Should I play Eve online?

I want to give a try to Eve and interested in space games.
I’m a casual player and want to play for fun (but I may spend some time for earning in-game money). Fun for me means joining some space battles or making some kind of scouting.
So I would like to ask if I should give it a try and what should I do to have fun.
Thank you for your attention.

you can try it as alpha. no need to buy.

yes, you should

Ok, thx for answer. Will try than.

As alpha is free and with what it offers you can try a whole load of things with that, there is never a reason to NOT try EVE if you might think it is interesting.

If you think participating in space battles might be fun, there are player organizations that specialize in training new players for fleet combat. Examples include

Once you’ve completed the tutorial and basic orientation missions, ( chat with their recruiters and give it a try - if it’s the wrong fit, it’s easy to change your mind.

You can do all this as a free to play Alpha character. For the first couple of months you’ll be training the same skills and flying the same ships before the advantages of a subscription kick in. You can speed things up with a starter pack

Hope to see you in space.

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