Should i low sec mine for Nocxium

should I, I know I would make a crazy profit from the 1 thousand asking price for one but should I

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WHS might be safer as lowsec belt respawn is sort of unreliable

/nm the Pyr I think it had changed

wht do you mean

It will take some skill and a couple lost Ventures but otherwise it should be a pretty cool thing to do.

Don’t expect peaceful farming though.

i have mined low sec before but lost many ships do to that

And do you know how the hunters got you?

Looking at your Zkillboard profile, it looks like you were dying to a cloaky Loki.

Also I suggest learning about D-scan and also keeping your local chat open in a separate window with the player list. That should give you a decent amount of intel.

well by the fact I almost always get insta killed by them i have no idea

Ask price isn’t everything. isk/h is more important if you want profits. Just make sure that you aren’t making less than just straight up mining Veldspar in Hi-Sec.

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that is fare

It had been awhile since I had been inside WHS and I still thought that the Pyroxeres Ore type (which use to be my goto asteriod to mine) contained [Nocxium]. I had edited and commented / nothing else to add sorry.

Fun/hour is also pretty important so add that to the equasion :).

Anyway to the topic. That Loki is using 720mm artillery, which is powerful enough to one-shot a Venture and can shoot across the belt. However there is a 5 second delay between de-cloaking and being able to lock things. Locking something as small as a Venture also takes a few seconds on top of that, which should give you time to warp out if you are paying attention.

If he’s not cloaky, you will see him warping in or even earlier on D-scan (ship type and name only) and that should give you a similar warning.

Lastly if you watch the list of names in the local chat, you should be able to notice familiar names, which is an indication to be extra careful for a bit. You can also set these people to negative standing to appear with a red symbol next to their name as an extra reminder.

On that note, re-name your ship so it doesn’t contain your character’s name but that’s not as important as the stuff above.

Fair, though I couldn’t call mining ‘fun’ in any form. Despite riding a Procurer on a daily basis. The flavor is either one of the two.

  1. Do just about nothing than occasionally look at local chat for incoming gankers in Hi-Sec
  2. D scan paranoia every second (a bit literally) for incoming gankers in Low-Sec / Null-Sec

Neither of them were fun for me so I just opt for 1 and do IRL work as I have eve running in the background.

Each for their own. Mining is way more fan than using combat probe scanners or even more fun than sitting in a station spinning a ship for hours.

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now here is the real question should i gas mine?

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Yes, not because I replied though because you thought about it.

It’s important to know how many units of nocxium you get from the volume of ore you mine. For example, I think isogen-bearing ores are worth a little more despite isogen itself being less value per unit because isogen ores tend to have more isogen than nocxium ores have nocxium.

Depends what your long-term plans are. I get Noxium and other low/null resources from reprocessing but I don’t need those for big-time industry.


Awesome tool for deciding what you want to mine.

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Well personally I used to mine Glare Crust in a backwater LS system pre industry changes it was really fun.

Got back at it today still nice. ISK isn’t there like before but knowing that the stuff in the ice is quite useful to my alliance and is in high demand is a good thought.

Ninja Mining can still be rewarding. :slight_smile:

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Use an expedition frigate and you’ll be fine.

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