Should i low sec mine for Nocxium

Well you can’t get Nocxium anywhere else, except SOV.

The good thing about a venture is that it aligns, moves and warps fast, allowing it to travel large distances rather well. If you low is so loaded with gankers that you end up spamming dscan all the time, you should find another lowsec.

More likely it’s some Heron hunting Loki, and will have finished off the Venture 4 seconds after appearing on the overview. Here’s an example on how to fit that:

If they kill you you will get a kill mail. You can get their ship type and who they are. Then use to learn a bit about their other kills. Then “Add Contact” and select the red minus sign. You can also label them in that interface. After this, when you see them in local you will see that they are red. At which point you can do whatever it is you do to avoid getting killed. Find a safer neighborhood.

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i actuley use that

i have gone a seen his kills he has killed battle ships my venture is almost doomed as soon as he pops up

It’s possible. Learn how to use D-scan, fit your ship for aligning out quick and all else to as high a yield as possible, don’t bother with taking care of rats, set up offgrid savespots you can bounce between when you need to, presaves on the belts grid so you can “safely” warp to them and check for bothersome rats, have local always visible, research who is who around the systems you want to mine so you know who to watch for in local. Expect to be jumping around a bit from pirates and npc spawns.

Worst case is someone specifically hunting you around the systems. When that happens do something else and try again later. But from my experience most pilots will give you a couple tries, once they figure they likely not going to catch you they’re quick to try their luck elsewhere.

The knowledge and practise you’ll get from learning to mine under the circumstances in lowsec will carry you a long way in Eve. But pure for ISK mining in highsec is safer and more profitable I think in the long run. But can’t beat null tho.

Have fun!

would my concord be able to take one down?

Concord response is only in high sec.

In low sec, there are only gate guns and guns near stations. And unlike high sec’s concord response, these low sec guns do not guarantee death to criminals.

sorry ment this
Coercer - EVE University Wiki

A Coercer can take down that T3C , if you use it well. Most ships should be able to, including a blaster venture :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
In the killmail, i had almost solo-ed it with my alt’s interceptor, and the ceptor has 45dps.

The important thing is to gain transversal, lock, and scram on it as soon as possible, as the T3C can just re-cloak after 5 seconds if things turn unfavourable to it, and it’s alpha really hurts compared to what small ship weapons do to the t3c, so gaining transversal is vital

so what type of fit should i use then?

We may have gotten off track. You don’t want to fight that guy, unless you think he thinks you’ll always be an easy kill and he consistently comes after you. In that case @Moko_Musana has a great plan. If he’s using Artillery on that loki because then by flying fast at an angle to him he won’t be able to hit you because long range weaponry, like artillery, can’t turn fast enough to hit you (tracking). Don’t hit the orbit button! That flies straight at or away from the target until it is at orbit distance. The way folks describe the trick is to “spiral in” until you are within your guns range and only hit orbit when you are at your orbit range. The real pros even continue to orbit by manual piloting.

If you get at blaster range and are orbiting him you will be “under his guns” and you can just sit back, relax and proceed to an impressive Loki kill with a venture. But this is the sort of thing that seals your fate as an addicted Eve player.

There are plenty of videos of folks demonstrating manual piloting (double clicking in space). You can practice that stuff on an asteroid with your mining lasers. Which would be hilarious.

Folks here would be happy to argue about whether to use a micro warp drive or an afterburner and whether to use a warp scram or disruptor.

But if you don’t want to tool up for something like that. mark them with red in your People and Places tool and watch for them in local chat. The folks you’ve marked as BAD (red) will show that way in local chat. When you see them, go someplace else.

Also one thing I want to point out is that Ami seems to be the home system of his alliance, which means that these guys can watch each other’s back super easily and you would have to be pretty quick if you want to secure a kill.

Of course a better option is to move somewhere else. Zatamaka seems like a good system to try while staying pretty close. Despite not being out of reach of these hunters, it’s not on a pipe and therfore much quieter.

Look at jumps and ship/pod kills in last 24 hours:

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yeah i lost my ship there again because of gate campers
Venture | Mindahouf Davaham | Killmail | zKillboard

If you want to mine that is the correct answer. Ami is part of a pipe, I believe.