1b with the current inflation rate.

CCP needs to axe plex all together, but they won’t. The game won’t last another 10 years under current market inflation. They won’t axe mini plex and plex to buy items in their store due to the fact that it looks better to buy items from their store in a plex value versus a IRL cash amount. With how much freedom they give Alpha’s now, they need to take serious considerations removing plex and putting the cash shop items into “Tokens” I wouldn’t allow players the ability to manipulate the market or lose a ton of isk. I’d make it so one night at downtime CCP announces they are removing plex and they’ve taken out plex from accounts and put the average current isk value per plex in jita in the redeemed items, in a bundle of isk. If your account had 500 plex in it, you’ve now recieved a bundle of isk of 1,600,000,000 even if this is in the trillions it will hit the economy, but not nearly as bad as allowing this inflation to persist over the next few years.

There will be a bubble, what’s a bubble? A point at which the price breaks and drops dramatically due to supply and demand issues with inflation, it will only be at that point the economy may stabalize, or crash into a great depression.

Yes, they really aren’t intended to be solo things, IMO. The idea is you are going to deploy some significant resources that can effect the game economy you shouldn’t be able to just snatch them up and avoid interacting wtih other players.

Solo play is not what CCP is looking to promote. They feel that group play and player interaction is what will help retention while solo play and isolating players will generally drive players away. They are not preventing solo play, they are just not looking to develop that much if at all.

Seems to me you have an unrepresentative sample and that you need to keep looking.

That is the beauty of EVE with SP you “progress” while off line. And with PLEX and using some RL income you don’t have to grind as much. You can buy PLEX and sell them for ISK. For $19.99 you can get 1.65 billion ISK. For a lower expenditure you can get some ISK, looks like CCP is running a modest sale at the moment, 110 PLEX for $4.24 which would net you over 350 million ISK.

And some things like PI are fairly low maintenance and can net even a single player a few hundred million ISK if done in NS.

Oh for crying outloud…not this. Look ISK is abundnent and easy to come by as such, it going to push up PLEX prices. CCP has added more functionality to PLEX that will push up prices. The skins and apparel that one can buy with PLEX also help sustain the game.

No they aren’t they’ve changed various aspects of the game like the mineral composition of many T1 ships has changed. They have changed the source of minerals such as NS anomalies and even how people mine (mining in a rorqual is not a Thing™). So prices have changed for a great many items for that reason. They have also changed moon goo and how that works and also how it is used.

Really…sounds to me like maybe you should just go play a game where you can log in and not have to invest much. World of Tanks maybe…

Maybe, but there is not much more ISK entering the economy than before. Of course, more ISK entering a players wallet might lead him to buy more PLEX if PLEX are seen as a superior good.

But this “flood” of ISK, is not really happening economy wide.

And if you look at the price history it looks more like a “step” function. That is the price is stable, then it goes up and stabilizes at a new price. Something is causing those steps, something like daily skill injectors for alphas which will increase the demand for PLEX.

You can return as an Alpha Clone player, but the restrictions almost certainly mean that, for you, it will not be an enjoyable solo-play experience.

If you return as an Omega player, you will have broader options, but in my experience your solo play may require you to run more than one account.

@Black_Pedro is correct in pointing out CCP’s apparent wish to encourage group play, but I don’t think their plans have altogether excluded the solo experience (with alts).

If you can afford it, sub 2-3 accounts for a month, and see what happens. It’s important though to make some plans before you hit the ‘pay’ button. Otherwise you’ll spend a lot of that month in wasted effort.

Always, always, do what you enjoy doing. If you find nothing that fits the bill, don’t waste time trying to fit the square peg into the round hole.

Part of the problem with EVE is its addictive nature. We feel the addiction long after the drug has ceased to affect us as it once did. In that way, it resembles other forms of addiction, and can be a bugger to shift.

I wish you happy hunting!